• Abhilash & Anuja

Elegance is achieved when all superfluous things have been discarded & the human being discovers simplicity and concentration. Abhi had discovered his simplicity and concentration. Needless to say he had discovered Anuja.

The engagement, was a symphony composed of three distinct elements ‘a lot of happy people’,  ‘a lot of Blessings’, and ‘a Happy Abhi & Anuja’.

Yes, this engagement had it all. My own personal favorite moment was the moment when Abhi went on his knees, you would know why ! when you see the picture :-p.

While we were waiting for Anuja’s family to arrive, Abhi’s mother rushed to get Aarthi. Yes, Anuja had arrived.

Abhi’s family was all set to welcome Anuja’s family. It was a warm Indian welcome with the trademark Aarti.

Abhi stood at the entrance making sure everyone was greeted.

Abhi comforted Anuja & they both sat on the couch. The introductions to the families began…..

The conversations and the introductions continued…..

The decor was elegant and simple. These days, It takes a lot of effort to make things look simple and beautiful.

Abhi’s family gathered around the stage and started arrangements for the rituals.

Aaah ! Abhi was surrounded by family and friends. Abhi’s eyes lit up 🙂

There she comes & that’s why his eyes lit up :-p

Engagement rituals began with Anuja’s folks lighting the lamp.

Lagna patrika(Ascendant Magazine) was inked. Abhi & Anuja’s family would offer prayers to the lagna patrika & later exchange them.

Abhi & Anuja were blessed and gifted with their engagement attire.

The priest explained the significance of all the rituals that happened during the ceremony.

It’s official now. Abhi & Anuja are engaged.

They looked fabulous in their new attire.

I guess uncle was inspired by us and was capturing few candid’s 🙂

It was time to exchange the ring. Dont they look all excited and ready.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Ending this post with two of our favorites .

Congratulations Abhi & Anuja. We had a whale of a time documenting your big. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.


Team Melanged