Shilpa and Sujay Outdoor Shoot

Sujay and Shilpa 🙂

The first thing you will notice about Shilpa is her is her beautiful, long hair. So naturally,the first question I threw at her had to be this: In Lambe Reshmi Baalon ka Raaz kya hai!! :-p. Shilpa is supremely adorable. All you have to do is just call out, Shilpa !

Very softly,she replies back, Enu?(What).

Just to let you know,she didn’t share the secret of her long hair with me !

Sujay,on the other hand happened to be my senior in college and he was  one of those nicey-nice seniors who never ragged any junior :-p

Note:All details given above are entirely fictitious ;-).

The location for this outdoor shoot happened to be the famous Fort of Chitradurga . We were super excited that the shoot was going to take place at a place of much historical importance to the state of Karnataka.

For those who dont know much about it,the fort of Chitradurga lies in the midst of a valley formed by the Vedavati river.The Tungabhadra river flows to the north-west of the fort.
The Fort was built in stages between the 10th and 18th centuries by the dynastic rulers of the region, including the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas and Hoysalas as well as the Nayakas of Chitradurga, feudal lords in the Vijayanagar Empire. The Nayakas of Chitradurga, or Palegar Nayakas, were most responsible for the expansion of the fort between the 15th and 18th centuries. They were defeated by Hyder Ali at Chitradurga in 1779,after which the fort was expanded and strengthened by himself and his son Tippu Sultan,who succeeded Madakari Nayaka V, the last ruler of the Nayaka clan.(Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Sujay and Shilpa were already at the fort when we arrived at Chitradurga. We were escorted by (from the left) Arjun alias Chetta, Hemanth alias Hal and Umesh alias Sappy to the fort.

These guys are so much fun and completely honest folks. The drive was so much fun with Umesh’s hunger’s mock display and the exchange of lots of old college memories . BTW for all the single girls reading this post, these three young , Sweet, Charming gentlemen are Single and ready to mingle(according to information given by them ) 😀 😀 .

We were all set and when we say action, this is what we get 😀 😀

Checkout the next picture. Just too much shy is coming . All Sujay said was,Shilpa !! And she bends her head,trying hard to control her laughter 😀

It was little Sunny and Shilpa raised her Umbrella a bit more to accomodate Sujay in it.What looouuuvveee i say!

Our loitering around a bit paid off when found a seemingly-interesting tree to work with. Just made the two of them sit and walked away a couple of steps and guess what we caught through our Lens !!

“Must check” – Shilpa’s reaction.She responds to external touch via known/unknown sources just the way I do!(I find them all ticklish!) . He he he! Take a look at her reaction just once more. We call it, response to Sujay’s touch :p

Since we were at the fort, we decided on Sujay to be the king, Shilpa to be the queen and the three gentlemen to enact as soldiers . We asked Hemanth, Chetta, Umesh to walk behind the king and queen. Initially they all agreed and proceeded as per plan.

Immediately after this Umesh said, Dei nammala vecchittu comedy panndra da indha photographers.(hey,these photographers are just messing around with us!) Check the next three images 😀 Hilarious, and all of them are trying to hide from the Third Eye!

It starts off with Hemanth hiding behind Sujay(Sorry mate!You are not completely hidden behind’re way too tall! :P)

There hides Chetta(well not fully hidden,but a very good attempt,nevertheless).

Umesh’s turn now.Mission accomplished,Umesh!

Have you noticed that Shilpa’s hands always find their way into Sujay’s Hand,subtly hinting to us that he belongs to her and her alone??

Question time: Why do you think Shilpa is looking at Sujay?

Sujay picked up a blade of Grass and started writing on Shilpa’s palm, which was supposedly something about how he is going to take care of her, how much he will Love Shilpa. He is extremely romantic and once he is done, Shilpa goes all shy.

We stood far away for the next image and caught the love birds snuggling upto each other.

Oops!Busted! 😀

They were caught yet again,and the burst out laughing,yet again! 🙂

And Shilpa seeks for Sujay to be around her, yet again!

And the Boys !

Checkout Chetta’s expression in this one! Totally sweet na!

This is where we get a little lost for words..There is something about the sunlight,those bright red coral rings,and the way their hands rest upon each other’s..

And…they walked into the sunset..(wish we could say that,but they’re actually walking towards the rocks..) 😛

Suddenly remembered The Carpenters here..

“I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around
Your love’s put me at the top of the world”

And,he tried sweeping her off her feet(which we are very sure of,has already been done before!)

And,he succeeded! 🙂

A picture taken at the fifth entrance leading to the fort. Love the setting completely.

If anyone can remember, doesn’t it look a little bit like Humayun ka Maqbara in Delhi where”Bolna halke halke” was shot?Just the step part..

We decided to infuse a little bit of the King of Romances(read: SRK) style.

While Sujay was still contemplating,there was a very soothing breeze which blew,making it the perfect Kuch Kuch Hota Hai moment!:D

Shilpa looks totally pretty in this one. This was clicked when Sujay called out to Shilpa and she said, yenu(what) and blushed,in her usual style !

That is Shilpa admiring Sujay when he laughs..Awww! <3 <3 <3

There were lovely remains of the windows at some part of the fort.And that is where these were clicked. Wonder what made the architects design windows which could fit one entire person in it (looks like elopement cases were the order of the day back then!) 😛


Always wanted to take this kind of a shot. Sunset, Stone walls of an ancient Fort and a lovely couple are just the perfect ingredients for a perfect click.

After this one, we took a break and had some yummy food. On our way back,we decided to go some place near a windmill for some golden light. On the way to the windmill we found this very interesting place. The moment we looked at it,we knew we had to try and replicate “Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam”(Of course,those were mustard flowers and these are sunflowers…but who cares!the flowers are yellow!!).Oh yes, we worship SRK !

By the time we reached the windmill, it was post dusk.Hence, we decided to use the Car headlights :-). And guess what came up!Inflated love,two hearts full 🙂

Ending this post with our favorite photo. Loved the “Shadows”, Sujay and Shilpa 😀

We had a whale of time shooting Shilpa and Sujay. We will return very soon with their wedding pictures.

So long for now.

–Team Melanged



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