Wedding Shoot : Tilak and Sanyukta

Life is an adventure, we all need to dive in to begin it, and those lucky of us have someone to hold hands with when they make the leap. This wedding was a portrait of a family coming together as a new adventure begins.

And there was Tilak and Sanyukta whose eyes was lit up throughout the wedding, and who probably had to pinch both of them a few times and say ! hey wedding is going on :-p. They were colleagues and now they are colleagues in the journey of life.


Starting of this blog post with this picture!. Just loved the entrance of Sanyukta on to the stage for Nischithartham ritual.

It was fascinating to see Sanyukta’s father to see her little girl as a bride.

Post Nischitartham, there was a in-detail “Bangle Ceremony”.

As usual did some research on the significance of the Bangle ceremony and found this out :-).

“Glass bangles hold different meanings according to their color. Some regions have specific bangles associated with their local traditions, and there is a more general color code for bangles as well” (Sourced from “The marriages in India”).

Isn’t that fascinating !

2All the ladies would gather around the bangles and choose their pick.

2.01Post the Bangle ceremony it was time for reception. We absolutely love getting ready shots of the groom and bride. Here are some pictures from the reception evening.

0345Brillant capture by Sharath !7
The rest of the evening was super fun. They both would look at each other and introduce their family and friends.8
This is what caught our attention the moment we entered brides room on the wedding day.
10Sanyukta was all set to steal everyone’s attention.
While the makeup was happening, it was all set for Tilak’s Kasiyatra.12
The Peta was gifted to Tilak and attained the groom status.13
The crowd had gathered in the wedding hall and Tilak was welcomed to the mandap by Sanyukta’s family.14
The curtains raise and was time to get Sanyukta to the stage.15
Tilak looked eager to see his bride on the wedding day.
Jeerige Bella ritual was fun.
1819Curtains go down and first look on the wedding day. We think this picture speaks a thousand words! what do you guys say ?
20Skipping Many rituals, for the website providers sake :-p.

This was amazing. Mangalsutra was handed over to Tilak, He would look at the Mangalsutra  and he would look at Sanyukta.

This happened almost five times :-).
21 22It was time for that moment where everybody in the wedding would get a lot of attention.

It starts from the priest signalling the nadaswarm team, family and friends raise their handful of blessings in the form of coloured rice and the picture tells you what was going on with Tilak and Sanyukta.

The rituals continued…..25 26

We just love shooting the Arundati Nakshatra ritual.

All i can say is :-p, :D. Dont kill me Tilak :D.29

Ending this post with our favroite picture.  30Alright want to end this post by introducing our new associate, Sharath. Thank you Sharath for producing some brilliant images.

Tilak and Sanyukta, it was a great honour to document your wedding and hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Team Melanged.