Wedding Shoot: Sindhu and Naveen


Sindhu and Naveen  are two wonderful  people.  The love and support in this tight circle of their family and friends was apparent and inspiring.

Visually the day was punctuated by the epic decorations, the wedding took place at Elaan convention centre, just enough flowers and pops of colour, and a lot of flying bits of things . Yes, they were indeed eye catching!

So hats off to two thoughtful and loving families , who are wonderful as individuals and even stronger together bonded.

Here is glimpse of the wedding settings…
Introducing you guys Shivu, Bindu’s brother and we happen to know Shivu ever since we know the meaning to the word friend.Sindhu-Image-2
Introducing you guys to the wonderful couple Naveen and Sindhu….Sindhu-Image-3
Aunty and uncle looked like the newly weds too :-p. Loved the way they stood and greeted the guests.
Sindhu-Image-4Here is the youngest and the live wire ! Bindu….
Sindhu-Image-5The wedding day had arrived. I barged into their room to click some getting ready shots…
While Sindhu was getting ready uncle walked and signalled everyone to be ready :-pSindhu-Image-7
Meanwhile there was small and interesting ritual. The family folks would carry pots on their head, signifying good omen. Sindhu walked in washed everyone’s feet and took blessings from everybody.Sindhu-Image-8Kasiyatra began with flowers all over Naveen. Kasiyatra is a super fun ritual, always forces people to laugh their heart out!
Sindhu-image-9After Kasiyatra, Naveen and Sindhu were welcomed to the stage  and the curtain(Antharpata) would raise. Sindhu-image-10
The Purohit would start the  Chanting of eight auspicious verses. The curtains would go down and the couple would pour jeering bella on each other.
Fast forwarding to the main ritual……Sindhu-image-12Mangalsutra was handed over to Naveen and he was prompted  ask uncle’s permission and looked straight into Sindhu’s eye’s.Sindhu-image-13Tada now they were husband and wife…
Sindhu-Image-14“A picture is worth thousand words”
Sindhu-Image-15Sindhu-image-16The fun part of the rituals began. They poured rice on each other and it was super funSindhu-image-17Something very interesting about this picture! Observe everyone around the couple, They are looking at the couple with so much intense concentration :-pSindhu-image-18
Spot the star ! Arundathi ritual was total fun.
Ending this post with two of our favroite pictures. Let the music prevail in your life and have loads of fun you guys.Sindhu-image-21Sindhu-image-19Sindhu and Naveen thank you for choosing Melanged. We had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. Wishing you guys all the very best.


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot : Arvinth and Parimala

So this time i was travelling to shoot a wedding about 2 hours from Salem.  And we keep saying that being a part of rich culture is an honour. As creative photographer we always tend to be a part of the family and enjoy the rituals and rich traditions of our country.

Arvinth is super sweet and shy . His friends would come on the reception stage and say … Boss you are married you don’t have to worry holding parimala’s hand :-). Arvinth i am honoured to document your wedding and it was a pleasure being your guest for your wedding.

So here was the settings of the wedding. There was bunch on “CHANDE” performers, They stayed for the entire two days of the wedding and their beats were just awesome. In-fact they are so awesome that a person who is almost asleep can also be woken up and tapping their food for the dance.
Arvinth-1While there was a buzz from the Chande team and the guests were walking in. Both of them were getting ready. I had sneaked in got couple of getting ready shots.

So introducing you folks to the humble couple Arvinth and ParimalaArvinth-3

I had to take a picture of Arvinth and his mom. Aunty is very sweet, Every time she would bump into me and ask me am i comfortable.Arvinth  (634 of 1043)Before the reception started, Arvinth was shipped to a temple nearby. He was mala-led, gifted and blessed with Mapalai status.
Arvinth  (59 of 1043) Arvinth  (66 of 1043)And then began the dance. The most excited to dance there was Arvinth’s sister :-p. Initially Arvinth was quite shy. checkout the image how Arvinth used his mapali status and danced his way to glory. Arvinth-4Ah !! Arvinth’s Neice the most active kid in the entire wedding. We both became good friends and we both had ice-cream together as well. Arvinth  (624 of 1043) After the reception both of them were invited to sing some duet songs.  During the songs both of them would look and each other and blush ….Arvinth  (758 of 1043)

And then relatives had super fun too. They would almost dance like MGR. Though i couldn’t understand what the lyrics were  i had a super fun time.Arvinth  (213 of 1043)The wedding day had arrived and it was very early in the morning. Relatives gathered around and we made a short trip to nearest temple. Holy Fire was built …..
Arvinth  (360 of 1043)Skipping to the main ritual, it was time and Manglya was shown to the crowd for the blessing and it was handed over to arvinth.

Arvinth  (376 of 1043) Tada !! Now they are Husband and wife. I loved the way she looked into Arvinth’s eyes when he tied the knots.Arvinth  (382 of 1043)Sapthapadi was super fun.
Arvinth  (426 of 1043)They  poured rice on each other. I just love this photo
Arvinth  (445 of 1043)

Ending this post with my favourite picture.Arvinth  (483 of 1043)Hope you guys liked the pictures. Thankyou for choosing Melanged and Arvinth i had a super time documenting your wedding. Wishing you guys a happy married life. Keep it rocking..


Team Melanged


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The Electrifying Kid: Vidhyyut



We call him the electric kid. He is like electricity at his house. While we were talking Srinath, he told us that Vidhyyut is already an year !. We are sure you had a great year looking at him grow .

Meet Vidhyyut, Mr electric.

We started of the day with clicking couple of pictures at home and headed towards a by park to have some fun.



We all had fun at the park. Specially the couple, Vidhyyut trust me u have the coolest parents.
vidyuth-Blog-4Yes, they are damn cool and super fun to hang around with them.
vidyuth-blog-5Our short stay at the park was super fun and the evening had arrived.

The venue was decked up lots of colours and checkout vidhyyut’s picture on the poster. He looks uuuber cool like a movie star.
The cake looked super yummy. As soon as the cake cutting ceremony was done, we didn’t resist ourself from stealing a piece of the cake 🙂
vidyuth-blog-7While the hall was set. Vidhyyut was ready with his blue suit and man he looked electricfying._MG_8517
His mom stood by the hall and greeted the guests gracefully..
vidyuth-blog-8Well he catches attention where ever he walks 😉
vidyuth-blog-10vidyuth-blog-11vidyuth-blog-12vidyuth-blog-13Before the main event there was magic show. The kids and adults totally enjoyed the show !!
vidyuth-blog-14It was time to go on the stage and get ready for the main event !vidyuth-blog-15The Young’s, olds and photographer :-p gathered at the stage.

It was time for everyone to raise their voice and sing the birthday song. vidyuth-blog-16vidyuth-blog-17vidyuth-blog-18vidyuth-blog-19After the cake was cut. Guests came on to the stage and blessed, wished and gifted him . Checkout the pictures!
vidyuth-blog-20Oh Yeah !!! He loves gifts and he says thank you for your presence 🙂vidyuth-blog-21Ending this post with this super cute picture.vidyuth-blog-22Thankyou guys for choosing Melanged. Hope you liked the pictures and Vidhyyut keep that electricity in you buddy, hope to meet you soon when we are around in Chennai next time.


Team Melanged.

Engagement Shoot: Aparna and Sanjeev

Aparna and Sanjeev-153

Sanjeev and Aparna

Sanjeev and Aparna are two real people, with a very real connection. It’s something they also share with their close circle of friends. The love and support in this tight circle of friends is always apparent and inspiring.

Visually the day was a burst of colors, the stunning work of arrangements were made by Bangalore Club folks, just enough flowers and pops of colour, and a lot of Light. And lets not forget the custom made cake! Yes, they were indeed eye catching!

So hats off to two thoughtful and loving people, who are wonderful as individuals and even stronger together.

So here is the visual proof the day was a burst of colors.

Aparna and Sanjeev- SettingsI had reached Bangalore club pretty early, I met Aparna’s father and introduced myself. He quoted The main “Actors” are yet to arrive ;-). He stood in the hall and welcomed all the guests gracefully.Aparna and Sanjeev-DadWhile uncle was inviting guests at the venue, The actors were getting ready :-pAparna and Sanjeev-getting Ready-2


Aparna and sanjeev-getting ready

Aparna and Sanjeev- Sanjeev-Ready

As soon as the couple entered the venue, we could hear ooooo’s, ohoo’s, hoots, claps and whistles.


Aparna and Sanjeev-Walking-in

Yohan handed over the mike to Sanjeev to have a say of few words about both of them.

Aparna and Sanjeev-Sanjeev welcomeAs Sanjeev started speaking, everyone gathered near the stage.


Aparna and Sanjeev-SpeechHe started of  by introducing thanking people to making it to their big day and he also introduced people who made Aparna and Sanjeev happen :-).

It was time for the main event. While ring was handed over to Sanjeev there was a small discussion about which finger does the ring go into :D. Aparna and Sanjeev-RingFormally they are engaged now.


Aparna and Sanjeev-Ring-1Loved the cake. Te base of the cake was covered  with both of their pictures.

Aparna and Sanjeev-CakeThis was hillarious and it was fun. After they cut the cake. Aparna took a piece of the cake and she ate it herself. Sanjeev was like “Oh man i just got engaged to her”. Isn’t she supposed to show me some respect 😀

Aparna and Sanjeev-Wedding cakeAparna and Sanjeev-Wedding cake-CelebrationThe rest of the evening was total fun. Sanjeev and Aparna - Fun

Sanjeev and Aparna-SRKSanhjeev and Aparna-RingSanjeev and Aparna - FriendsEnding this post with our favorite picture. Sanjeev and Aparna-BottleAparna and Sanjeev it was fun being a part of your big day. Hope you liked the pictures and thank you for choosing Melanged. It was a great honor to document your big day.


Team melanged