Sindhu & Pavan

Sometimes life hands you with something truly special, and it usually happens when you aren’t looking for it. One such instance was when Pavan & Sindhu met, It was a truly special moment. It didn’t take too long for them to truly appreciate what they had.

Sindhu is an absolutely wonderful lady while Pavan is an equally wonderful person. We were thrilled to witness and document their story during the “most important day” of their life.

Mehendi adorns the hands and life takes a new color. We are sure Sindhu would agree with it.

Stage is set for the varapooja to begin.

Looking around at the family gathered to welcome Pavan at the entrance, We were sure that Sindhu’s family is a tight knit family.

We came to understand that Sindhu’s family was a tight knit one while they waited to welcome Pavan at the entrance of the marriage hall.

Pavan arrived and was welcomed by Sindhu’s family.

Everyone present introduced themselves to each and there was heavy duty smiles which doubled the energy.

That’s Sindhu’s Ajji(grandmother) welcoming Pavan.

Lamp was lit signaling to everyone around that the function had begun.

If there is one certainty about wedding’s in India, it is that-no matter which part of India or whatever the style of wedding you will be attending, you will  always find a lot of handcrafted goodies like these.

Rituals began, it was a symphony composed of  two distinct movements:  ‘a lot of people near the stage’, ‘a few people on the stage’ 🙂

Both the father’s of bride and the groom were all smiles…

Pavan and his family are completely focused on performing the rituals properly.

The bride and the groom side now exchange “thambula”. Thambula carries a symbolic meaning in hindu culture.

A fun moment when groom is shown a mirror by the bride’s father and mother asking him to make sure that he is looking alright. In almost all the weddings we have covered, we have noticed that everybody including the pujari never misses an opportunity to make sure to pull the groom’s leg. It was no different here as well. Everybody had a good laugh.

Here comes the bride… Isn’t she looking gorgeous???

Sindhu receiving gifts. We just love her expressions here…

Again, a fun moment made fun by the awesome couple. This is just after exchange of rings…

Sindhu looked fabulous, Its important here to note that the make up session has just started…

Such a beautiful couple!! Both look like they are made for each other…

Cool bunch of people. Family and friends gathered around Sindhu & Pavan wished them luck and happiness. Reception continued…..