• Sharath & Ankitha

Elegance is achieved when all superfluous things have been discarded & the human being discovers simplicity and concentration. Sharath had discovered his simplicity and concentration. Needless to say he had discovered Ankitha. We must say Sharath, is a very  persistent individual.

When we met Ankitha for the first and spoke to her , I remembered William blake, William blake said: ‘what is proved now was once only imagined’. ‘Believe!’ Believing that a miracle could happen at any moment is necessary for our happiness and to justify the existence.

The engagement, was a symphony composed three distinct elements ‘a lot of happy people’,  ‘a lot of Blessings’, and ‘a Happy Ankitha & Sharath’.

The engagement ceremony was held at Kashmir Bhavan. The ceremony conducted was in a way of worshiping the beautiful and the simple.

First glimpse of Ankitha on her big day.

Here comes Sharath.

Sharath and his family were welcomed with grace by Ankitha’s folks.

The picture looks dreamy for us.

Have a look at the next picture. It will tell you the exact story.

While Sharath walked into the hall. The hustle and bustle in the venue rapidly improved :-p. Ankitha was getting peep look at Sharath while her family had surrounded her.

Second round of welcome and there were introductions happening.

Before the rituals started we took them out for couple of pictures .

Rituals began…. Ankitha’s smile tells it all. She was definitely feeling shy with all the attention.

As the rituals proceeded, Ankita was gifted with the engagement saree by Sharath’s mom.

Sharath was welcomed to the stage and pampered by Ankitha’s folks.

Ha ha ha ! Dude you just got a cocunut with Ankitha on it :-p.

This is what i like about Sharath. While the rituals were continuing, Ankitha’s father would congratulate Sharath. Look at the hanshake, It looks and feels like he’s communicating to Ankitha’s father that don’t you worry ! your daughter would be taken care like a princesses.

Lagna patrike was read out to the family and friends.

According to the Hindu rituals it was official now.

Ankitha was gifted with Goodies too.

It was time to exchange garlands and rings.

Sharath is an excellent singer. He surprised Ankitha with a famous Raghu dixit song. If you want to know what song just pick up your  phone and give him a buzz now 🙂

Look at the excitement. Ankitha you are definitely very lucky and blessed.

New beginnings and the new journey with great people. The one in the center is ankitha’s hardworking brother Nagendra.

As usual ending the post with our favorite.

Ankitha, Sharath & Nagendra. We had a whale of a time capturing your special day. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your big day .


Team Melanged