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AMBAR – Sky is her limit

“AMBAR ”  The name says it all, Little girls with Dreams become women with Vision, We are born with dreams and “growing up” subtly erases these in name of society, sacrifice, family, love and more. Choices are something which is always available but nobody has ever dared to make one, and the ones who have […]

Sowmya and Shankar

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctors book. But after you see doctors like this I’m sure the patients would be only sleepless outta enchantment. Here is a long awaited story of our beautiful bride Dr. Sowmya !!.. As we post these pictures, we are unable to describe […]

Yamini and Kris

It was around 5.45 AM, and as we stepped inside the, oh! so we all know the place, “The Tamrind tree” Here is what our hazy sleepy eyes spotted!! Now correcting our eyesight or I would rather say setting into the (auto focus) AF mode, we witnessed the beautiful wedding mandap getting dressed to adorn […]


[red_title title=”Samarth & Sinduri” subtitle=”Engagement celebrations ” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title] 7:00 am Checked in!! @ Royal Reve Secunderabad walked into room number 215 And we wont ask you to Guess but here is what we saw!! Introducing you all to the most calmest doll like bride ” Sinduri ” Broad day light, Wide windows, The best […]

Wedding shoot: Deepthi and Shashi

  Here is what we think :-p when they went on their first date, they laughed and smiled the entire day. At the end of the meal, their waiter looked at them and insisted they’d be married one day. Deepthi & Shashi do let us know if your first date was something similar :-). When […]


Hello Folks, Today we present you the story of princess “Pavi” (Pavithra) the beautiful and loving sister and daughter!! Leaving you abrupt with the above line lets fast forward it to the big day of “PAVI” <3 Here comes the groom in vroom !! The pictures speak the grand and fun filled entry of our […]


HELLO WORLD!! Kids are “INNOCENT” Kids are “MISCHEVIOUS” But they bring a smile to one’s face and are the most treasured possessions on earth. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ‘” TODAY WE BRING YOU THIS HUGE BUNDLE OF JOY : BHARGAVI (The daughter of the sun) or lets just call her the “FALLEN ANGEL” !! Scroll down […]