Meghna & Vijay

Wedding Shoot : Sunil and Vidya

Every story has beginning and an end, But the story narrated now is just the beginning, A love story which started half a decade back amid-st a new beginning of yet another couple in their wedding, where Sunil saw Vidya in a traditional red saree and was love stuck with her charm. When sunil’s heart skipped a beat and sang “Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa  laga” their moment of love rose to a new journey of their lives and here we are presenting you their wedding story

It was around 6:30 when sunil was gifted with  jewellery as per their custom and sparkling steel Tissot with overcoat, and the clock stuck 7!!

Groom getting readyOk Introducing you all Angry young  mada. By the way mada is Sunil’s nick name.
Sunil  (17 of 498)Deepika got some amazing getting ready shots.
bride getting ready

Ok Introducing you all to Vidya.Sunil  (65 of 435)

That’s the AJ brothers. Anil is very humble young champ and also eligible bachelor i guess 😉Sunil  (47 of 498)

Vidya and Sunil walked onto the  stage. And checkout  Sunil, He just couldn’t take his eyes off Vidya .Sunil  (76 of 498)

The wedding day started with Toe ring ritual.
toe ring-2

Post that ritual. It was the getting ready time. Here are some pictures of Sunil  and Vidya getting ready for the moment they have been waiting.
Sunil  (187 of 498)

Vidya  made an pretty bride.

Sunil always wanted to get wed in a mantap which looked exactly like this. And his dreams was just an hour away to be transformed into  reality.Sunil  (193 of 498)

That was a grand welcome to Sunil to the mantapSunil  (222 of 498)

Curtains raise to chant Sulagna Savadhana !Sunil  (238 of 498)

Clicked this picture when Sunil was trying to get a sneak peak when Vidya walked on to Mantap.
Sunil  (239 of 498)

Sunil  (243 of 498)

And the Manglsutra was ready.Sunil  (287 of 498)

It was handed over to Sunil. He took the Mangalsutra in his hand and looked graciously towards Vidya:-). Here is the picture of that moment when Sunil looked straight into Vidya’s eyes 🙂Sunil  (299 of 498)

With Torrentz of rice from all the  directions, It was legal that, its now Mr and Mrs Sunil.
Sunil  (304 of 498)

Vidya embraced the Manglasutra calm, composed and that smile tells it all 🙂Sunil  (247 of 435)

and that was Sunil’s reaction after tying the knot.

Sunil  (314 of 498)

Sunil  (332 of 498)

Here  is a picture from ring  finding challenge.

Sunil  (337 of 498)

Ending this post with our favorite picture.

Sunil  (350 of 435)

We had a whale of a time capturing your wedding. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Wishing Sunil and Vidya a Happy  married life


Team Melanged.

Karthika and Abhinav

The tying of the nuptial knot in traditional Indian wedding entails a series of elaborate and colorful rituals, which are not only enjoyable but are of great significance in conjugal life.

And to exemplify this beautiful moment of joy here we are presenting you the story of 2states 2 cultures and 2 hearts celebrating their decade love and bonding forever!

THE ROYAL RED BENGALI WEDDING OF KARTHIKA AND ABHINAV!! The only thing running constantly in my mind while writing this post is Ek Chutki Sindhoor!! from the very famous Om Shanthi Om. Red symbolizes love, purity, and has a strong base in the roots of Indian Culture.1It was around 7 pm in the evening at the gates of The Bangalore International hotel where The Sengupta’s were heartily welcomed by the Karthikas’s family for the Bor Boronwhere the mother of the bride along with other members come out to welcome the groom and his family 2 Introducing you to our fun filled groom Abhinav 🙂

3While Abhinav was welcomed with his family!! Karthika adorned herself with the beautiful Red banarasi saree and looked like a Bengali bridal doll.  4 5 Potto BastraAfter the groom is seated at the chadnatolla (wedding altar and canopy)  Abhinav was offered new clothes by Karthika’s Father  to do the sampradaan – a kind of gift to the boy from the girl’s side. 6 While Abhinav performed the rituals Karthika had her little fun time meeting her friends and family. They re- lived the moment where a very good friend of karthika met her first and approached her asking hey!!are u an actress!! SO this is how exactly our doll like bride responded.7 Saat Paak The bride, usually seated on a low wooden stool called pidi is lifted by her brothers and is taken round the groom in seven complete circles. The significance is they are winded up securely to each other 8 9 Mala BadalAfter the circles are completed, still sitting high on the pidi, Karthika and Abhinav exchanged garlands of fragrant flowers thrice. This is the first step in which they accept each other. 10 Now you know why we call Abhinav a fun filled groom!! The barfi!! moment 🙂 11 Indeed the Mala badal was a perfect papparazzi moment for the couple!!12 Subho Dristi After garlanding one another the bride and the groom are made to look at each other in front of all the assembled invitees. This exchange of loving glance is to initiate them to be together officially by the society. 13 SampradanKarthika took her place on the chadnatolla where an elderly male member of the her family handed her over to the groom and the couple’s hands are bound by the sacred thread amidst recital of Vedic chants and were placed on the mangal ghot – a brass pitcher filled with water that is covered with mango leaves attached to one twig and a green coconut placed on it. 14 Yagna The bride and groom sit in front of the sacred fire and chant mantras after the priest. Agni, the fire god is made the divine witness to the marriage. AnjaliAn offering to the fire is made. The bride’s brother puts puffed rice (khoi) in the hands of the bride, and the groom standing close to her holds her hands from the back and extends their arms forward. They then pour the offering into the fire together.15 Saat PaakSeven circular rounds are taken by the couple around the fire thereby solemnizing the occasion. The blowing of the conch shell and ululation prevailed while they performed the rituals. 15aIt was time to take vows !! and check out how carefully Karthika listens to the priest while he explained how to treat each other and respect, I know she didnt want to miss any point which signified Abhinav’s responsibility 😉 What sayeth you bride?? 16 16a

Sindoor Daan and GhomtaOnce again seated at their respective places in chadnatolla Abhinav applied sindoor or vermilion (a symbol of marriage worn by Hindu women thereafter) on the bride’s hair-parting. Karthika then covered her head with a new sari offered by Abhinav’s family as ghomta or veil.

17 17a 18 Bidaay A mixed moment of joy and sorrow as Karthika  bid adieu with blessings of her parents and relatives to start a new life with her beau. 18aA special moment, Karthika and Abhinav with the god mother of both families who has witnessed their parents wedding, their childhood and now even their wedding.  18b The bride and groom were welcomed home with ululation and prodeep.19Karthika immersed her foot in the alta and entered the house marking her ceremony of grihapravesh. 20Here is picture beholding the elements of a beautiful bengali wedding 20a AshirbaadOn an auspicious day the elders of the groom’s side go to bless the bride and vice versa, by sprinkling husked rice and trefoil on their heads and giving them gold ornaments. It is a kind of acceptance of the boy and the girl on both sides. 21 22Happiness was in the air as they continued to perform fun-filled games. 23 24A wedding is incomplete without friends!! Here is a picture with their besties. These pictures are shouting alound BETA MAN MEIN LADOOO PHOOTA!! 😉 😉 25Ending this post with our favorite picture. A new addition to the family, A new beginning.  26We had a whale of time being a part of your special day 🙂 and freezing the moments of joy, Thank you Karthika and Abhinav for choosing melanged. Wishing you both a sweetest life ahead.


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Vijay and Smitha

I happen to know Vijay for almost the length and breadth of his life ;-). Yes, he is my Bestie.

I was almost in good stress when he said cover my wedding. I think every wedding photographer goes through this. The photographer will be in a dilemma that, if i shoot how will i enjoy the wedding :-). Deepika pitched in and said you relax and leave it to me. All thanks to Deepika for letting me sit back and enjoy the wedding.

Vijay and Smitha were introduced to each each other by their parents. They were introduced to each other on a special day, it was Smitha’s birthday. Her Facebook status read that “Most special gift any one could get on their birthday.”

Introducing you all to Smitha and Vijay on their reception day.

Let me take through behind the scenes before they got ready for the reception.



Wedding day had arrived and Smitha looked stunning.


Lights camera and action .No that’s not Sharukh Khan, its BEW Khan :-p . By the way BEW is Vijay’s nick name.


Don’t they all look excited ?

Moments later Smitha started with Gowri Pooja. Checkout the way she is looking at the incesnce  stick !


Kasiyatra is always a fun ritual, invites everybody to laugh their heart out.


Smitha was welcomed to the stage.


Curtain raises, look at Smitha all set to launch the Jeerige Bella assault :-p. Poor Vijay had no clue.


Now that’s why i called it “Jeerige Bella” assault by Smitha 🙂 IMG_1940

If Smitha had to describe this photo she would say “Shy is Comingoooo Comingoooo” :-pIMG_2041

Mangalya was handed over to Vijay and we heard yaaay’s, hoots and whistles

Picture speaks a thousand words. It was official now it MR and MRS Vijay Sundeep 🙂

marriage collage

I had no clue what was happening but loved the energy everybody had.IMG_2091

Here is glimpse of the fun part of the rituals. Akki Dhare, after clicking this picture, I almost felt that there was a heavy downpour of colored rice 🙂


Here is a picture from the ring finding challenge. Smitha won the series by 2-1. Checkout the disappointment among the boys 😀

more than the couple, friends were excited to enact the Arundhati star ritual. Yes, those indecent fellows standing at the back are my bestie’s too :-p.


Now i don’t have to say anything.

I always wanted to click and be in one such picture.

Smitha and Vijay thankyou for choosing Melanged. We had whale of a time capturing your story. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.


Team Melanged

Wedding shoot : Rakesh and Ashwini

I clearly remember first time i met Rakesh. I am sure he would also clearly remember the day we met at a coffee day. It only took Rakesh a moment to make me feel like the centre of attention, and also to totally make me feel comfortable. Rakesh has an amazing way with people, and he can make anyone feel special with just a few words. I am sure Ashwini would have would have felt the same, when she would have met Rakesh for the first time.

Introducing you guys Rakesh and Ashwini :-). It was a special day and my facebook status read “Balls to adulthood and cheers to childhood”, Yes it was Children’s day. This kid walked on to the stage and showed them victory symbol 🙂

Wedding day had arrived, Deepika got some amazing getting ready shots of Ashwini.


I was enjoying a brilliant cup of coffer and we saw Ashwini all set in her wedding attire. This was the first time we were witnessing bride getting ready before the groom :-p. Here is the proof 🙂


After couple of rituals it was time for Kashiyatra.  Rakesh was embraced with flowers and torrentz of rice from all directions :-).IMG_0629

Ashwini was welcomed to the stage by her uncles and the Antharpata was raised. There were amazing strategies being planned on both side of the Antharpata for the Jeerige, Bella Challenge.

The Priest looked hitler :-p. He would go on Aswini’s side and warn everybody that its not a challenge :D.

Curtain down and Jerrige Bella was off in a flash. It was pretty evident who won the Jeerige, Bella challenge.

This was hilarious ! Rakesh thought there is another Jeerige, Bella challenge happening from the families side and he displayed some matrix stunts :D. The priest convinced him that it was blessings :-).

IMG_8723Akki Dhare ! always a photographers delight .


Brilliant shutter work by Deepika.IMG_0821

It was time for the best and the main ritual. Don’t they look excited ?

Have a look at that :-). Just loved the way Ashwini looked into Rakesh’s eyes, as he tied final knot.

The fun part of the rituals began :-). IMG_1166



Just love this picture of you two.


Loved the rim lighting on them.

Keep looking into each others eyes 24*7, 365 days. Wishing you guys a happy married life.
IMG_9160Hope you guys liked the pictures.We had a whale of a time capturing your wedding. Thank you for choosing us.


Team  Melanged

Outdoor Shoot: Vardha and Anisha

Vardha and Anisha are such a fun couple to shoot. We enjoyed every bit of the shoot. Enjoyed it more because vardha and Anisha happen to be Bench-mate and  Batch-mate during my college days.

I couldn’t have been happier working with such an amazing couple and Good friends

Vardha and Anisha are so closely knit, and they seem to know exactly what each other is thinking. They are  meant to be so.

They really made this concrete on the wedding day(about two months ago), and having their name embroidered directly onto their rings.

Vardha and Anisha- 1

On a perfect Bangalore day, They walked hand-in-hand at Bhoga Nandishwara Temple. Bhoga Nandishwara Temple, Nandi Hills has proven to be one of Photographers favorite places in the surroundings of Bangalore City . It’s a Brilliant temple that represents peace, joy, architecture, history and the promise of beautiful things to come.
Vardha and Anisha-3

So here’s where things get overwhelmingly awesome.

Vardha and Anisha-4

The shy is coming !


One of my favorite thing about vardha and Anisha is their ability to laugh and have fun.

Vardha and Anisha-7They love each other. like, a lot 😉

Vardha and Anisha-6Just love this picture of you two.

Vardha and Anisha-5Did you guys know, Anisha is a brilliant kathak dancer !

IMG_2226Ha, Ha ! Eve Teasing :-p

Vardha and Anisha-9Effects of eve teasing 😀

Vardha and Anisha-9.1

Vardha and Anisha-10

All of sudden it started raining. Here is the picture of our creative Head in a creative gonicheela umbrella 😀

Vardha and Anisha-11

The drizzle had set a perfect romantic weather for the perfect romantic couple.
Vardha and Anisha-12

The perfect end to a perfect day: kissing your  better half………..
Vardha and Anisha-13
We had a whale of a time shooting you both. Wishing you both a happy and prosperous life ahead.


Team Melanged 

Wedding Shoot Vikas and Gayathri

I would like to start this post with a small poem by anonymous. This pair of small eyes, Help in saying big things, Love not expressed from lips, Is confessed by a wink.
It didn’t take long for our gorgeous bride “Gayathri” with beautiful captivate “Vikas” The tall, handsome, fun loving chap to fall in love with our beautiful soft spoken lady 🙂

Here I have an abrupt beginning but the end will definitely unleash all the missing Collages3Gayathri feeling Wow!!! after looking at herself  in the mirror as a bride 🙂 Every girl dreams to look the best on her wedding day and no doubt Gayathri felt the same too and she lived up to it 🙂 .Collages2The mantap was set centrally and the hall echoed with laughter and joyous talks of the gathering to see “Vikas and Gayathri”IMG_0937Vikas started his kasi yatra ritual and you can  see tremendous amount of energy and expressions through out the “kasi yatra” and with what finesse Vikas got convinced to take Gayathri’s hand. (I would say eager ;))IMG_0384


IMG_0433The Best man, crime partner, colleague and brother of Vikas did his duties very well, Checkout the commandment of Sandeep, ensuring the groom received all his importance.

Collage-2The million dollar smile where the story all began …untitled (85 of 450)Returning from “Kasi Yatra” Vikas was received with pomp and glory.IMG_0503The antarpata was held and Vikas was just too tall for the antarpata or just knew his way to see the beautiful bride Gayathri take her spot in front of him.IMG_0548 Gayathri made a grand entry carried by her brothers rounding around the hall and reached the mantap.IMG_0575The Varmala and Jeerige Bella ritual just love the back light and the sweet shying away smile on Gayathri’s cheek. IMG_0589Vikas the prankster seemed to have played mind games and discussed how hes going to win the moment.untitled (187 of 450)Checkout the couple trying to sneak peak to get their chance of victory and fun.IMG_0601And within no moment the curtain fell down and Vikas tied the Mangalya to Gayathri with torrentz of yellow rice wishing them all the happiness and success.IMG_0618untitled (185 of 450)Hitched we are !!IMG_0747The happy couple looking for stars writing their names with the spotting game.IMG_0798The “Akki Dhare” Ritual IMG_0889Vikas definitely had to bend it like Beckham 😉

IMG_0902A picture speaks a thousand words, I would like you guys to write away all that you see, Girls beware, Now you know how guys run away 😉Collages5Vikas and his gang with heir favorite pose. IMG_0965untitled (446 of 450)And this little tale of a childhood lovestory of Vikas and Gaythri come to a new beginning, Gaythri being a crazy fan of SRK, I would end this post with few lines.

They opened the books together back in school, grew up to be a damsel and the dashing man, Met again with times of good fortune, Where her eyes couldn’t let him move apart and now they are hitched hooked going to be cooked 😉

We had a Whale of time capturing you guys and again this is the best parting of shooting your friends.


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Shilpa and Vinay

Beetle nuts, beetle leaves with turmeric, The perfect combination to welcome you to the wedding of Dr. Vinay Udasi and Dr. Shilpa.
Vinay and Shilpa-1Vinay’s Family greeted the”bride to be” Shilpa with saree and jewellery 🙂
Collages9The day started early, The wedding ceremony took place in Shilpa’s home land Raichur where she grew up as a child with loads of memories to share with Vinay, Shilpa’s house was decorated with the chrysanthemums and marigold garlands to welcome Vinay’s family with grandeur Collages17The days firstritual had begun and Shilpa’s mother applied haldi  to Vinay Vinay and Shilpa The pooja started by praying to the lord Ganesha and Shilpa’s mother kept the kumkuma on both Vinay and Shilpa’s fore head signifying the start for the marriage ceremonyCollages7 (2)The “Jeerige bella” ritualCollages11 (2)

The time was 9:15 and therewas another 15 more mintues for the auspicious time to tie the three knots “The Mangalya Dharana” The Priest ensure the clock ticked 9:30 and there was torrentz of rice blessing the couple. Checkout the excitement on Vinay’s face and Shilpa blushing away pink :). The next few pictures spills out Vinay’s excitement that he Is all set for it to strike 9:30 am

vinay and shilpa2

untitled (361 of 1564)untitled (374 of 1564)The Akki dhare ritual 🙂 Akki DhareThe rituals had come to  an end and it was time for the reception, Shilpa wore pink kancheevaram and looked completely pretty in pink Collages15The family time of introducing gathering and knowing each other, Vinay and Shilpa were pulled on the dance floor, and man I must say they’ve definitely surprised all the teen hearts Checkout !! Vinay’s sister Aughling with surprisevinay and shilpa3The time to bid adieu to his little sister Dr.Sandeep stood next to his sister dear and we got this click. A picture just for you Sandeep to cherish all your childhood sweet memories.IMG_5941And now she is all mine says Vinay with content and overwhelming happy moment.Collages3 (2)

You are just married 🙂 and we wish you loads of happiness and cheerful times packed your way. We had a whale of time capturing you guys, thank you.


Team Melanged

Engagement Shoot: Anusha and Yashas

It is very surprising to meet your classmates after a very long time and gets even better when you know you are getting engaged to one of them. Yes, Yashas and Anusha met in their college and it didn’t take them long to realize they would want to spend their rest of their life together.

Here goes Yashas and his cousins welcoming you all for their fun filled betrothal .
Anusha and Yashas-1

Introducing you all soon to be bride ! very humble by nature, Anusha.
untitled (24 of 444)Introducing you all the dude! Yashas.
Anusha and Yashas-3Thats Anusha and her sister 🙂untitled (34 of 444) while i was editing the next two pictures i was humming the song “Ankon hi , Ankon mein Ishara hogaya ” .

untitled (38 of 444)

and i feel it was a perfect match for this moment, What say ?.
untitled (40 of 444)

That’s Yashas grandfather, very cool and supremely young at heart. untitled (44 of 444)

Rituals began with both families offering prayers to the kalsa.untitled (63 of 444)

Lagna patrike was read aloud  announcing the date of marriage and it was blessed by both family and the priest. 

Ah ! there it is !

It was time and ring exchange happened in the traditional way. Checkout Yashas ! amazed or what ? 🙂untitled (102 of 444)untitled (110 of 444)Love this picture ! Yashas just look how happy our little girl is .. A indirect demand to keep the smile on forever ;).
untitled (187 of 444)

As they stood up to exchange the rings(in the 21st century way 🙂 )there were Whistles, Claps and Whoooooo’s….
untitled (256 of 444)untitled (161 of 444)This is how each couple feel right after their engagement reach the skies 😉

untitled (430 of 444)untitled (435 of 444)

Ending this post with our favorite picture. Love the way they are looking into each other. untitled (440 of 444)Hope you liked the pictures, We had a whale of a time capturing you guys. Wishing you guys fabulous life ahead.


Team Melanged

Engagement Shoot :Priyanka and Raghuraj

“A lot can happen over coffee ” And this was  just the right place for Dr.Raghuraj and The beautiful Priyanka to set their first step of meeting each other and knowing their better halves at their best 🙂 Dr. Raghuraj an ophthalmologist whose eyes melt with smiles in total admiration of his fiancee Priyanka :).outdoor Shoot-1

There is something very special when you meet the lady love of your life and you know that your soon going to be engaged, But with Raghu and Priyanka, it was the evening in Bangalore Club. Where the families had arranged their engagement ceremony 🙂 Check out the happiness on their faces 🙂 And Raghu bids a small adieu with widening smiles

untitled (118 of 139)Raghu suited up and looked charming, adding to his charm he got his black shoes with just right shine and the Tissot watch to add the sophistication to his perfect “I Am the new Groom Attire”.Raghu Getting ReadyRaghu also had his brother Rajath over skype making his presence by helping his brother groom right.
untitled (13 of 584)

Dr. Hegde smiled through his eyes for his sons big day and to welcome the new family member.

untitled (30 of 611)

The stage was set for the event, The red and the golden drapes by the pool side on a full moon day was adding to the glitz of the event.settingsIf there was a full moon out dazzling up the stage, the star of the event Priyanka was getting ready to dazzle the event.
untitled (43 of 611)

Priyanka looked as bright as the moon and the hints of pink blush with her pink and royal blue chikan lehanga just fit her perfectly as she got a glimpse of her beauty before she set out to the stage.
untitled (72 of 611)

Mrs. Dr.Hegde, The ever smiling and a very charming Mother of Dr. Raghu Raj whose smile welcomed all the guests with complete warmth.untitled (97 of 584)

Raghu and Priyanka moving towards the stage wishing their relatives and friends and welcoming them for their engagement ceremony.
untitled (69 of 584)untitled (136 of 584)Raghu and Priyanka’s Mothers stepped ahead and started the event by lighting the diya.untitled (186 of 584)

Raghu’s Uncle welcomed the gathering and hosted the event wonderfully buy introducing both the families.untitled (157 of 584)

Priyanka amidst her cousins in a conversation and Raghu could definitely not take his eyes off Priyanka 🙂 Caught You Raghu !! 😉untitled (132 of 584)

With both the families beside each other, Raghu and Priyanka exchanged rings thier new bond of love.
untitled (221 of 584)

untitled (181 of 611)To pump up the celebration there arrived  a beautiful soft blue ribboned cake with white petaled flowers with the starting letters of the duo P and R (Priyanka and Raghu) in choclate, It looked delicious 😛
untitled (308 of 611)Applause and cheers with hoot around and people congratulating Raghu and Priyanka .untitled (442 of 584)Yayy!! the excited Groom Celebrating with his friends.untitled (448 of 611)Ending the post with our favorite picture with motion blur.untitled (598 of 611)AHHH!! Time for our signature line We Definitely Had  A Whale Of Time Capturing You Guys . Wishing you all the success and loads of happiness


Team Melanged