Wedding Shoot Vikas and Gayathri

I would like to start this post with a small poem by anonymous. This pair of small eyes, Help in saying big things, Love not expressed from lips, Is confessed by a wink.
It didn’t take long for our gorgeous bride “Gayathri” with beautiful captivate “Vikas” The tall, handsome, fun loving chap to fall in love with our beautiful soft spoken lady 🙂

Here I have an abrupt beginning but the end will definitely unleash all the missing Collages3Gayathri feeling Wow!!! after looking at herself  in the mirror as a bride 🙂 Every girl dreams to look the best on her wedding day and no doubt Gayathri felt the same too and she lived up to it 🙂 .Collages2The mantap was set centrally and the hall echoed with laughter and joyous talks of the gathering to see “Vikas and Gayathri”IMG_0937Vikas started his kasi yatra ritual and you can  see tremendous amount of energy and expressions through out the “kasi yatra” and with what finesse Vikas got convinced to take Gayathri’s hand. (I would say eager ;))IMG_0384


IMG_0433The Best man, crime partner, colleague and brother of Vikas did his duties very well, Checkout the commandment of Sandeep, ensuring the groom received all his importance.

Collage-2The million dollar smile where the story all began …untitled (85 of 450)Returning from “Kasi Yatra” Vikas was received with pomp and glory.IMG_0503The antarpata was held and Vikas was just too tall for the antarpata or just knew his way to see the beautiful bride Gayathri take her spot in front of him.IMG_0548 Gayathri made a grand entry carried by her brothers rounding around the hall and reached the mantap.IMG_0575The Varmala and Jeerige Bella ritual just love the back light and the sweet shying away smile on Gayathri’s cheek. IMG_0589Vikas the prankster seemed to have played mind games and discussed how hes going to win the moment.untitled (187 of 450)Checkout the couple trying to sneak peak to get their chance of victory and fun.IMG_0601And within no moment the curtain fell down and Vikas tied the Mangalya to Gayathri with torrentz of yellow rice wishing them all the happiness and success.IMG_0618untitled (185 of 450)Hitched we are !!IMG_0747The happy couple looking for stars writing their names with the spotting game.IMG_0798The “Akki Dhare” Ritual IMG_0889Vikas definitely had to bend it like Beckham 😉

IMG_0902A picture speaks a thousand words, I would like you guys to write away all that you see, Girls beware, Now you know how guys run away 😉Collages5Vikas and his gang with heir favorite pose. IMG_0965untitled (446 of 450)And this little tale of a childhood lovestory of Vikas and Gaythri come to a new beginning, Gaythri being a crazy fan of SRK, I would end this post with few lines.

They opened the books together back in school, grew up to be a damsel and the dashing man, Met again with times of good fortune, Where her eyes couldn’t let him move apart and now they are hitched hooked going to be cooked 😉

We had a Whale of time capturing you guys and again this is the best parting of shooting your friends.


Team Melanged



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