Wedding Shoot: Sindhu and Sriram

Its no secret that we love shooting weddings. As a wedding photo journalist, we do our best to document the essence of this wonderful time between the two families.Through it all, we have a gained a special appreciation for the honoring of cultural values, beliefs and traditions; each one is so unique, meaningful and fascinating. If you want experience all this be a wedding photojournalist or get married :D.

Here is introducing you the serious, fun and seriously divine :-p Sindhu. She is one of the best chirpy, happy bride that anyone could meet.


As soon as Sindhu finished Gowri pooja, Sriram was gifted with  kasi yatra goodies. Loved the way Sriram accepted the goodies.
Sindhu and Sriram 2

Naaaa, It wasn’t a hot day. Sriram was just taking the advantage of the groom status 😉

Sindhu and Sriram 3

Sindhu and Sriram 4

Just loved the way Sindhu’s dad performed the Kasi Yatra ritual. He was so funny that, He could easily be nominated for the Great Indian laughter challenge. We just loved uncle’s humor and we are sure its so visible in the picture.

Post Kasi Yatra, Sindhu walked down along with her relatives to meet Sriram. Loved the way Sriram looked straight into Sindhu’s eyes, Checkout Bhartah’s expression 😀 .
Sindhu and Sriram 6

They poured colored rice on each other. Again checkout Bharath hiding behind Sriram, Hilarious :-p.
Sindhu and Sriram 7

And  then the Malai Mattal competition began.Sindhu and Sriram 8

Its always fascinating and super melodious to hear the Oonjal concert .Oonjal, a very interesting ritual, which is entirely managed by woman relatives. Waving of the colored rice balls starts. As soon as the waving of color balls starts we as photographers are always  in the firing line :-p

Sindhu and Sriram 9

Have no idea what was happening but just loved this picture.Sindhu and Sriram 10

Yes Sindhu,  your mom is adorable.


It was time for Kanyadhana. Honestly, both of them just couldn’t take their eyes of each other.  Sindhu and Sriram 11

Post Kanya Dhanam, Sindhu was gifted with the wedding Saree. She made a beautiful bride. Just look how excited Sindhu’s parents were. Sindhu and Sriram 12

It was time for the main ritual. The Priest had not yet finished chanting the prayers and Sriram was told to hold on :-).Sindhu and Sriram 13

Aaaah ! we are sure Sindhu was eagerly waiting to embrace the Mangala sutra.


Tada !!! We officially pronounce now its Mr and Mrs Sriram.

Sindhu and Sriram 14

A picture always speaks a thousand words.


Now this is a note to all  the future grooms reading this post. You really need to workout to pull the toe ring. Guess Sriram felt mission accomplished as he pulled the toe ring, his big wide smile tells it all ;-).

Sindhu and Sriram 16

Here is picture from Sapthapadi.
Sindhu and Sriram 17

Ending this post with the picture we love the most.Sindhu and Sriram 20

Sindhu and Sriram, we had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for choosing Melanged to capture your wedding. Hope you guys liked the pictures and wishing you guys a happy and prosperous life ahead.


Team melanged.



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