Clearly, Prithvi values Suzi so highly he didn’t want to leave anything to chance, or miss the opportunity to show her how much he loves her.

The evening itself was filled with love. Smiles everywhere. Dancing and singing breaking out all over the place.

Yes, this event had it all. My own personal favorite moment was the moment  when Priyanka and her friends pulled out a brilliant performance for the couple.

The event was taking place at Ganjam. The decor was stunning & elegant.

Evening began with uncle offering prayers to Lord Ganesh.

Suzi carried her Indian attire very well & she looked stunning.

Got few couple shots before the evening began.

Introducing Priyanka, that’s Prithvi’s sister.

Friends and relatives started walking in to meet, greet Suzi & Prithvi. They were welcomed with a great artist. It was both a melodious & euphoric evening .

There was a pleasent surprise for Suzy & Prithvi. Priyanka & her friends pulled out a brilliant performance for the couple.

They weren’t just spectators for too long.  Prithvi & Suzi were pulled into the dance floor too.

I am sure Prithvi was overwhelmed with his sister’s performance.

After a brilliant performance. The stage was set for singing.

Must say! there were a lot of talented people at Ganjam that night.

Yes, Prithvi would make sure Suzi was comfortable & was having fun throughout the evening.

Ending this post with my favorite picture. A perfect family picture !

Prithvi, Suzi & Priyanka I had a whale of time during your celebrations. Thank you for choosing Melanged to document your special day. Hope you guys liked the pictures.


Team Melanged