Engagement Shoot : Dhivya and Praveen

Hello folks!! we welcome you to the betrothal ceremony of Dhivya and Praveen, Dhivya is a very sweet simple and extremely calm and composed bride, She wore a pleasant smile while Manjeet did her makeover for her step towards new life with Praveen.

Scroll down to see Dhivya enchanted!!
1a131cThe lavender and green silk saree with the flower motifs adorned Dhivya very beautifully 2Intoducing you all to charming to be better half of Dhivya, Ever smiling Praveen.Collages16The ceremony started where both the families exchanged thamboolam and lagna patrika, indicating a mutual understanding and accepting Dhivya and praveen into their families respectively and confirming their wedding dates.4aDhivya was offered jewellery and saree as per customs.5Indeed, be it purple pink orange or blue she looked absolutely stunning as draped into the saree given by Praveen and his family.
3aJust before the moment of engagement, Dhivya’s Sister Saranya surprised the couple with a really beautifully done engagement cake presented with their rings amidst rose petals.
Collages15aLove joy and glitters popped up when the couple exchanged rings.
6And yes they are

ENGAGED!!7Dhivya greeted her family and friends with her beautiful smile.Collages15There was exchange of cusoms, traditon, rings, hearts and now it was time for little sweets.8Absolutely love these pictures Collages3

For a change ending this post with two of our favorite pictures.


Thank you Dhivya and Praveen for choosing Melanged. We had a whale of time capturing you guys, hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Team Melanged



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