Engagement Shoot :Priyanka and Raghuraj

“A lot can happen over coffee ” And this was  just the right place for Dr.Raghuraj and The beautiful Priyanka to set their first step of meeting each other and knowing their better halves at their best 🙂 Dr. Raghuraj an ophthalmologist whose eyes melt with smiles in total admiration of his fiancee Priyanka :).outdoor Shoot-1

There is something very special when you meet the lady love of your life and you know that your soon going to be engaged, But with Raghu and Priyanka, it was the evening in Bangalore Club. Where the families had arranged their engagement ceremony 🙂 Check out the happiness on their faces 🙂 And Raghu bids a small adieu with widening smiles

untitled (118 of 139)Raghu suited up and looked charming, adding to his charm he got his black shoes with just right shine and the Tissot watch to add the sophistication to his perfect “I Am the new Groom Attire”.Raghu Getting ReadyRaghu also had his brother Rajath over skype making his presence by helping his brother groom right.
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Dr. Hegde smiled through his eyes for his sons big day and to welcome the new family member.

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The stage was set for the event, The red and the golden drapes by the pool side on a full moon day was adding to the glitz of the event.settingsIf there was a full moon out dazzling up the stage, the star of the event Priyanka was getting ready to dazzle the event.
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Priyanka looked as bright as the moon and the hints of pink blush with her pink and royal blue chikan lehanga just fit her perfectly as she got a glimpse of her beauty before she set out to the stage.
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Mrs. Dr.Hegde, The ever smiling and a very charming Mother of Dr. Raghu Raj whose smile welcomed all the guests with complete warmth.untitled (97 of 584)

Raghu and Priyanka moving towards the stage wishing their relatives and friends and welcoming them for their engagement ceremony.
untitled (69 of 584)untitled (136 of 584)Raghu and Priyanka’s Mothers stepped ahead and started the event by lighting the diya.untitled (186 of 584)

Raghu’s Uncle welcomed the gathering and hosted the event wonderfully buy introducing both the families.untitled (157 of 584)

Priyanka amidst her cousins in a conversation and Raghu could definitely not take his eyes off Priyanka 🙂 Caught You Raghu !! 😉untitled (132 of 584)

With both the families beside each other, Raghu and Priyanka exchanged rings thier new bond of love.
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untitled (181 of 611)To pump up the celebration there arrived  a beautiful soft blue ribboned cake with white petaled flowers with the starting letters of the duo P and R (Priyanka and Raghu) in choclate, It looked delicious 😛
untitled (308 of 611)Applause and cheers with hoot around and people congratulating Raghu and Priyanka .untitled (442 of 584)Yayy!! the excited Groom Celebrating with his friends.untitled (448 of 611)Ending the post with our favorite picture with motion blur.untitled (598 of 611)AHHH!! Time for our signature line We Definitely Had  A Whale Of Time Capturing You Guys . Wishing you all the success and loads of happiness


Team Melanged



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