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Meghna & Vijay


A new journey A new role No longer just a wife But now a mother A Challenge to be better To care and guide A new journey A new role Excitement and fear Happiness and sadness So many adventures will come Am I ready for A new journey A new role Angelet Viveiros Here’s Varsha […]

Archana and Prashanth

Welcome to Archana & Prashanth’s wedding blog! Our day started early dusk in the city of Bangalore for this wedding. The weather was perfect, a perfect view from the venue. I was delighted to shoot my first picture of the day.  I have to say as a photographer it makes my day to capture these […]

Shwetha and Chidananda

Aug 5th 2016. Venue : Shwetha’s Residence The mehandi artist started with a design which depicts a lady blowing the trumpet, And could it say more, this was the beginning for the pomp and glory of the beautiful journey of Shwetha And Chidananda. Introducing you folks to the charming bride “Shwetha” Words fail to describe […]

Mridhula and Vineeth

We have often read about love stories which begins with your child hood sweethearts, neighbour, at school, college colleague and the list goes on. Here is a small note of love where the journey began when they first met formally with the family’s blessings. Read and watch as the story unfolds with magical moments of […]