It takes a wonderful guy to match someone like Malini, and that he is. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at her.  For Sumanth there is nothing sweeter than the voice of Malini. Malini brings in her unique personality to make a chirpy Sumanth. Her world is his :-p, you could see that as well.

Sumanth was gifted with wedding attire on the early morning.

Sumanth is very sincere guy. He conducts his tasks with great concentration :-p

While flowers were showered on Sumanth a quote came to my mind . A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.

Kasiyatra is a great Ice breaker during the wedding. It just brings smile on everyone.

Torrentz of rice approaching Sumath in the form of blessings.

While the Kasiyatra was setting the tone for the day Malini was indulged in Gowri Pooja.

A constant sound of Nadaswaram followed Sumanth on his way to the stage.

Malini made her way to the stage. Just love this picture. The wedding hall was filled with laughter & great energies.

Curtains were about to raise. Sumanth was all set for Antharpata. Both Sumanth & Malini got a piece of advice from their folks :D.

It was all set. They were all set to see each other for the first time on their wedding day .

The antharpata goes down & the smiles widen.

Just love the way malini accepted the jeerige bella on her.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Mantra’s were chanted, the meaning of mantras were explained to the bride and the groom. Malini’s hand was handed over to Sumanth & told she is your responsibility now. Sumanth looked into Malini’s eyes to receive her hand with elegance and smile.

and then he couldn’t take his eyes of Malini.

Fun part of the wedding began.

It was time for the moment they both waited for.

Mangalasutra was blessed by friends & relatives. It was handed over to Sumanth.

While the Manglasutra was handed over to Sumanth their folks got ready too

The new and exciting journey begins. Now they were Husband and wife.

Rituals continued…..

Stay blessed both of you.

We had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. Hope you enjoyed the picture. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your big day.


Team Melanged