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7:00 am Checked in!! @ Royal Reve Secunderabad

walked into room number 215

And we wont ask you to Guess but here is what we saw!!

Introducing you all to the most calmest doll like bride ” Sinduri ”


Broad day light, Wide windows, The best thing to happen for any Photorapher, Scroll down … to see the calm bride turn charismatic.





The few minutes Sinduri waited before getting on the diaz to begin the Engagement Ceremony, She drove every photographers attention towards her Including her Brother in Law 🙂


Taking a pause from the glam shots!!

“Samarth and Sinduri” are going to be hitched, hi-tech city techie trots whose journey began in Hyderabad  that continued to Stockholm and completing the circle back in Secunderabad by getting Engaged.

We were introduced to the very sweet couple by our common friend Harita!! And I take this oppurtunity to thank our darling friend.


The couple performed the rituals by starting with praying to lord Ganesha and were offered goodies.


After changing into the goodies both the families offered the to be Bride and Groom, Swoosh!! the crowd turned their heads to watch Samarth and Sinduri walk the aisle. And man I’m sure they gossiped how pretty and handsome they looked.


The couple then were greeted with sweets , gifts and performed the aarthi .




After all the gifting praying and greeting, It was time for a bit of pet(Stomach) pooja and the English way of getting Engaged. The cake and next few pictures will say it all.




Here is a quick picture of their beautiful rings.


Post the ceremony we took the couple out for a casual shoot and I must mention we used every frame to the advantage to shout aloud that they are ENGAGED!!





17 18 19 20 21



And here is our ritual, We had a whale of time being a part of your beautiful day, Thank you for choosing melanged.

Engagement shoot: Nandini & Karthik

Karthik & Nandini - cover[red_title title=”Karthik & Nandini” subtitle=”” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]


Lets have a sneak peak at some of the actions before any rituals, actions started ! Karthik & Nandini -1Shifting our attention to the simple and loving Nandini. Here is what was happening at the going to be brides room.

Karthik & Nandini -2Well i am sure Karthik must have fallen flat for these eyes ! what do you say Karthik ;-). _DSC2467-1

Since we were asking about Kathik’s opinion, lets say a hello to Karthik. We know Karthik for quite some time now. We happen to know Karthik through our chaddi buddies Nitin & Namitha. Karthik is a very simple and humble human human being. I am sure Nandini would agree to above lines. Nandini, well if you have another view do let us know :-p.  I am sure Sharath would have made you comfortable to pose. By the way Sharath was our photo journalist.


Nandini was all set to rock the stage.


There was so much of energy, nice people & hustle bustles….





“The ring of bells” gathered everyone’s attention and the rituals were started….


Fast forwarding the rituals to save some disk space on our site :-p. Getting to the main part of the rituals.

The lagna patrike was offered all the necessary pooja & blessings…


Karthik’s attention sighed of away from the lagna patrike & this is what was happening. As wedding photojournalists these are the moments we look out to capture for…



Karthik was gifted and agreed that he would be marrying Nandini according to the lagna patrike..

_DSF8944-1Nandini had a part to play as well. She walked on to the stage & got the gift :-p



After they embraced their new attire. Formal signatures were made on to the lagna patrike signifying Karthik & Nandini are legally, traditionally all set to throw a party to friends & family 😀


How many of you guys knew that Nandini has sung in 15 kannada movies 😉 . Just kidding ! she could pull of a chord from Karthik’s heart & she sings really well.


See ! didnt i tell you guys that she could just pull of a chord from Karthik’s heart. The result of it :-p


Well girls ! Karthik might question this :-p. You guys are stealing away his opportunities :-p


Ending this post with our predictions of Karthik questioning the previous act 😀 😀


Kathik & Nandini thankyou for choosing Melanged. Hope you loved the pictures. We had a whale of a time documenting your special day.


Team Melanged

Wedding shoot: Deepthi and Shashi


Here is what we think :-p

when they went on their first date, they laughed and smiled the entire day. At the end of the meal, their waiter looked at them and insisted they’d be married one day.

Deepthi & Shashi do let us know if your first date was something similar :-).

When the make up artist arrived, it was the golden light hour. Its always a delight to shoot during golden light. Starting of this post with some fantastic pictures of Deepthi.


Meet Deepthi & Shahsi. The backdrop set on the stage looked so elegant. We almost spent half an hour just looking the backdrop :-p. Here are some pictures of Deepthi & Shashi before the reception began.


And we are a happy family 😀


We had arrived early on the wedding day & we love to document the jewellery and the hustle bustle at the wedding hall.Collages95

Deepthi sounded & looked super gorgeous.
Collages96While Deepthi was getting ready, Shashi was all set. Basinga for tied to his forehead. Once the basinga is tie,  its a small notice to the photographers that the wedding has started & to be ready for the moments.

_MG_3439Shashi was escorted to the temple near by with sakala vaadya(Its a collection of drone & melody).

IMG_3497After he prayed and took blessing from the god & elders. Here is a picture of the action that happened right at the entrance. Kshama & her partner in crime did bully Shashi :-p




He was blessed with torrentz of rice from all the directions & shashi would go the mandap where the all the action would happen.IMG_3567While all the blessings was happening at the entrance of wedding venue. Deepthi was all set and waited for Shashi to come.


Curtains raise, Deepthi was welcomed to the mandap by her relatives. Shahsi’s view was  blocked by a white cloth and this ritual is called as antharpata.

IMG_4496As the Antharpata is lowered down the couple is made to pour jeerige bella on each other.

IMG_3627Fast forwarding to the main ritual . The moment where Shahsi & Deepthi were waiting for. While Shahsi tied the mangalya, we are sure Deepthi was going under a turbulence of happy emotions……


IMG_4680Immediately after the main ritual, while everyone’s attention was at something else, Deepthi would look at her Mangalya & admire it.


And they were taking advantage as well 😀 .


Always love to say this. A picture speaks a thousand words 😀

IMG_3800The rituals continued ……..


And here is a picture of Deepthi showing there  is our flight to honeymoon :-p IMG_3930

Ending this post with this majestic picture. IMG_4993

Deepthi & Shahsi let your journey be a roller coaster. Thank you for choosing Melanged on your big day. Hope you liked the pictures. Wishing you guys a Happy married life.


Team Melanged