Wedding Shoot : Lavanya and Ganesh

We have been excited to share Lavanya and Ganesh’s epic Iyer wedding at Bangalore for some time now, but have been backlogged with last seasons weddings. so we are only catching up now.
We  knew we were going to love photographing Lavanya and Ganesh’s wedding for them from the moment we met. This is the best part as wedding photographers. Lavnya is bubbly and engaging while Ganesh is a bit quieter with a sense of humour that endears you to him immediately.
Here is a sneak peak to Lavanya and Ganesh’s “The day”.
So meet bubbly Lavanya …..
iyer wedding photThat’s Ganesh. Before the reception started there was a engagement which  was fun. The couple performed rituals and they were blessed by the whole family before starting the engagement ceremony. The “Lagnapatrike” was read out and they were gifted with new clothes and families greeted each other.

Stage was set for the reception it was simple and plain looked beautiful. Its always tough to create simple designs. We have to appreciate Lavanya’s sister for making these choices and running the whole show.

we walked into the reception setting and we were jumping around and saying we are so going to enjoy this reception.

Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1

So here is why we were too excited. Karthik Iyer ! Our studio’s playlist keeps revolving around Karthik’s carnatic fusion pieces.  If you haven’t  heard of Karthik Iyer’s music follow him here.

Karthik iyer


As the violin started talking, the fingers started snapping and feet started tapping and it didn’t take very long for most of them to sit around Karthick and his band to indulge in their Carnatic fusion.

Karthik iyer music


And thats Lavanya’s sister and her cutie pie daughter…Lavnya and Ganesh were paparazzi-ed from  from a range of young to old photographers.

LavanyaThe wedding day had arrived…… Just love these set of transition pictures of the Lavanya.

candid wedding photography bangaloreWhile Lavanya had her share of Make up. Ganesh had his little touch of make up too :-p

Bangalore candid wedding photography
Boy ! He was just ready to rock the wedding… what do you guys think 🙂Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-5Lavanya’s father is very humble. The priest was hillarious, the Kasi yatra began with great humour. With this Ganesh was given the groom status officially.

candid wedding photography bangalore
Just love this picture.Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-4
After the kasi yatra ritual, Ganesh officially agreed to get wed with Lavanya and hence Lavanya was welcomed to see Ganesh and the Maali Maatral began. This is the most fun ritual in an iyer wedding.
Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-7 Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-8 Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-2
It was time for Oonchal. The waving of colored rice balls started ….

Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-13They were welcomed to the stage  and the rituals continued…… 
Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-15Skipping couple of rituals and jumping straight into the main part of the wedding. Lavanya was gifted with the traditional nine yard saree. As she arrived the family gathered around her and they held her hand to move towards the mantap.

Candid wedding photographers bangaloreAs Lavanya made her way to the mantap, Ganesh couldn’t take his eyes of his bride.

Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-20

 Ganesh then keeps the Mangalya on the head of Lavanya and recited a prayer. He also prayed to his relatives to surround him and the bride. The relatives and friends surrounded the couple..

Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-19Lavanya’s father embraced lavanya’s hand before “THE MOMENT” .

Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-21
Mangalya was shown to the crowd for blessings …Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-23And that’s Mr and MRS Ganesh now 🙂

Candid wedding photography

Torrents of Emotions……Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-25 Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-2-2No Indian hindu wedding is complete without fire…..

Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-26
Ending this post with this cute picture….Lavnya and Ganesh - Reception setting-1-27Lavanya and Ganesh, we had a whale of timing documenting your big day. Thank you for choosing Melanged and wishing you guys a happy married life ahead.


Team Melanged