Engagement Shoot: Anusha and Yashas

It is very surprising to meet your classmates after a very long time and gets even better when you know you are getting engaged to one of them. Yes, Yashas and Anusha met in their college and it didn’t take them long to realize they would want to spend their rest of their life together.

Here goes Yashas and his cousins welcoming you all for their fun filled betrothal .
Anusha and Yashas-1

Introducing you all soon to be bride ! very humble by nature, Anusha.
untitled (24 of 444)Introducing you all the dude! Yashas.
Anusha and Yashas-3Thats Anusha and her sister 🙂untitled (34 of 444) while i was editing the next two pictures i was humming the song “Ankon hi , Ankon mein Ishara hogaya ” .

untitled (38 of 444)

and i feel it was a perfect match for this moment, What say ?.
untitled (40 of 444)

That’s Yashas grandfather, very cool and supremely young at heart. untitled (44 of 444)

Rituals began with both families offering prayers to the kalsa.untitled (63 of 444)

Lagna patrike was read aloud  announcing the date of marriage and it was blessed by both family and the priest. 

Ah ! there it is !

It was time and ring exchange happened in the traditional way. Checkout Yashas ! amazed or what ? 🙂untitled (102 of 444)untitled (110 of 444)Love this picture ! Yashas just look how happy our little girl is .. A indirect demand to keep the smile on forever ;).
untitled (187 of 444)

As they stood up to exchange the rings(in the 21st century way 🙂 )there were Whistles, Claps and Whoooooo’s….
untitled (256 of 444)untitled (161 of 444)This is how each couple feel right after their engagement reach the skies 😉

untitled (430 of 444)untitled (435 of 444)

Ending this post with our favorite picture. Love the way they are looking into each other. untitled (440 of 444)Hope you liked the pictures, We had a whale of a time capturing you guys. Wishing you guys fabulous life ahead.


Team Melanged



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