Wedding Shoot: Shushma and Sushanth

Mysore “The City of Palaces” and the Heritage capital of Karnataka was our next destination, An excellent place to start the new journey of the newly wed. This time it was Shushma and Sushanth to be the Prince and Princess of Mysore.

Shushma was well prepared and set to surprise her family and friends in her stunning purple and choclate brown lehanga, and stood in brilliance with the glitters of gold, bangles and the colors making her look like the bride she always wanted to be.

Sushma Getting ReadyEvery bride has her perfect person, her brides maid for the special day of her life and Reshu (Reshma) 🙂 Shushma’s crime partner and little sister from childhood was the best ever brides maid and ensured that she was with her darling sister in every moment of her happinessReshma and SushmaWhen the sister duo were getting ready, Sushanth also suited in a well fitted grey blazer and accented his attire with the touch of purple by his tie.Sushatnth ReadyPurple seemed to be the king color of the evening, Purple orchids, white carnations and in sync were the bride and the groom too, I Call it the perfect “Cadbury moment” Shubh arambh!! IMG_0073The next day morning “The Mantap” stood amidst the white drapes and symbolized purity and sanctity, the set looked simple and elegant. Sushanth and Sushma-1Sushanth was welcomed back from the “Kasi yatra” to take Shushma’s hand with pride and dignity.

Sushanth and Sushma-3Here Shushma dressed up with merry and lee after knowing Sushanth’s arrival to take her hand.Sushanth and Sushma-2Shushma was brought to the stage accompanied by her mother and relatives.Sushanth and Sushma-5The first look, Check out Sushanth trying the “peek a boo” way to get a glimplse of his gorgeous bride. Sushanth and Sushma-4The auspicious time of “Mangalya Dharana” had arrived and Shushanth tied the three knots of Trust, Love and Companionship for the rest of their lives. Sushanth and Shushma were in their moment of truth and bundle of joy and  happiness. Sushanth kissed on Shushma’s forehead  during the Mangalya Dharana reassuring her that you are my princess and there is no fear from here.

Sushnath and Sushma-6Sushanth and Sushma-7The finding the ring ritual, A very famous fun ritual played during the Indian wedding ceremony.A ring is put inside the bowl filled with milk and rose petals, The bride and the groom are asked to find the ring dropped in this bowl and who ever finds the ring first is the winner, And Shushma definitely won over Sushanth, check out the laugh aloud “Yaay I won”.Sushanth and Sushma-8Women power!! The gorgeous ladies and little princesses of Sushanth’s family smiled away with happiness seeing Shushma win and welcomed her into their family or should I say the girl gang 🙂 Wat say ladies 🙂Sushanth and Sushma-9Time to show “Arundhathi Nakshatra” but this time Shush and Sush werent alone.. Wondering why??Sushanth and Sushma-10A wedding is incomplete without family and friends, Now you definitely know why “Shush and Sush” werent alone to see the “Arundhathi nakshatra”Sushanth and Sushma-11Every students foot goes of the ground jumping high up in the air on their graduation day, Here Sushanth lifted Shushma keeping upto his promises, Queen of his heart  <3 And wOwwie we certify “JUST MARRIED”.Sushanth and Sushma-123We had a whale of time capturing you guys, Keep the fun element and loads of love soaring high and higher up 🙂


Team Melanged




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