Wedding Shoot: Tharun and Shanu

Tharun and Shanu, thank you for the distinct honor of  documenting your love. Your wedding was perfect in every sense and we were appreciated being welcomed like a long, lost family member. We wish you both the best and we have no doubt amazing things are in store for you both.

Its amazing how India as a country has different culture and rituals. Every 200km we are so different and rich in culture and rituals. We are so glad that we get to visit and document these rich culture and rituals.

We had Nitin as our second shooter for this assignment. He is supremely rich in energy and had super fun.

Before the start of the evening, relatives would stand glued at the entrance and welcome everybody with the traditional way of welcoming guests into the wedding hall.


The reception started with gifting Tharun his reception attire and brides family would welcome him into the wedding hall with full “Band Baja Barath”


The music began and so did Tharun, He danced his way to glory !

After a breathe taking performance the Tharun and his relatives were convinced and brought to the mandap entrance…..


After they reached the wedding hall entrance “Dance session-2” started and believe me it was like set up revolution.  If you have seen the movie step up revolution you can totally relate to what i am saying.
IMG_6067Amazing click by Nitin..
IMG_6061As Tharun and his family danced to glory i realized that they were a lot of crowd standing close to the entrance hall and recording the ballistic performance over their phones and Tabs.
IMG_6122They walked on to the stage and welcomed the guests with charismatic smiles .

While they were welcoming the guests, we spotted a moment . We call it the photographers moment “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Shanu’s mom was standing just below the stage and adoring the pair and she would signal Shanu you both look awesome .Tharun Blog1

Post reception there was an engagement ceremony. Tharun was given “குதிரைக்காரன்”(Used google translator for groom) status with Tattoo on his forehead :-p

Collages5Shanu was gifted with Toe ring and we packed for the day
IMG_6552We went to the wedding hall very early in the morning and got some getting ready shots of her. Shanu made a beautiful bride
_MG_2419And Tharun made a handsome groom.IMG_6625Now thats what we call modi-fied picture :D.IMG_6681Holy fire was built and this was the first time we were seeing fire being built on a steel plate.Innovation you see 🙂IMG_6709Mangalya was displayed to the crowd seeking their blessings.
IMG_6800It was handed over to Tharun and we are sure he was waiting for this moment. Loved the way he accepted the Mangalasutra. IMG_6810Tada! they are  hitched and blessed.
IMG_6824Collages7As Shanu embraced the Mangalsutra, her mom stood behind her and blessed both of them.
IMG_6836The garland exchange was fun !
IMG_6891This ritual(we dont know the name) where they would show mirror to each other and relatives would acknowledge them that they made an amazing pair!
IMG_6904Another interesting ritual. The bride side of the family had to take Tharun’s super cool Neon chappals(A tradition). Lot of negotions and bribing happened. Tharun wouldn’t agree.

One of Shanu’s cousin would come from behind and lift up Tharun and they would snatch his uber cool chappals ;-p.

IMG_7170Ending this post with our favorite picture.

IMG_7161We had a whale of time documenting your wedding. Hope you enjoyed the pictures . Wishing you guys all the very best and a happy married life


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Poojitha and Shirish

When Poojitha and Shirish embraced for the first time on their wedding day, their smiles were so bright that they easily challenged the midday sun.

Together they brought smiles on their family members and later walked down the Mandap as husband and wife. Their day was nothing short of perfection, which was simply a reflection of their love for each other and those around them. 

As a wedding photo journalist, documenting the wedding becomes a part of our job and as as perks we get to meet some really awesome people. And that’s what keeps us going.

Here is another crazy set people we met at Poojitha and Shirish’s wedding. Honestly we had so much fun documenting their wedding :-).
Poojitha blog4

Amidst all the craziness, just love this picture of mom and daughter. IMG_4126The D-day had arrived . The settings in the wedding hall looked supremely elegant and simple. It so personified Poojitha and Shirish.

Poojitha blog3IMG_4516Totally love this picture ! . The window lighting was perfect and during the edit we were inspired to give this image a vintage look, so added some grains to the image.

_MG_0873Poojitha was all set and she looked so beautiful .
poojitha2While Poojitha embraced her wedding attire, we heard the sound of  Nadaswara and it was an indication for us that Shirish was ready for his Kasiyatra. 

Shirish was gifted with Kasiyatra goodies .

IMG_4613and that’s the beginning of Kasiyatra.  
_MG_0804Kasiyatra is always filled with a lot of  humor and negotiations. The conversations always make people laught their heart out.IMG_4665

Brace of impact with torrentz of rice as blessings :-).
IMG_4674Antarpata(A cloth held between the groom and bride), a beautiful experience where the bride and the groom meet eyes for the first time and these day we can ignore the first time ;)

and they never stopped smiling…IMG_4804Loved the way Poojitha’s mom comforted Poojitha during the Kanyadhana.

Now as we said earlier, They never stopped smiling….


Mangala sutra was handed over to Shirish and checkout the shadow in the backround, Priest signalling its time for “Gatti Mela”.

_MG_1153And they are husband and wife…

Fun part of the rituals began and we used the conventional photographers light to our advantage 🙂

_MG_1014Akki Dhare is always fun and its photographers delight as well ._MG_1019The garland exchange was fun too…

What do you think this was ? We believe it was pictorial representation of “God save Shirish” :-p 😉IMG_5180

Ending this post on this happy picture, this photo is perfectly them: fun, sweet, and in love.

IMG_5167We had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. Wishing you guys all the success and joy. Thanks for choosing Melanged hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Team Melanged


Wedding Shoot: Meenakshi and Sharath

Have you ever wondered whats the importance of Mehndi ? .

Well its a symbolic representation of outer and inner sun and profoundly, awakens the inner light :D.

So this is what happens after the inner light awakens with a bestie :D.IMG_1840We got some getting ready shots of Meenakshi  before the reception started.

MkaeupMeenakshi looked beautiful.

Yes, that was the first look. As she walked into the reception venue, Sharath could not take his eyes of  her.We left for the day and prepared ourselves for the big day


Loved the way how wedding elements were embedded everywhere.
Picture-1- Collage

Rituals began with gifiting the Kasiyatra goodies.

IMG_9963Loved the way Sharath looked into the mirror. Checkout that concentration 😀
IMG_9964Kasiyatra CollageKasiyatra ritual is always fun and just sets everyone’s mood with joy and laughter before the wedding starts.   
IMG_0018Sharath and Meenakshi looked all set for the wedding.

Both ReadySharath walked into the mantap and there was some fun conversation happening between the crowd and him.

Meenakshi was welcomed on the stage by her uncles. loved those pathway which looked like the “Stairway to heaven” :-).IMG_0162

Curtains were raised and couple were set for the Jeerige-Bella challenge.IMG_0171Meenaskhi was a clear winner of Jeerige-Bella challenge.IMG_8299The garland exchange ritual was total fun.IMG_8332Kanyadhana is always intense. It was interesting how Kanyadhana was performed. This was the first time we were witnessing that the bride was sitting on father’s lap before handing over the bride to groom.
IMG_0289IMG_0284That’s how Meenakshi was handed over to Sharath.
IMG_0311And they were Husband and Wife!
IMG_0382IMG_0387The Sapthapadi ritual.
sapthapadiDid we have fun capturing your wedding ? of course we did !
IMG_5640We had a whale of a time documenting your wedding. Thanks for choosing Melanged. Wishing you guys a Happy married life.


Team Melanged.

Engagement Shoot: Sridhar and Smitha

So here is another love story  !

The first question we generally ask when we meet the couple is, how did it all happen?

You guys actually wont believe this ! Sridhar sent me response with a big story and bullet points about Smitha. Hats of to you guys.

Here is Sridhar’s side of story.

During a Trek to Yosemite valley, I heard the name Smitha for the first  time from m,y parents. As i described my trek experience to my parents, They told me she is currently doing a expedition in the Himalayas.Immediately a chord struck in my heart :-). When she returned from the expedition, we spoke for the first time. Her voice could have been easily mapped to a Carnatic singer, Later i happen to realize she is actually a carnatic singer :-p. Knowing each other as friends is the best thing to happen in our lives. We both share the same wavelength and similar passion. Above of everything she is Carnatic singer :-p.

Here is Smitha’s side of story.

Arranged-cum-love-cum-arranged. That is what I answer to anyone asking me if our match was love or arranged 🙂 It is surprising that our paths never crossed all this while though our childhood was in same part of the city, though we both are related through ‘N’ number of aunties and uncles, though we have similar interests, and though we both are so cool 😛 .

So one morning Mr. Sridhar called, He seemed quiet this jovial and interesting guy. But we weren’t sure. So we paused things there, only with some facebook likes on each others posts keeping our presence in each others lives alive. After a long pause and after a couple of months he pinged me. And it all started again. Needless to say I was all impressed by him. . And then came the epic day when we met when he came down to India(That is another story in itself but let me not deviate). I was too overwhelmed to talk anything.

It was obvious I was head-over-heels in love with this guy 😉 

And here we are today with everyone’s blessings and wishes, getting engaged and ready to get married 🙂

Meet Sridhar, Charming and very caring to be husband :-p. Sridhar was welcomed by Smitha’s family.

Groom Welcome

While sridhar was getting all the attention from the households, Smitha was getting all the attention from the photographers :-p


It was an explosion of Sridhar and Smitha’s name at the engagement hall.

Sridhar and Smith collage1

Smitha looked fabulous and super excited.IMG_5558

And the  rituals began . Sridhar and Smitha were welcomed to the stage, blessed and gifted with new clothes as a part of ritual.Collages2IMG_6822While they were getting ready, the rituals continued. Families exchanged goodies, signifying that the families have given green signal to them.   IMG_6905The lagna patrike was read out, blessed by family and priest.

IMG_5548They both looked fabulous in their new  attire.
collage3No, No it was not a arm wrestling match :-p. Its a tradition metaphorically known as “uniting two families as one ” . Checkout sridhar’s expressions 😀
IMG_6936Rituals continued…….IMG_7032 IMG_7041 It was all set for the main ceremony.

We always say a picture is worth a thousand words.
IMG_7086And there you go ! They exchanged the rings.

We had a whale of time capturing you guys. You both make an amazing couple together.

Wishing you guys all the very best.


Team Melanged