Sindhu & Pavan

The stage was set for the big day and it looked admirable.

Zooming into the elements which made the stage admirable.

We loved Sindhu’s choice of jewellery. Simple and elegant which complimented her completely.

Sindhu looking beautiful here..

Just love this picture. Bride, sister & mother …..

And this is how Kashi yatra started. Kashi Yatra basically gives the groom a chance to leave before his bride enters the ceremony. This Indian wedding ritual asks the groom if he would like to abandon worldly living and lead an ascetic life. The father of the bride requests the groom not to abandon his promise but to stay and marry his lovely daughter.

Pavan was a real gentleman. Sindhu’s father didnt have to negotiate or convince him 🙂

Torrentz of rice coming in the way of Pavan as blessings.

Jeeriga, Bella was ready.

Pavan and his father sharing a joke. “Run away, Son”… “This is your chance”…

Curtain raises & Sindhu was welcomed to the stage with her uncle’s.

Pavan just couldn’t wait to look at Sindhu….

Pavan won the antarpata contest, while Sindhu won his heart… The winner was “Sindhu”.. We have no doubt about it at all..

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Sindhu’s mother after “Kanya Dhaana”. In Hindu marriage tradition “kanyaadanam” is misunderstood as “donating a bride”. I heard some priests give out a wrong meaning to the word. They wrongly interpret it as “kanya (girl) + daana (donation)”.

Kanyadana really means taking / receiving / bringing a bride to home.

The bride accepts her change of status from an unmarried woman to a wife by spreading turmeric powder on her hands.

Kanya Dhaana is performed by the father (or uncle of guardian) of the bride in presence of a large gathering that is invited to witness the wedding.

The father pours out a libation of sacred water symbolizing the giving away of the daughter to the bride groom.  The groom recites Vedic hymns to Kama, the God of love, for pure love and blessings.

As a condition for offering his daughter for marriage, the father of the bride requests a promise from the groom for assisting the bride in realizing the three ends : dharma, artha, and kama.  The groom makes the promise by repeating three times that he will not fail the bride in realizing dharma, artha and kama.

Everybody looked happy. Especially the bride and the groom.

A moment frozen that is going to be remembered for a lifetime..

This is a moment that every brother waits for. No, we are not talking about the ritual. We are talking about the goodie bag that Brother-in-law has to give to the lucky guy.

As photographers we love such rituals which makes for a good colorful picture.

They were extremely competitive during ring finding ceremony. Any guesses on who won?

Ending this blog with our favorite picture. Wishing you guys lots of love & happiness.

Sindhu & Pavan we had a whale of time capturing your moments. Thankyou for choosing Melanged.


Team Melanged