Sachin and Deeksha

Outdoor shoot

We always ask whats your story when we meet a couple. When we did that to Deeksha, she wrote this email to us.

Sachin you have to read this.

I met Sachin in our combined IAS Coaching Classes as you know, this guy stood out among the crowd, Always hyper, into his books, took each questions asked as a competition where he had to answer, sitting right under the teacher’s nose, I was more of a into the shell kinda girl.I worked during my college days for an NGO and he wanted to know about it. I somewhere secretly wished he would notice me and when I got a chance and I asked him his number just in case I need for the NGO Details. From there we started texting (I tried to show him I am intrested in him while trying not t be v cheesy :P). Finally after few months I asked him out directly, so for that he asked me to meet him the next day, I was eager to know about his response but instead he decided to go for a movie, after that to lunch. On the way back, I kept thinking whether it was an yes or a no?this is how we actually started dated years back.

I really liked his determination,his responsible personality and his dedication.We have had a great share of fights and misunderstandings but I believe no one can love me and stand by & for me the way he does. I have always believed and supported his ambitions and efforts. No matter what we know we will get back together and always love each other.

If you have finished reading their story, it’s time for some visuals.


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We had a whale of a time during the outdoor shoot. Hope you liked the pictures.