Sachin & Deeksha

Wedding shoot

It was 2013 July, My UPSC classes had taken off and my studies were smooth sailing. One Sunday a school friend of mine turned up at the same branch. He introduced me to a girl whom he said was a friend whom he befriended a week ago. After the casual pleasantries were exchanged, things continued as usual. The coming couple of weeks my friend didn’t turn up for the classes, so I asked the girl whom he’d introduced for his whereabouts two, three times. This irked the girl and she said i don’t know him personally , its just that we’re of the same branch that’s it. The girl was none other than Deeksha.

Before we get on to the next part of the story. Sachin is a great poet, He’s a great poet only writes for Deeksha.
Isn’t he adorable. Here is a small piece of what he has written.
Mounada sarapaligalige bandiyagade, samayada aatakke gombeyagade,
Mugulnaguva chelluva malligeya moggagu,
Ninna kannina reppeyanthe kapaduve, oh cheluve ninna hrudayadalli mane maduve… 😛

Weeks passed , whenever we bumped into each other we exchanged “hi”s and moved on with our work. Once it so happened that both of us had time to speak a little longer and I got to know that she was teaching in a NGO for orphaned kids. Since I shared the same passion I requested her to intimate once there was a recruitment. She said definitely and asked my number (A girl asking my number!! seriously?!!) . Well I gave my number.

Deeksha (D) : See, I’ve been seeing and interacting with you since a month now. I’ve fallen for you.

Sachin (S) : (I see myself in the mirror. I have a grizzly bear look! unshaven uncombed and ultra casually dressed. I started thinking, which idiot asked her to play this prank? let me meet that a$$, I’ll belt him) Deeksha, why you playing this prank on me?

D : what prank?

S : this prank of saying you’ve fallen for me.

D: I’m serious!!

S: Look, neither am I good looking nor Do I have a job, I’ve left the job to become an IAS officer and I’m struggling now. I don’t know about my future.

D: This is what I liked in you, your determination to succeed and willingness to work hard for it. I see my Dad’s character in you.

S : (phew!!) Well, let me get successful I’ll come to you then.


This is how our love started and I’m glad my life has changed because of Deeksha.

After all the waiting the day had arrived. Here are the pictures of Sachin and Deeksha’s big day.