Outdoor Shoot: Rashmi and Naveen


I think I can identify quite well with both Rashmi and Naveen. They are both a combination of the instinctive and the cerebral. They know how to be happy but also want to understand what that happiness consists of. And they are simply great people: warm, strong, considerate, and thoughtful. They are not in a rush, and they want to get it right. So in that sense, it’s fitting that we’re sharing their Outdoor shoot now.

We had decided to do the outdoor shoot at Nandi Hills. We started early from Bangalore, There were brilliant colours  and it was so fresh at the venue. It was a perfect place to for the couple to chill out.

Rashmi and Naveen-0So here is was our chief guest for the shoot. Isn’t she adorable !
Rashmi and Naveen-0.1
Introducing Rashmi and Naveen…..Rashmi and Naveen-2


As i mentioned, it was super colourful at Nandihills :-p . Rashmi, Naveen and the umbrella added more colour to the serene area :-p
Rashmi and Naveen-3They both make such an adorable pair !

Rashmi and Naveen-4

By mid-afternoon, the skies cleared and created a perfect backdrop for the shoot.Rashmi and Naveen-5Rashmi and Naveen-6Rashmi and Naveen-7

It was an amazing view from the top as well. Rashmi and Naveen-8If i ever get a chance to direct a action- romantic movie flick, Naveen and Rashmi you guys will be my first choice.
Rashmi and Naveen-9Rashmi and Naveen-10.01Rashmi and Naveen-10.02

Rashmi and Naveen…you’re beautiful. Inside and out. Really.


Rashmi and Naveen-10Rashmi and Naveen-11

After a quick outfit change, The colours were back again and they looked glowing ! Rashmi and Naveen-13

Ending this post with two of our favroite pictures !Rashmi and Naveen-14Rashmi and Naveen-15

Rashmi and Naveen, we had a whale of a time spending a fun day and capturing moments with you all. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Wishing you guys lots of love .


Team Melanged




Wedding Shoot: Keshav and Harshitha



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The wedding gets all exciting and super fun when there are cousins. Specially with a group of cousins named as “Cousins prank hospitality”

Here is a uber cool prescription written by “Cousins prank hospitality” for the uber cool doctors.


Keshav and Harshitha-0

Well, here is the charming bride Harshitha.
Keshav and Harshita-1

Now thats the doctor duo ! Keshav and Harshitha looked just ready to rock the stage.
Keshav and Harshitha-2The engagement evening began with lighting the lamps .Keshav and Harshitha-4After a couple of rituals, the doctors were loaded with sweets.
Keshav and Harshitha-6Just love the following  pictures.

Keshav and Harshitha-7Keshav and Harshitha-8

Keshav and Harshitha-10Harshitha was all set to set to sweep off Keshav on the wedding day. Love the getting ready shots from Deepika

Keshav and Harshitha-11Keshav and Harshitha-12While Deepika was covering the bride getting ready, i was at the wedding hall where Keshav was all set to enjoy his groom status :-pKeshav and Harshitha-13Before writing this post. I happened to pick up a book on the wedding rituals. Now i will be testing my memory in reproducing the correct ritual names and their significance.

This ritual is called as udida Moorth(Grinding of gram ). A mix of Green Gram, Black Gram, oil is prepared and the groom and his mother jointly grind it in a manual stone grinder. Not sure of the significance(because it was not given in the book :D), if anyone has an idea, pls let me know. I have no idea why aunty’s saree is been held like super hero’s cape.

Keshav and Harshitha-14The best wedding dialog’s happens in Kaashi yatra.
Keshav and Harshitha-15.2The brace of impact with torrents of rice in the form of blessings.
Keshav and Harshitha-15.1

Keshav  was escorted to mantap and he waited for Harshitha. Keshav and Harshitha-16Here comes the bride. First look on the wedding day.
Keshav and Harshitha-16.01

Antharpata was raised and the Jeerige Bella ritual was fun and here is a picture of garland exchange.
Keshav and Harshitha-17

Then the rituals continued along with Keshav and Harshitha’s expressions 😀
Keshav and Harshitha-18Keshav and Harshitha-19Skipping couple of rituals….

Mangalsutra was handed over to Keshav. Look at Keshav’s concentration :D.


Keshav and Harshitha-20
And that’s how Keshav and Harshitha put a full stop to their bachelorhood and now they begin writing a new book.
Keshav and Harshitha-21Man they looked tremondously excited to start writing their new chapters of life. Keshav and Harshitha-g0Ending this post with two of our favourite pictures.
Keshav and Harshitha-22Keshav and Harshitha-lastKeshav and Harshitha we had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. Thankyou for choosing Melanged.

Wishing you guys happy married life.


Team Melanged