Meghna & Vijay

I AM JUST “3” to ” 1″

So your baby is here!
What joy and what pleasure!
Now your life is expanding,
To make room for this treasure.

Those big innocent eyes
See a world strange and new;
To make sense of it all
He’ll look only to you.

By Joanna Fuchs




A new journey A new role No longer just a wife But now a mother A Challenge to be better To care and guide A new journey A new role Excitement and fear Happiness and sadness So many adventures will come Am I ready for A new journey A new role Angelet Viveiros Here’s Varsha […]

Archana and Prashanth

Welcome to Archana & Prashanth’s wedding blog! Our day started early dusk in the city of Bangalore for this wedding. The weather was perfect, a perfect view from the venue. I was delighted to shoot my first picture of the day.  I have to say as a photographer it makes my day to capture these lovely little hidden moments , expressions and emotions.Its Archana & Prashanth, they cant stop looking at each other!

Archana getting her make up done, well it can be quite awesome experience especially on your wedding day  

Archana’s proud mom and loving sister by her side as the trio looking beautiful and happy. These are the lovely moments to cherish and replay whenever we want to feel happy. And yes did you look twice? even we did 🙂 Archana and her sister Anjana are indeed twins Archana & Prashanth beautiful, excited, nervous, happy and in love, love is of all passions the strongest. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Audrey Hepburn

It was a bright morning and yes it would be incomplete if we didn’t capture the gorgeous color of the mehendi

Archana the bride wonder, all smiles on her wedding day. Celebrate the beauty and smile of the bride with joyous of love.

Archana, sister and mom praying to God while her mom tied the baasinga to give a head start for the Gowri pooja.Prasanth receiving pleasantries from Archana’s father.

Rituals of the hindu wedding is what makes the wedding so interesting and unique. weddings itself is special but the ritual of any wedding makes it more fun and entertaining to the groom ,the bride and the whole family and friends. Here is one of the rituals where Prashanth have to wear a Peta (topi ;-)) which is been put on by the Archana’s father while his family and friends have bit of fun   

Rituals continues , Prashant is keenly excited with all the ritual being done on him for the first time

Weddings are full of fun rituals,  Prashanth kashiyatra starts while he is been accompanied to the yatra by his family. Being the elder one to  the sisters Ajay stepped in, to opened the umbrella and flower pours


While  Prashanths on his way towards the yatra he has been stopped by Archanas family and request him to not to continue on his kashiyatra but to get married to there daughter

Once the ritual was done, its time for prashanth to get to the mantap and get married. as he does look in hurry to get married

After been stopped by Archana’s family and convince Prashanth not make to kashiyatra he’s been redirected to the mantap by family so he can get married

Archana and Prashant seeing each other for the first time on there wedding day as the curtains goes down.

Eyes fixed need I say more.

We were lucky enough to photograph Archana and Prashanth tie the knot. Its official! All eyes are on Archana, she looks so happy and radiant so does everyone. Happy tears to the mother who wipes her tears away in the corner.

“It is a treasure that is outshined by what it means…eternal love.” Mr and Mrs

Archana and Prashanth repeating mantras, saying their vows while looking at each other with love.

Family and friends having a blast on the wedding day looking happy, joyful and playfully laughing and making a day to remember to both Archana’s and Prashanth’s family.

Archana pointing at a bird, its a plane, its a shooting stars no its star Arundathi  its one of the ritual of Hindu marriage where the Prashanth shows Archana the double star Vashista and Arundhati are linked to each other as an ideal couple

Tears all around, Archana was shaking from all the emotions while her family  

There is no Indian wedding without brides family bursting into tears, the tears of happiness and joy for a new life and their is tears of sadness because the bride leaving her maternal home where she grew up to new home.

While the whole family embrace Archana as she is been welcomed to her new home for the first time. They seem to have so much fun as they enter.The day itself seems to pass in a whizz. We wish these two all the very best for their happily ever after! while they have a intimate moment, they look so much in love.Happy married life to Archana & Prashanth!


Now its our official time 🙂 Congratulations Archana and Prashanth, We had a whale of time capturing your big day. A special thanks to Ajay for trusting in us to capture the moment of his sister dear.


Team Melanged