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Wedding Shoot: Mano and Aparna

 When we see someone extremely Love-aware and proud of the Love they are wearing for each other, we don’t scoff and shake our head. We nod in acceptance and understanding. We love people in love and documenting their best day in life is such an honour.

We don’t think we have ever met a more perfectly matched couple. Aparna is someone who instinctively speaks her mind and expresses herself, things that are very hard for many of us to do and that takes sheer strength and courage.


They both worked together at HP and that’s where it started and here it is today.


Mano and Aparna, it was a great honor to be a part of your big day ….


Want to start of this post with the two most electrifying people and amazing singers. Every time we see this picture, our foot goes tapping and we start humming alaipayuthey kannaa…..

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It was all set for the wedding, It was a blast of colors .

Aparna and Mano-1While everything was getting ready, here is what was happening at the backstage.
Aparna and Mano-4While Aparna was getting ready, Relatives and friends were busy preparing the Mangalsutra.Aparna and Mano-2Amid-st all this, here is our Charming groom getting ready :-). Epic expressions from Mano..Aparna and Mano-3And that’s how Kasi Yatra started.
Aparna and Mano-7After the Kasiyatra, Mano was escorted by Aparna’s family to the mandap where the wedding would happen.Aparna and Mano-8Aparna was welcomed to the mandap, Antarpata(a curtain is held between the groom and the bride) a interesting ritual, where the groom sees the bride for the first time.Aparna and Mano-9They both enjoyed the Akki dhare ritual by pouring colored rice on each other. Checkout Aparna’s expression it was priceless.Aparna and Mano-10Skipping to the main ritual inorder to keep the post short . It was time to declare its MRS. Mano. It was awesome to see so many people surrounding the couple to bless them with torrentz of rice. It was also challenging for us 🙂Aparna and Mano-13A picture speaks a thousand words 🙂 . While Mano tied those three knots, They both looked into each others eyes.Aparna and Mano-14The Happiest bride we have ever come across 😀 Aparna and Mano-15The rituals continued……Aparna and Mano-16And then they were Husband and Wife legally as well 🙂 .Aparna and Mano-17Every wedding has a tourney called “GRFC” – The great ring finding challenge :-p. It’s great fun and Aparna won  the challenge.Aparna and Mano-19Aah !! Arundathi Nakshatra. While Mano was asked locate the Arundathi star this is what he said “When my star is here, why should i even look at some star which i cannot see” and then he looked at her 🙂 .Aparna and Mano-20
Post wedding Friends and Family gathered at the entrance they performed the “Malai Matal” ritual just for Aparna. It was so thoughtful of them  and believe us it was so exciting to see people to dance without music 😀 😀Aparna and Mano-21Aparna and Mano-22This photo is perfectly them: fun, sweet, and in love.Aparna and Mano-23Ok, this happens rarely. Ending this post with our favorite photo clicked by an other photographer.
MelangedAparna and Mano, Thank you for choosing Melanged. Wishing you guys a Happy married life. Hope to meet you guys soon

Lots of love

Team Melanged