Early morning as the sun rose like a flower blossoming and gifting its petals onto this world, while the sunlight filled the sky, scattered the light on this beautiful venue. Its the mid winter , its a big day, a very big day for Apoorva and Adithya as they are getting married on this beautiful day at this beautiful setting of a venue.

I for one wanted to capture this photo of Apoorva so excited ! what awaited her while getting ready on her wedding day with an anticipation on her face.

Meanwhile Apoorva’s family awaited eagerly to welcome Adithya, his family and friends in a traditional way with a very warm welcoming arthi

The venue looks decorative! the father of the bride and the groom entered the venue conversing and laughing

Two families sat on the mantap, priest explained about the rituals and details there upon exchange of the lagna patrika

Here comes the bride ! Apoorva enters the venue with an entourage as she looks excited to see Adithya with a big smile on her face

Aaaaaaah the Gifts, treats and goodies!!! Two families is all set to exchange and present gifts , sweets and treats

Wow! A red color lagna patrika (wedding invitation card) looks graceful as the priest read the information on the wedding invitation.

The brother, sister and Sister in law looks resplendent in this snap

Happy couple, happy life as love and passion builds on with these two while they looked beautiful and happy for a picture. 

Words can’t describe this beautiful, elegant, ravishing and decorated venue . A beautiful and a perfect venue for a beautiful and a perfect couple. We exclaim “a perfect” the backdrop shouts it aloud as the lines cross patch framing it symmetrical and playing the halves elegantly.
When everything around us was speaking beauty how could we let alone not capturing Apoorva’s wedding jewelery .. And to go with the saying “sone pe suhaga” in hindi !! We found this well crafted frames of the miniature jewelery frames dressing the walls of the brides room. The most interesting thing about this detail is APoorva our beautiful bride herself is a jewelery artist and you just know whom to reach out to when it comes to your big day ūüôā ūüôā

A moment to cherish! Happy daughter and emotional mother. As the mother steps in to make some changes and adjustments on some exquisite touch of jewelry while having a conversation. Nothing better than a mother dolling up her daughter on her wedding day. A beautiful Bride!!

Hope, love and prayer! Goddess Gauri Pooja, as Apoorva and her mother pray for prosperous and happy new life

Adithya and Apoorva they are set to get married. Don’t they look dashing!!! while they stand for a photo in their traditional wedding attire

Apoorva’s mum helps her soon to be son in law by holding a mirror¬† as Adithya adjusted his peta

Make way to the groom as heads towards kashiyatra while the brother opens the umbrella flowers propels from the umbrella and down goes the peta.

The bride takes her place at the mandap and a cloth is placed between the bride and groom preventing them from seeing each other. The priest chants the opening mantras of the wedding rituals and the curtain is gradually removed enabling the couple to lay eyes on each other for the first time

Apoorva’s sparkling smiles while she holds a tamboola as Adithya’s mother gives her the blessings

Adithya continues to woe Apoorva with makes some adujstment

Hindu symbol of marriage: Mangalsutra

By touching the mangalsutra the family members giving their blessing for marraige

While a ritual takes place Apoorva looks bit nervous

Adithya eagerly picks up the mangla sutra as he is set to tie the knot

Its official!  Adithya ties the knot & Aproova embraces her mangalsutra gracefully ! CONGRAGULATIONS! lets call them Mr and Mrs now

The whole family looked happy and joyous as they witnessed Adithya tied the knot

Snap of the day! We got lucky to snap this photo so everyone can see the tying of mangalsutra

A picture is worth a thousand words! Happy tears as Apoorva’s mom and family gets tad emotional¬†

Saptapadi: The bride drapes that the groom and the bride are tied to each other by putting a ring on the toe

While the saptapadi continues….Apoorva looks cheerful as she tries to balance on one foot as the ring goes on her toe

Ritual continues……..

Adithya holding Apoorva lovingly so that  she wouldnt get away from him :-p

As the day comes to an end Adithya and Apoorva stare at each other while making plans for marriage life & they got lost into each other eyes. Happy¬† married life to Adithya and Apoorva¬†Adithya & Apoorva, Thank you for the opportunity to document your wedding day. We had a whale of time documenting your big day. Wishing you guys “Happy married life”. Hope you enjoyed revisiting your big day.


Team Melanged

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