Wedding Shoot: Shushma and Sushanth

Mysore “The City of Palaces” and the Heritage capital of Karnataka was our next destination, An excellent place to start the new journey of the newly wed. This time it was Shushma and Sushanth to be the Prince and Princess of Mysore.

Shushma was well prepared and set to surprise her family and friends in her stunning purple and choclate brown lehanga, and stood in brilliance with the glitters of gold, bangles and the colors making her look like the bride she always wanted to be.

Sushma Getting ReadyEvery bride has her perfect person, her brides maid for the special day of her life and Reshu (Reshma) πŸ™‚ Shushma’s crime partner and little sister from childhood was the best ever brides maid and ensured that she was with her darling sister in every moment of her happinessReshma and SushmaWhen the sister duo were getting ready, Sushanth also suited in a well fitted grey blazer and accented his attire with the touch of purple by his tie.Sushatnth ReadyPurple seemed to be the king color of the evening, Purple orchids, white carnations and in sync were the bride and the groom too, I Call it the perfect “Cadbury moment” Shubh arambh!! IMG_0073The next day morning “The Mantap” stood amidst the white drapes and symbolized purity and sanctity, the set looked simple and elegant. Sushanth and Sushma-1Sushanth was welcomed back from the “Kasi yatra” to take Shushma’s hand with pride and dignity.

Sushanth and Sushma-3Here Shushma dressed up with merry and lee after knowing Sushanth’s arrival to take her hand.Sushanth and Sushma-2Shushma was brought to the stage accompanied by her mother and relatives.Sushanth and Sushma-5The first look, Check out Sushanth trying the “peek a boo” way to get a glimplse of his gorgeous bride. Sushanth and Sushma-4The auspicious time of “Mangalya Dharana” had arrived and Shushanth tied the three knots of Trust, Love and Companionship for the rest of their lives. Sushanth and Shushma were in their moment of truth and bundle of joy andΒ  happiness. Sushanth kissed on Shushma’s foreheadΒ  during the Mangalya Dharana reassuring her that you are my princess and there is no fear from here.

Sushnath and Sushma-6Sushanth and Sushma-7The finding the ring ritual, A very famous fun ritual played during the Indian wedding ceremony.A ring is put inside the bowl filled with milk and rose petals, The bride and the groom are asked to find the ring dropped in this bowl and who ever finds the ring first is the winner, And Shushma definitely won over Sushanth, check out the laugh aloud “Yaay I won”.Sushanth and Sushma-8Women power!! The gorgeous ladies and little princesses of Sushanth’s family smiled away with happiness seeing Shushma win and welcomed her into their family or should I say the girl gang πŸ™‚ Wat say ladies πŸ™‚Sushanth and Sushma-9Time to show “Arundhathi Nakshatra” but this time Shush and Sush werent alone.. Wondering why??Sushanth and Sushma-10A wedding is incomplete without family and friends, Now you definitely know why “Shush and Sush” werent alone to see the “Arundhathi nakshatra”Sushanth and Sushma-11Every students foot goes of the ground jumping high up in the air on their graduation day, Here Sushanth lifted Shushma keeping upto his promises, Queen of his heartΒ  <3 And wOwwie we certify “JUST MARRIED”.Sushanth and Sushma-123We had a whale of time capturing you guys, Keep the fun element and loads of love soaring high and higher up πŸ™‚


Team Melanged


Wedding Shoot: Aishwarya and Ruthvik

Physics the most elementary subject of photography.Have you ever got to go back to your school and your college to re-live those days with the subjects you played and with, subjects which played with you. Aren’t you folks wondering why we are opening this post in the lines of physics, OK! We shall not keep you waiting more lets enter the fun filled wedding of our respected teacher Mr.G. Krishna Murthy’s (popularly known as GK) son Ruthvik with the graceful Aishwarya.

The evening was set with family, fun and colors to deepen and fill the bride Aishwarya’s hand with madarangi (mehendi). My!! My!! She couldn’t stop herself from adoring the design on her hands.

Aishwarya and Rithvik -Mehendi

Aishwarya was gleaming in her leaf and parrot greened lehanga!Β  yay! Im not color blind.Aishwarya and Rithvik -Getting ReadyRuthvik was all set to share the stage with Aishwarya and got his last look in the mirror before the paparazzi moments.Aishwarya and Rithvik -Rithvik ReadyJust love this picture of you two πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ the awwww momentAishwarya and Rithvik -1

The wedding day had arrived and the priest seemed to be busy with the umbrella!! but it wasnt even raining πŸ˜› ???IMG_1646

The groom and the bride were getting ready respectively to kick start their “D” Day.Check out their excitement!!Aishwarya and Rithvik -2IMG_4190This is what happens in wedding cause it was raining in colors and flowersΒ  πŸ™‚ Thanks to our priest for sending the groom to kasi yatra in grandeur.Aishwarya and Rithvik-1Under my umbrella moment!! Aishwarya and Rithvik-13It was raining rice in the form of blessings. Now I definitely know why the groom is handed with Umbrella πŸ˜‰ Aishwarya and Rithvik-2Totally in love with this picture, great shot Fareed.check out the anxiety and sportsmanship to win the game of jeerige bella!!

Aishwarya and Ritvik CollageCurtains down and high up goes Ruthvik, the well planned groom side to win !! πŸ™‚ hoots n whistles πŸ™‚ check out Aishwarya trying to reach the up and above Ruthvik

Aishwarya and Rithvik-5Rituals continued and both the families exchanged vows of handing over the bride to the groomAishwarya and Rithvik-4Aishwarya and Rithvik-7And the moment had arrived where one among the crowd would signal the vadyas saying “Gatti Mela”(time to get legally bonded with nadaswaram and the mantras chanting Mangalyam tantunanena!!)Aishwarya and Rithvik-14Blessed and wishing loads of happiness by family and friendsAishwarya and Rithvik-8The happy Bride, the first bride whom we met who didn’t have wedding jitters, Right Aishwarya πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Aishwarya and Rithvik-19

The million dollar moment for every Bride’s Father.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Aishwarya and Rithvik-20Shutter speed super capture by Mr. Nandan Good job πŸ™‚ Love the picture

Aishwarya and Rithvik_ Akki Dhare

Check out the vows taken during the Sapthapadi. we’ve been looking for such a picture since long time where it explains every step taken ahead and their responsibilities.Collages

Aishwarya_sapthapadiThe aftermath of every wedding where the rituals come to an end and the bonded couple start seeing stars in mid sunny afternoon πŸ™‚ lol No kiddding πŸ˜‰Aishwarya and Rithvik-12Love is in the air πŸ™‚

Aishwarya and Rithvik-1-4

We had a whale of time capturing you all and meeting the lovely families.Thank you sir for giving us this wonderful opportunity.


Team Melanged


Wedding Shoot :Shriya and Rakesh

Hello folks this was the second time we were shooting at kuchalambal kalyana mantap . Chennai very reminiscent of the kuchalamba of namma Bengalooru. Chennai was surprisingly pleasant in May and to add to the weather there was a very warm welcome to our handsome dashing dude πŸ™‚ Rakesh!! by the brides family with their rituals.

Checkout the energy πŸ™‚ .

Rakesh and Shriya-2-1The Groom was performing rituals and here I introduce to our bride Shriya with widening smiles and a little peck on her cheek. I am sure the reason behind the wide smile is her aunt pulling her leg with rakeshRakesh and Shriya-2-5

That’s Aadhya, Just love this picture.

Rakesh and Shriya-2-10

Proceeding with the rituals Rakesh was taken to perform the kasi yatra ritual where Shriya’s parents would ask Rakesh to renounce the idea of going to kasi to seek knowledge and in return they would give their daughters hand to the worthy Rakesh and also impart knowledge. Wow whatta !! Win Win Situation. And Rakesh would definitely not deny!!KasiyatraThe glittering gold was all set to adorn Shriya and Wow!! she did look mesmerizing.

Rakesh and Shriya-2-11

Rakesh and Shriya 3Rakesh never held himself back, he also suited himself up in the royal ethnic Sherwani to match up the bride and the red Duppatta and dhoti contrasting the off white gold motif on his kurta embraced him lik a King! πŸ™‚Rakesh and Shriya 6Shriya made a grand entry in her doli and enchanted the people around which made the young and the old turn their heads to see her lead the grand stage where she would be hooked cooked and booked with the dude Rakesh πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› :).Rakesh and Shriya-2-7

The grand stage.

Rakesh and Shriya-1

Surprise! suprise!! Time for some peek a boo action a moment ideally where the bride and the groom meet for the first time, First time can be ignored in the current century. Whatta! moment First look!! Excitement and jitters Rakesh and Shriya-2-8Amidst the mixed bag feeling of high, low emotions shriya held herself tight with a lot ofΒ  and anxiety in her eyes waiting to see Rakesh.Rakesh and Shriya-2-12The time had arrived for the tying the knot, to be beautifully bonded to each otherRakesh and Shriya-2-13kaboom!! there was torrentz of rice and people blessing Shriya and Rakesh.

Rakesh and Shriya-2-9

A million dollor moment!! Again and Again,Β  A picture definitely speaks a million words good job Ashwin.Rakesh and Shriya-2-16

That minute where Rakesh just didnt hesitate to take her hand and live up to the vows and oath made during the wedding “Ill Be There For You”Rakesh and Shriya-2-16-4Here comes the fun part of the wedding!!

Rakesh and Shriya-2-14Rakesh and Shriya-2-15

The famous act of disguise ! Arundathi star.

Rakesh and Shriya-2-16

After the Long day of rituals Shriya and Rakesh were all set to recieve blessing and love from family and friends in the form of happiness and togetherness in the Reception.Rakesh and Shriya 17

Rakesh and Shriya-2-16-5And from this moment definitely Shriya Aage aage and Rakesh Uske Peeche πŸ™‚ (Just for Gags)Rakesh and Shriya-2-4

We had a whale of a time shooting you guys πŸ™‚Β  and we will be back with more pictures from their outdoor shoot.

Wishing you both a Happy and prosperous married life .


Team Melanged.

Engagement Shoot: Ashwini and Rakesh

Ashwini and Rakesh know each other for quite a long time. They were introduced to each other by their parents.

One of my former client and now a best friend Sneha would introduce me to Rakesh. The day i met Rakesh, I knew i had to do this assignment. He is more like Namma Bengalooru Hudga, super chilled and super fun.

The Team consisted of myself and by best buddy Ashwin as second shooter.

Entrance was embossed with couple name on thermocol and it looked thermocouple πŸ˜€

Ashini and Rakesh

It was an explosion of Ashwini and Rakesh’s name at the engagement hall

Ashwini and Rakesh 1

Rakesh was welcomed by Ashwini’s family. Doesn’t he look super excited?Ashwini and Rakesh 0

Ashwini looked fabulous and super excited too.

Ashwini and Rakesh 1

function would began offering Prayers to the Lagna Patrike. Lagna Patrike was blessed by the family and the priest.

Ashwini and Rakesh 2

Ashwini and Rakesh 3.0

Finally it was the time for Hero and Heroine. checkout their entry.

Ashwini and Rakesh 3.1Ashwini and Rakesh 3.2

They were gifted with new clothes and goodies .

Ashwini and Rakesh 4.0 Ashwini and Rakesh 5It was all set for the main ceremony. Before the ring exchange, Ashwin got this shot of the rings. Well done Ashwin.

Ashwini and Rakesh 6

And there you go ! They exchanged the rings.

Ashwini would look stright into Rakesh’s Eyes and she would go awww on her ring πŸ™‚

Ashwini and Rakesh 15

Ending this post with trademark Melanged ring shot.

Ashwini and Rakesh

We had a whale of time capturing you guys. You both make an amazing couple together.

Wishing you guys all the very best.


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Meghana and Prakash

Meghana and Prakash are definitely what an ideal couple look alike . Prakash is more of Patient, silent killer types. Meghana is the most bright and chipperΒ  bride i have ever met.

Our creative head Deepika was shooting with us after a long time . Checkout the brilliant getting ready shots of Meghana.

Meghanan and Prakash 1

Meghana and Prakash 2

While Deepika was with Meghana. I was with Prakash, got couple of shots where he would get ready in a traditional Lambani style Turban.

Meghana and Prakash 3

Oho ! They just couldn’t take their eyes of each other !

Meghana and Prakash 4

And here is the fun bunch andΒ  chaddi buddies of Meghana.

Meghana and Prakash 5

It was time for the Kasiyatra ritual. Checkout Prakash’s astonished expression πŸ™‚

Meghana and Prakash 4Yes Prakash, its a fancy umbrella πŸ˜€ .

Meghana and Prakash 5

Curtains rise : Antarpata, a beautiful experience where the bride and the groom meet eyes for the first time and these day we can ignore the first time πŸ˜‰

Meghana and Prakash 8

The time had arrived to tie the knot. look at the excitement! πŸ˜€ 11

I always mention this in every post, every assignment. “A picture speaks a thousand words” – and that’s why i love my job πŸ™‚


The torrentz of rice, came in flying from all the directions in the form of blessings.

Meghana and Prakash

This picture was clicked just after the Thali ritual. Meghana’s father handing over Meghana to Prakash. So folks, its Meghana Prakash Nenavath now πŸ™‚

Meghana and Prakash 12

And now we are happily married says Prakash showing Meghana arundati nakshatra πŸ™‚ But i feel they are seeing their flight for their next journey Β to their honeymoon :-p .


Love this picture.


I will end with this note because this is just the start of uber-fun life ahead for the couple…..


We had a whale of a time capturing you guys. Wishing you both all the very best and keep rocking


Team Melanged