Wedding Shoot: Kshama and Shreyas


We feel right at home at weddings, discovering moments and images and putting together a beautiful piece of art for two very special people on their special day.

Kshama and Shreyas. Thank you for choosing us to document  your wedding. Your family made us feel like long, lost members and your friends made us feel like one of them. 

Introducing you guys Lychee…….

Shreyas and Kshama-1Introducing you guys Poochie (Not sure if i got the spelling right ) litchi’s bestie.Shreyas and Kshama-2Now lets throw some light on the groom as well 😀 ….

Shreyas and Kshama-4Kshama is a natural beauty, all she had to do was a very little makeup…..

Shreyas and Kshama-3Shreyas was all set to rock the reception stage….

Shreyas and kshama-5Before hitting the stage they were introduced to a lot of guests and their blessings 🙂

Shreyas and Kshama-6


Wedding morning had arrived and  yes we love documenting getting ready shots !Shreyas and Kshama-7They both looked stunning in their wedding attire…

Shreyas and Kshama-8

Both were given the groom and the bride status by tieing “Basinga” on their forehead.

Shreyas and Ksham-9-8Shreyas and KShama-11Shreyas was escorted to the entrance and performed a sort of kasiyatra ritual . No Indian welcome is complete  without the soulful music….

Shreyas and Kshama-12Kshama was welcomed on to the mantap by her uncle and relatives.

Shreyas and Kshama-14The Antharpata was raised.

Shreyas and Kshama-15
And then the Jeerige Bella………Shreyas and Kshama-16Fast forwarding to the main ritual. Mangalya was handed over to Shreyas .Shreyas and Kshama-17

and that’s when we call shy is coming to the bride 🙂

Shreyas and Kshama-18When Torrentz of rice come in their way as blessing and we declare them as Husband and Wife 😀Shreyas and Kshama-19Let the Shyness prevail, ending this post with our favroite picture 🙂

Shreyas and Kshama-20Kshama and Shreyas we had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. Wising you guys a happy married life.


Team  Melanged