Shilpa and Sujay(Sushi) : Wedding Shoot

Meet Shilpa and Sujay. The most adorable couple we have met – jovial, warm and kind. ”Sushi”, is what we call them – in short for Sujay and Shilpa. 🙂 .

In case you still haven’t checked out their outdoor shoot, then you can view the pictures here  .

Sujay is very popular amongst his friends and family; he is supremely humorous and has a great sense of dressing.

Shilpa is shy, sweet and a darling of the house. And now she has gone on to be very popular with Sujay’s friends and family.

A romantic narration and personification of what the new groom feels for his bride is captured as a motion picture by Viga Productions. The brilliant video can be viewed at the following link .

We spotted Shilpa who arrives at 2:30pm in the afternoon with loads of excitement to welcome Sujay and his family.

Here is a picture of Sujay entering the wedding hall.

There was a small ritual followed by a reception on Day 1.

And We felt this ritual to be an interesting and significant one as both the families got together to welcome the bride and the groom to the mantap.

Once this  was over, preparation for the grand reception was underway.

Having got a chance, we managed to barge into Sujay’s room to get pictures of the groom ‘grooming up’.  Oh! And guess what we found in this process – the awesome Eco-Drive collection .  The clothes and accessories surely made a statement.

Next  we introduce Sujay’s brother and his Best Man – Suhas. He cared to make sure his little brother looked perfect on his pre D-Day.

Suhas ensured that he also got enough attention 😉 He is one of the sweetest n coolest brothers one could have…..

Smiles prevailed all around as Sujay is suited up  and looked his best to compliment the beautiful Shilpa.

The brothers, Sujay and Suhas dwelled in a sense of nostalgia of their younger days when both used to dress up similarly. The below picture is a proof! Just look at those expressions – they haven’t changed a bit… 🙂

Next in our lineup of introductions is Sujay’s sister-in-law – Hema. . An awesome wife to Sujay’s awesome brother.

Hema walked Sujay to the Dias and all along her way with sisterly care made sure that the smile on Sujay’s face never parted

Hema with her effervescent laugh managed to spread huge amounts of positive energy around her.

Soon Shilpa walked to the stage with gleaming and unstoppable happiness in her eyes and exchanged garlands with Sujay. Oh boy! they looked awesome together .

Aunty and uncle stood on the stage and made sure they greeted everyone and they looked ravishing as always.

Thats Shilpa’s Sister and mom welcoming and comforting the guests. 

The two most busy gentlemen from the wedding – Shilpa’s brother-in-law and brother.As photographers, we found it mighty hard to find them ‘still’ for a ‘photograph’!

Dev!! the most adorable kid in the world and also, the most difficult kid to photograph as it was so hard to stop adoring him and get our cameras to work.

And here goes, not just the “BeSt MAN”, but “BEST Men” . Ladies pick your choice :-p 🙂

As the ‘Best Men’ prepared to wish Sujay and Shilpa, we quickly walked up to the guys and asked them if they had a special act in store for the couple.  At once, Rahul  offered to take the lead and the next two images happened…

Sujay has a huge and adorable group of friends. To capture the entire group we used our super wide ‘Go-Pro’ camera to capture the special moment.

The boys walked up and raised their hand in salute. The ultimate way to pay respect to friendship.  Kudos to Sujay and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Sujay acknowledged the salute. Don’t miss Gokul’s(second from left) expression

After the group pic was taken we urged the boys to give an exaggerated expression whilst looking at the couple; check out the result. Also, take a look at Shilpa’s expression. just loved it! And also look at Dev –he is looking at Bhatta as if to suggest “I wonder what this maama is doing … ”

Sujay’s family is so cool. The entire family had gathered for a  photograph in traditional style when we just happened to ask them to bless the couple and we got a brilliant picture of Sujay’s family blessing the couple. Just love the way Sushi are looking at each other. We could hear “Ankhon mein tere hi chehera, Dhadkan mein ……” all over the place.

Post reception there was the “Arisina” ritual which went on throughout the night…

Eventually, the big day had dawned. The Mantapa was decorated with Coconuts, Flowers and  Mango leaves – to symbolize Prosperity and Blessings and to mark an Auspicious day.

Sujay’s family was dressed up in bright colours and looked classy, just as they are. Suhas, Hema and Dev were all reeling excitement as Sujay got ready for the big occasion – his D-Day. 

As Sujay gets ready, Suhas, Hema and Dev are all excited making sure he is well prepared…

We loved the way Sujay’s mom made sure her son’s ‘Basinga’ fitted perfectly.

That’s Shilpa’s parents.

A candid of the ever charming Hema…

That’s Dev for all of you – his mamma’s sher and cutie pie. We have to tell, that half our memory cards were filled with the adorable Dev’s pics.

That’s Nandan and Sindhu. Shilpa’s Sweethearts..

Sujay was all set and he looked amazing. Sujay was taken to a temple for a small Pooja.

He he!! dude don’t kill us with those looks :D. Shilpa you might want to frame this 😉

The moment was set with the couple arriving at the mantap, the priests reciting slokas and the wedding instruments were being played.

We were always fascinated by this  phrase ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. This picture has so much to say.

Shilpa’s dad was all set for the kanya daana.

“Nadaswara”, says the priest. And the time had arrived for Sujay and Shilpa to get bonded :).

And  again this pictures says a thousand words

We love the way Sujay’s mom held Shilpa’S hand through the Mangalya dharane.

Checkout Shilpa’s expression in this picture. Oh man she looks very very happy 🙂 .

and then there was showers of blessings…

Sujay’s mom welcomes Shilpa to the family. Checkout Sujay’s happiness…

And guess who was there to bless Sushi, Mr. and Mrs. Eshwarappa .

AAh !! here comes the fun part of the rituals where both the bride and the groom shower colored rice on each other – “The Akki Dhare ceremony”.

Sujay made sure Shilpa was comfortable while helping her with the toe ring – yet another ritual that symbolizes her to be his lady from this day forth.

Shouldn’t Shilpa be looking at the Arundhati nakshatra :-p

Post marriage there was a grand reception at Bangalore.

Doesn’t this picture vividly resonate Amithab and Jaya Bachchan?

Here, we have used Bokeh to get some pictures.

This pic was taken during the premiere of the “Sushi Movie” at the dinner function. The hooting and howling provided the right bait for a photographer’s catch!

And they lived happily ever after <3 <3 <3.

We had a whale of a time shooting Shilpa and Sujay. Wishing Sushi all the success, health, wealth and happiness .

-Team Melanged.



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