Engagement shoot: Dr.Vishruth & Smruthi

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Clearly, Vishruth values Smruthi so highly he didn’t want to leave anything to chance, or miss the opportunity to show her how much he loves her(This is what Smruthi had to tell me when i asked her about Vishruth)

The Engagement  itself was lavish and filled with love. Smiles everywhere. Family members getting a little TOO involved in Vishruth’s & Smruthi’s engagement ceremony.

Yes, this engagement had it all. My own personal favourite moment was the moment when Vishruth proposed to Smruthi, you would know why ! when you see the picture :-p.

We started early in the morning towards Hassan. Should give a big round of applause to Amulya for conversations we had in the car.

We reached Hassan & i stayed back at Smruthi’s place to get some getting ready shots.

Vishruth & Smruthi (3 of 32)

Vishruth & Smruthi (1 of 32)

Vishruth & Smruthi (4 of 32)

Guess whom i had to meet & greet before entering Smruthi room :-p .

Vishruth & Smruthi (5 of 32)
Smruthi had a brilliant collection of jewellery.
Vishruth & Smruthi (2 of 32)

Vishruth & Smruthi (18 of 32)

Vishruth & smruthi-collage-1

This is one of my personal favourite picture from the lot.Vishruth & Smruthi (19 of 32)Smruthi looked beautiful. Look at her. Vibrant !

Vishruth & Smruthi (6 of 32)
had to click this picture & my efforts to make it vintage…
Vishruth & Smruthi (7 of 32)

Now that’s called an entry like a hero 🙂 .

Vishruth & Smruthi (27 of 32)

The buzz, smiles, hello’s, Namskara & high five’s were happening around the venue & the rituals started.

Vishruth & Smruthi (28 of 32)Flowers, prayers, blessings were offered by both the families to the “Lagna Patrike” . It was a short function & both the families exchanged the patrike.
Vishruth & Smruthi (10 of 32)After the exchange Smruthi was called to the stage & offered goodies 😀
Vishruth & Smruthi (8 of 32)
Who doesn’t want goodies :-pVishruth & Smruthi (9 of 32)

Both Smruthi & Vishruth changed into their Engagement attire. Look at the backgroud ! it should tell you a story.Vishruth & Smruthi (12 of 32)

Rings were ready ! Vishruth & Smruthi (31 of 32)

Tada ! its official now….Vishruth & Smruthi (13 of 32)The most energetic people in the venue 😀 :D.
Vishruth & Smruthi (14 of 32)

This was my personal favourite moment !Vishruth & Smruthi (15 of 32)

Let the journey begin…. Have fun you guys.

Vishruth & Smruthi (16 of 32)

We had a whale of a time capturing you guys. Thrishika, thankyou for choosing Melanged. Hope you guys liked the picture.


Team Melanged



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