Yamini and Kris

It was around 5.45 AM, and as we stepped inside the, oh! so we all know the place, “The Tamrind tree”

Here is what our hazy sleepy eyes spotted!!


Now correcting our eyesight or I would rather say setting into the (auto focus) AF mode, we witnessed the beautiful wedding mandap getting dressed to adorn the bride and groom of the day !!

The just now escaping winter  kick starting with an early summer, And beautiful first thing to see in the morning had definitely boosted our energy to have a great shooting day.

I definitely appreciate my parents words of , Early to bed, EARLY TO RISE !! 😉


After all the outdoor morning breeze excitement, we stepped in to the Brides room for some getting ready shots, and wow did she look beautiful getting accessorized in the low light of the table lamp  and her dominant Indianised grace. Introducing you all, To the very beautiful girl “Yamini”and also with a beautiful name !!2


The light was too apt for us to get some aesthetic shots of her jewellery which was embossed with the motif of goddess Lakshmi, representing her bridal stature.3

While Yamini got ready for her big day !! we had a surprise moment. The pictures will convey the moment of surprise where her friend almost stole her thunder, Or rather I can exclaim matching sisters 🙂 3a

While the Bride got ready to her best for her big day, we took a walk around the venue to detail the ambience, And I need not say more the next few pictures capture the moment of warmth. Yamini’s parents welcoming their guests and  “The Schaefers” being welcomed to the roots and rituals of India.4

5 6

Tada!!! And now we Introduce you to Our Groom (Kris Schaefer) and his Best Men !! Yeahh they look Awww and Handsome, I guess Yamini’s Expression is just too right for the left.7

Its time to walk the Aisle and I must mention what a brilliant capture by Raghu Nandan, Loving the sunlight walking along with the groom, Leading him towards his moment of life.

Adding to the gracious moment, Namaste by Yamini to begin the rituals.8

The Groom enters, and so does our colorful palate filled with flowers and traditional colored powder (Turmeric, Chandan and Kumkum, the aesthetics of Indian tradition ) if i could say. All set to greet Kris.9

The famous “Kashi Yatra Ritual”  where the groom sets his path to Kashi, To gain knowledge and the parents of the bride approach the groom asking to marry her as she beholds all the characteristics of a great lady. We are sure Kris didn’t need a lot of convincing. What sayeth you??  😉

10Now that the trip to kashi is obviously cancelled, Yamini’s parents welcomed the groom and we also see Yamini entering towards the mandap.11

While the two sat down in the mandap, by the pond, under the beautiful tamrind tree, The couple had some fun moment of  tease by their friends and we loved capturing the jitters, laughs and also the card!! Yes its our wedding 🙂 🙂 12“The Schaefers” and “The Deenadayalan’s” greeted each other with garland and the bride and groom performed rituals of Laaja homa and pada pooja.

13 14

We love how this picture captures the auspicious mood. The wind and the smoke from the Havana adding a dramatic feel to the moment.15

The moment had arrived and the priest took the mangalsutra to the family and friends to get their blessings, before the Couple tied the knot.16

Pictures speak a thousand!! nah I would say countless words, Absolutely love the happy smile on Kris’s face. Scroll down to experience the “Bride turn Wife” moments.17 18



In love with this picture where family and friends wish along with the decorated form of parrots conveying their best wishes to the couple.


Post the Mangalsutra, the Couple performed some fun rituals which included the ring finding challenge and like you see, the bride had an upper hand!! Women Empowered, and when I say this, I would like to mention the brilliant female priest who conducted the wedding. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Women definitely going places.


Order and Chaos, Wedding but still not the end. Scroll down for more….


The closing ritual where the couple pray to the “Arundhati nakshatra!! We hear that witty laugh in Kris’s mind!! What??!!  Seeing stars in mid noon?!?!?

Hey Kris!! we would say this is what the beginning of marriage looks like 😉


And now She’s Officially “The Schaefer”.


The dawn ended to rise into dusk and here is how we will see our Mrs Schaefer get ready for her evening party.

26 27

The pond, the lanterns and the lights adorned the place and so did the couple shine with their gleaming eyes all set for the fun ritual.28

Just before we move into the mood of fun never stops point, the pictures in the picture and the picture of the people painting about the picture must say what I am hinting. Yes remember this clear, This is the favorite pose of the couple where they have been captured frozen in attention at by far every place they have visited. And I must say patented, sealed and yes they are all yours.29

It wasn’t just us wowing!! We have a few more..



After the gathering, meeting, seeing and posing. We have our stars for the evening Yamini & Kris ( Kajol & SRK) dancing to the tunes of “Zara sa jhoomloon” from the very famous DDLJ.

We absolutely loved their imitations and energy !! You will love them toooo , Dont ask us why? Cause the pictures will definitely give you the high.

Watch “The couple”, “The friends” and “The family” dance in Lee.

31 31a 32

And we come to a not so ending. But yet again freezing the moment with  “Yam & Kris’s way”!! Life is a contrast lets play it 🙂



A big thank you to Yamini’s Brother (Avinandan Deen) for choosing us to be a part of his Little Sister’s Big DAY.



Ending this post with more than one favorite picture, Now they are happily married ever and After….35a 36


Here comes our ritual, We had a whale of time capturing your day, Thank you for choosing melanged, Hope you enjoyed the pictures


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Chandana & Akshay

Chandana Cover page

[red_title title=”Chandana & Akshay” subtitle=”” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]
If there’s a family we would like to be adopted by, it’s the Dhanpal’s.  It was an honour to be able to document Chandana’s wedding. It has been a blast to hang out with these folks three times over, and we are  kind of sad that it’s over!. Now more than a client, Chandana has become a friend.

Chandana & Akshay was intoduced to us by a classmate . It takes a wonderful guy to match someone like Chandana, and that he is. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. Her world is his :-p, you could see that as well 😀 .

This wedding was wedding of  outpouring love, thoughtfulness and togetherness. It’s basically a group of friends and family who all love each other. Everyone seems comfy and at home.

The wedding was nothing short of big celebrations. It was complete, detailed wedding with Haldi, Sangeeth, mehendi & rituals which would tie Chandana & Akshay for their life.

We have tried the blog post to keep it short. Honestly we had so many pictures which would tell some amazing stories, it was hard to keep it short.

And meet the most adorable uncle & aunty.

Vishruth & Smruthi (1 of 24)

Chandana was Chandana-ed :-p with Haldi .Vishruth & Smruthi (2 of 24)

The following evening was mehendi & it was a very well planned event. It had everythin in it, the dance, song, energy, music, hustle bustle, great coffee & ofcourse wonderful people.Vishruth & Smruthi (3 of 24) Vishruth & Smruthi (4 of 24) Vishruth & Smruthi (5 of 24)

This is our personal favourite moment. It was during the welcome ceremony. Akshay was put into test! I had warned Akshay, Dude be careful :-p. So group of bridesmaids would be covered with duppatta & Akshay was asked to identify his bride. While he was identifying, Chandana would arrive from the back and surprise him.
Vishruth & Smruthi (6 of 24)

Now this is what i meant by her world is his :-p. They both were ready to rock the reception stage with their beautiful attire.

Vishruth & Smruthi (7 of 24)

And that’s Chandana’s brother AD. Our future second shooter :-pVishruth & Smruthi (8 of 24)

Reception was followed by Haldi. I guess this was the event which everyone was looking forward to. Akshay’s cousins were extremely generous in applying haldi.

Vishruth & Smruthi (9 of 24)

And the star of Haldi event was Chandana’s father. If you ever get to attend a Haldi event with uncle, you cannot escape his generous hands :-p. Even we were not able to escape haldi from his hands 🙂 .

We loved his energy. We were teasing him that at this rate you will get line of girl for this young man by tomorrow.

Vishruth & Smruthi (10 of 24)

The wedding day had arrived. Wedding started with Kasi yatra & look that  excitement.

Vishruth & Smruthi (12 of 24)

post kasi yatra, Akshay was gifted with his wedding attire & just love this shot by Deepika.

Chandana & akshay (1 of 1)

With the peta on to his head. He was all set to get wed.

Vishruth & Smruthi (13 of 24)

Chandana & akshay (1 of 1)-2

While Akshay was waiting for his bride. Chandana made a grand entry.

Vishruth & Smruthi (16 of 24)

Again a brilliant shot by Deepika while Akshay trying get a a sneak peak of Chandana through Antharpata.

Vishruth & Smruthi (17 of 24) Vishruth & Smruthi (19 of 24)

The curtains were down & the excitement continued….Vishruth & Smruthi (20 of 24)

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Vishruth & Smruthi (21 of 24) Vishruth & Smruthi (22 of 24)

And the moment had arrived. Akshay was handed over the Mangalasutra. Now officially its Mr & Mrs Akshay Hardik 🙂


The most toughest part for a bride’s  parents was done with such grace & happiness.

Chandana & akshay (1 of 2)

Chandana & akshay (2 of 2)

Alright ! Now Ending this post with happy people & happy couple.

Vishruth & Smruthi (24 of 24)

We had a whale of a time documenting your story. Thanks for choosing Melanged .Hope you liked the pictures.


Team Melanged

Engagement shoot: Dr.Vishruth & Smruthi

Vishruth & Smruthi-cover

[red_title title=”Dr.Vishruth & Smruthi” subtitle=”” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]

Clearly, Vishruth values Smruthi so highly he didn’t want to leave anything to chance, or miss the opportunity to show her how much he loves her(This is what Smruthi had to tell me when i asked her about Vishruth)

The Engagement  itself was lavish and filled with love. Smiles everywhere. Family members getting a little TOO involved in Vishruth’s & Smruthi’s engagement ceremony.

Yes, this engagement had it all. My own personal favourite moment was the moment when Vishruth proposed to Smruthi, you would know why ! when you see the picture :-p.

We started early in the morning towards Hassan. Should give a big round of applause to Amulya for conversations we had in the car.

We reached Hassan & i stayed back at Smruthi’s place to get some getting ready shots.

Vishruth & Smruthi (3 of 32)

Vishruth & Smruthi (1 of 32)

Vishruth & Smruthi (4 of 32)

Guess whom i had to meet & greet before entering Smruthi room :-p .

Vishruth & Smruthi (5 of 32)
Smruthi had a brilliant collection of jewellery.
Vishruth & Smruthi (2 of 32)

Vishruth & Smruthi (18 of 32)

Vishruth & smruthi-collage-1

This is one of my personal favourite picture from the lot.Vishruth & Smruthi (19 of 32)Smruthi looked beautiful. Look at her. Vibrant !

Vishruth & Smruthi (6 of 32)
had to click this picture & my efforts to make it vintage…
Vishruth & Smruthi (7 of 32)

Now that’s called an entry like a hero 🙂 .

Vishruth & Smruthi (27 of 32)

The buzz, smiles, hello’s, Namskara & high five’s were happening around the venue & the rituals started.

Vishruth & Smruthi (28 of 32)Flowers, prayers, blessings were offered by both the families to the “Lagna Patrike” . It was a short function & both the families exchanged the patrike.
Vishruth & Smruthi (10 of 32)After the exchange Smruthi was called to the stage & offered goodies 😀
Vishruth & Smruthi (8 of 32)
Who doesn’t want goodies :-pVishruth & Smruthi (9 of 32)

Both Smruthi & Vishruth changed into their Engagement attire. Look at the backgroud ! it should tell you a story.Vishruth & Smruthi (12 of 32)

Rings were ready ! Vishruth & Smruthi (31 of 32)

Tada ! its official now….Vishruth & Smruthi (13 of 32)The most energetic people in the venue 😀 :D.
Vishruth & Smruthi (14 of 32)

This was my personal favourite moment !Vishruth & Smruthi (15 of 32)

Let the journey begin…. Have fun you guys.

Vishruth & Smruthi (16 of 32)

We had a whale of a time capturing you guys. Thrishika, thankyou for choosing Melanged. Hope you guys liked the picture.


Team Melanged