Sowmya and Shankar

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctors book. But after you see doctors like this I’m sure the patients would be only sleepless outta enchantment.

Here is a long awaited story of our beautiful bride Dr. Sowmya !!..

As we post these pictures, we are unable to describe her flawless aura. Scroll down to see memories of her big day.


It was an early morning muhurtham. Around 4.50 AM misty rise, generally when all our eyes roll up n down. This is how Sowmya looked bright and sharp with her gleaming eyes.(Great makeup artistry by Pushpa). 2 I hope you folks can predict my next sentence. Who copied whom?? 3

While the Doctor disguise damsel dressed her best to be Mrs. Dr. Sowmya Shankar. I Introduce to the sweet and humble Groom “Shankar”. 4


Shankar was welcomed by Sowmya’s family and presented him with goodies. Guess the goodies turned out to be so good, that the groom decided to go to Kashi. 😛 😛

Scroll down to see the kashi yatra ritual where the brides family bribes him for a better goodie for life !! Dr. Sowmya herself !!!5 6

The Groom is definitely convinced and was welcomed in grandeur by the traditional nadaswara.


Mr. Groom Shankar, A techie who works for our favorite airtel, was quick like the 4g network.  😉  So the time for face off and eyes meeting moment had arrived.


The jeerige bella Ritual !! Generally a huge bride- groom fun war.. but was a draw match in this case. Equal – Equal.


The couple performed few more fun rituals and showered each other with love torrentz of coloured rice and flowers.


10 14

Both the families prayed to lord and performed all the rituals to bond the beautiful two new lives.


Love how her eyes are fixed to his.


The mangalsutra moment!! Or should we say the climax of the trailer. The couple happily tied the 3 auspicious knot and were bonded for thick and thin. Absolutely loved the calmness on their faces.

15 16

The rituals continued… some game changers and some elegant markers which symbolized the beauty of taking each vow.




Our favorite Wedding Game. The ring challenge, Ladies never quit 😉



And now this is where we know its time to rock and roll!! The daylight spotting of the Arundhati Star. We are often amazed how couples diligently agree they did see.


Like we mentioned earlier, What you watched was only a trailer.. The movie begins with their beautiful journey of life together.

Ending this post with our favorite pictures.. Sun sets but fun never does..





We had a whale of time capturing those lovely moments of your day. Hope you liked the pictures, Special thanks to our team Sharath Ramanna for making it more cherishable with his amazing clicks.

A very Happy anniversary to you Mr. & Mrs. Shankar. <3.


Team Melanged.




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