Sachin & Deeksha

AMBAR – Sky is her limit

“AMBAR ”  The name says it all,

Little girls with Dreams become women with Vision,

We are born with dreams and “growing up” subtly erases these in name of society, sacrifice, family, love and more. Choices are something which is always available but nobody has ever dared to make one, and the ones who have made SKY IS THEIR LIMIT,

Ambareen my friend from school, a lady with poise, patience, love, confidence, compassion and the list goes on cause they are not just adjectives but simply the attributes she beholds within.

She made the choice of standing up for herself and for her loved ones when everything could possibly go wrong, right decision with true spirit of acceptance and confidence is what makes AMBAREEN.

A truly inspiring and empowered woman and May 8th she celebrates her birthday, Let us walk with her to see the world in her eyes 🙂












IMG_9766 MBY




Ending this post with two of our favorite images,

There are a million quotes why we need friends and why they are so special, but a friend who is more than family and a friend who holds you, smiles with you, cries with you is just pure love and nothing more.

I take this opportunity to raise a toast to the awesome “LEKHA” – one of the biggest reason to bring a wide smile on her face 🙂 🙂

Cheers to your Deep loving crazy friendship forever after,

and here goes our ritual WE HAD A WHALE of time capturing your beautiful souls.