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Engagement shoot: Supreeth and Sushmitha

It was to be about the betrothal, not just the Engagement. Yes, friends and family yearned to be at their sides, but Sushmitha and Supreeth committed to cultivating a private moment between two people in love.

Supreeth from meeting while you were in college, to an engagement session at Isckon you have remained truly the same. Your devotion to Sushmitha is only paralled by your dedication to learning how to love, forgive, and love even more with grace. Thank you for inviting Deepika and me to document your first big celebration towards being husband and wife.

On a gorgeously overcast day in Bengaluru, Supreeth and Sushmitha got engaged  at the Isckon temple,  surrounded by family & friends.

While we walked into the hall. The hall looked all set to take of a brilliant gathering here

Supreeth & sushmitha-1

and immediately after this what we could spot is this :-p. If anybody wants to know the meaning of excitement, please call Supreeth 😀

Supreeth & sushmitha-17While we were clicking the previous picture. There arrived Sushmitha & her family. While Sushmitha was welcomed, Supreeth was getting some introductions from Sushmitha’s family

Supreeth & sushmitha-3Taking you guys inside the hall now. While the hustle bustle was outside the hall. The priest was all set to welcome their parents and begin with the rituals.Supreeth & sushmitha-5

The rituals began by lighting the lamp.
Supreeth & sushmitha-19There was an elaborate ceremony of rituals along with offerings of flowers & incent sticks, The incent sticks setting a pleasant mode to the hall.
Supreeth & sushmitha-22

Supreeth & sushmitha-8

Supreeth & sushmitha-7

While the rituals were continuing in full fledge, Sushmita would check every detail of the ritual 🙂

Supreeth & sushmitha-20

Supreeth & sushmitha-21And then, the thamboola was exchanged by Supreeth & Sushmitha’s parents.
Supreeth & sushmitha-9

So the emotions were high and the celebrations too……..
Supreeth & sushmitha-23
After the thamboola & sweets exchange. The main actors of the event had to be invited on to the stage. So these are the moments as photographers we look out for. Just before Sushmitha walked on to the stage, for a moment she felt shy and there was overflow of happiness…Supreeth & sushmitha-24She was gifted with goodies & new clothes which was wished by priest and both her parents.Supreeth & sushmitha-25
And then Supreeth was welcomed to the stage, Just checkout the smiles i say! Supreeth & sushmitha-26
He was also gifted with goodies …. and then the wait beganSupreeth & sushmitha-27
While they were away to change into their new attire, we got hold of the rings and clicked some awesome detail shots of the rings.Supreeth & sushmitha-6

Supreeth & sushmitha-4And then Deepika headed to checkout the scene at sushmita’s room. Here are some getting ready shots of Sushmitha….
Supreeth & sushmitha-10

Supreeth & sushmitha-12

While Sushmitha was getting ready, Supreeth embraced his new sherwani.Supreeth & sushmitha-15
They both were ready to rock the stage…Supreeth Collage-1

After some pictures by the conventional photographer and some hoots, haaa’s, yaaay by friends and family. They exchanged garlands…
Supreeth & sushmitha-29
And the moment had arrived, they were handed over the rings…Supreeth & sushmitha-32
Its legal that supreeth and Sushmitha are going to call their keen and Keith’s for another feast very soon. Congratulations !!!Supreeth & sushmitha-30
And then it was followed by a nice white forest cake. We couldn’t wait to taste the cake….Supreeth & sushmitha-34
So, ending this post with “The picture”. The ring picture 😀Supreeth & sushmitha-1-2
Hope you guys liked the pictures. Supreeth and Sushmitha, thankyou for the opportunity to document your big day. Wishing lots of love and craziness…


Team Melanged


Hello Folks, Today we present you the story of princess “Pavi” (Pavithra) the beautiful and loving sister and daughter!!

Leaving you abrupt with the above line lets fast forward it to the big day of “PAVI” <3

Here comes the groom in vroom !! The pictures speak the grand and fun filled entry of our Groom “RAGHU”.

Grand for the warm welcome by the gorgeous Pavithra !! and Followed BY FUN for the treasure hunt arranged by the family and friends which stirred the energy levels up for  RAGHU making him say Come on!!  Give me my hints and make it easy 😉

1 1a2After the fun Hunt !! We escaped for a few casual pictutes and I must say !! Love the way they smiled within and out : ) POSING TIME 🙂 (Even for their rings)

3 4 5The SUN hit the bed and there rose the dark which was beautifully lit up by the setting for reception !! scroll down to see the Venue , Bride and the Groom Suit, Dress and damsel themself!!


We take this oppurtunity to thank “Sharath Ramanna” for capturing the best of getting ready  pictures of Raghu and more of the Event 🙂 🙂 Lovely work Sharath7 7a

Here comes the reason why we mentioned PAVI the Princess the “LOVING SISTER” first !! Introducing you to Chandrashekar Pavithras Brother!!

Pavi is the smile of Chandrashekar and he plays the magical brother where every dream and wish of hers turns into reality : ) ! ! We are sure you agree Pavithra


On the wedding morning, The Mantap stood elegantly centered in the hall embelished with bells and rose petals 🙂


And here is a sneak peak of our beautiful bride getting ready for her big day 🙂


While Pavithra pampered herself , Raghu took his position to attain the groom stature and continued towards the temple for blessings and the kasi yathra ritual

Absolutely Love the Blast of laughter and wide smiles on the bright faces 🙂 🙂

8b 8c 9 10

Its time For FACE – OFF where the bride and groom witness each other through the jeerige bella ritual !! A ritual soon turning to be sport in all the weddings, followed by the akki dhare and the colored glitters blowing fun frolicks

11 12 13 14

Time for goosebumps!! The three knot moment 🙂 and now they are going to be booked, hooked and cooked

15 16

“Sapthapadhi “The Seven steps with a beautiful wedding vow with each step moving ahead for a beautiful wedded life <3


And its time for some daylight star gazing !! Another ritual with a tweak and twist.


The next few pictures cannot be described with any more adjectives cause it speaks louder than the words itself.

20 21 22 23And Now time for our ritual, We had a whale of time going click click on your BIG DAY !! Special Thanks to my team Sharath and Bavahar for capturing beautifully and to shalini naraynan for the make up artistry 🙂

Ending this post with my favorite picture 🙂 🙂 🙂