Wedding Shoot: Shilpa and Vinay

Beetle nuts, beetle leaves with turmeric, The perfect combination to welcome you to the wedding of Dr. Vinay Udasi and Dr. Shilpa.
Vinay and Shilpa-1Vinay’s Family greeted the”bride to be” Shilpa with saree and jewellery 🙂
Collages9The day started early, The wedding ceremony took place in Shilpa’s home land Raichur where she grew up as a child with loads of memories to share with Vinay, Shilpa’s house was decorated with the chrysanthemums and marigold garlands to welcome Vinay’s family with grandeur Collages17The days firstritual had begun and Shilpa’s mother applied haldi  to Vinay Vinay and Shilpa The pooja started by praying to the lord Ganesha and Shilpa’s mother kept the kumkuma on both Vinay and Shilpa’s fore head signifying the start for the marriage ceremonyCollages7 (2)The “Jeerige bella” ritualCollages11 (2)

The time was 9:15 and therewas another 15 more mintues for the auspicious time to tie the three knots “The Mangalya Dharana” The Priest ensure the clock ticked 9:30 and there was torrentz of rice blessing the couple. Checkout the excitement on Vinay’s face and Shilpa blushing away pink :). The next few pictures spills out Vinay’s excitement that he Is all set for it to strike 9:30 am

vinay and shilpa2

untitled (361 of 1564)untitled (374 of 1564)The Akki dhare ritual 🙂 Akki DhareThe rituals had come to  an end and it was time for the reception, Shilpa wore pink kancheevaram and looked completely pretty in pink Collages15The family time of introducing gathering and knowing each other, Vinay and Shilpa were pulled on the dance floor, and man I must say they’ve definitely surprised all the teen hearts Checkout !! Vinay’s sister Aughling with surprisevinay and shilpa3The time to bid adieu to his little sister Dr.Sandeep stood next to his sister dear and we got this click. A picture just for you Sandeep to cherish all your childhood sweet memories.IMG_5941And now she is all mine says Vinay with content and overwhelming happy moment.Collages3 (2)

You are just married 🙂 and we wish you loads of happiness and cheerful times packed your way. We had a whale of time capturing you guys, thank you.


Team Melanged



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