Bharath and Priya

Life sometimes hands you something truly special, and it usually happens when you are looking for it. Bharath and Priya found each other in the most expected way :-p, but at the perfect moment for both of them. It didn’t  take too long  for them to truly appreciate what they had; once they did, everything fell into place.

When we met Priya, she told us her preferences for her photo-shoot , that it be stylized, slick and almost that it emphasize imagery with a story, our eyes lit up. What she said meant we had total freedom to create images  on the outdoor shoot and capture moments on the wedding day.

This day was a joy to capture, we got a sneka peak of  Bharath and priya’s hangout place’s. Priya  is wonderful and Bharath is an amazing person.  And we were happy to contribute something  for these two wonderful people.  So it all starts at a bookstore 🙂

IMG_1570 After a good  read, its always great to  catch  up with a cup of strong coffee, sweetened condensed milk, oh ! whipped cream on top all contributes to a great pleasant evening.IMG_1564Priya Just bowled us over, The tastiest golgappa search can end here. To all you people wondering! Its a golgappa place near oxford school. If you guys are  foodies, you need to try that road for smaller version of chat street.
IMG_1750And it didn’t end there. The quintessential of this shoot was this part ! . Yes, they are the biking couple.
2014-05-16Now that’s why we called them as the biker couple.


IMG_1395Vroom! Vroom ! Just love this picture.

IMG_1340and had to include this picture :-p. Priya charmed the feeding bottle gentleman for a ride. This was so much fun 😀



untitled (69 of 703)Apart from uber-talented rider, Bharath considers himself as a super talented cyclist as well :-p.

IMG_8940After a fun-filled, action oriented  outdoor shoot. It was time for “The-Day”. Wedding was very simple, humble and was with small circle of family and friends. It was fun and quicker than a Arya samaj wedding 😀


Post wedding a reception party was to be held. Loved the settings in the party hall.2014-05-17Collages36Blog collage 1

Ending this post with  our favorite picture. Bharath and Priya Blog1We had a unique whale of time capturing your story! Hope you guys enjoyed looking  at the pictures. Wishing you both a happy and fun-filled married life ahead.


Team Melanged.

Engagement Shoot: Chethan and Sushma


[red_title title=”Chethan and Sushma” subtitle=”” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]

Hello folks! Welcome to Sushma and Chethan’s Betrothal ceremony. Sushma and Chethan are very sweet and they carry a very strong bond which each other.

Here are couple of pictures of Sushma being enchanted.
Sushma Blog collage1Sushma Blog collage2 Sushma Blog collage3

Sushma Blog collage4


While Sushma was getting ready, we had to divert our attention to the soon to be groom. Chethan was welcomed into the hall by doing his Padapooje(Washing the feet).
Sushma Blog collage 8
The reception was taking place at Samsruthi hall. The stage was all set and it was decorated very elegantly.

IMG_5360Sushma was escorted to stage by her relatives and gifted her the Engagement goodies 🙂

IMG_5253Her relatives blessed and stuffed her with sweets until she said saku saku(Enough, Enough) :-p. 
Sushma Blog collage7post  that Chethan was welcomed to the stage. Just loved the dynamics which was happening on the stage.IMG_5291Chethan was also blessed and he was gifted with Engagement goodies 🙂 .
Sushma Blog collage8_MG_1715Now that’s what we call a grand entry of a soon to be bride entry. Sushma looked stunning in her engagement attire.IMG_5378

Tada! the most important moment both of them were waiting for. They are engaged now.IMG_5398During the ring ceremony Sushma would look at the ring and look directly into Chethan’s eyes and shy away.
Sushma Blog collage5Sushma Blog collage6And then there was this lovely Engagement cake. Loved all the details on the cake.
Sushma Blog collage9

This was so much fun. The cake cutting ceremony started and just before the couple could cut the cake!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY screamed the excited baccha party around the hall 😀 😀
IMG_5440And here we end this fun filled engagement ceremony with our favorite picture!! where a new journey of love waiting n excitement continues…..
IMG_5383We had a whale of a time documenting your engagement. Hope you guys liked the pictures! Wishing you both a fun filled life ahead.


Team Melanged.

Wedding Shoot: Ravi and Veda

IMG_2808[red_title title=”Ravi and Veda” subtitle=”” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]

I think I can identify quite well with both Ravi and Veda. They are both a combination of the instinctive and the cerebral. They know how to be happy but also want to understand what that happiness consists of. And they are simply great people: warm, strong, considerate, and thoughtful. They are not in a rush, and they want to get it right. So in that sense, it’s fitting that we’re sharing their wedding now.

The moment they see each other here are the words you can immediately utter “Sikkapatte Shy is coming”.

Its almost become a tradition for us(Melanged) to produce Jewell shots during the make up of the bride.
Ravi and Veda collage3I just loved the mirror. She looked calm and all set to walk the stage.IMG_9099Apart from us there were two other video team and a photography team.Loved the moment how Veda was getting all the attention from the Paparazzi’s. By the way the gentlemen in the blue Kurta:Naveen is soon to be a Hero in Sandalwood industry. Checkout his movie trailer here .

IMG_1910Here are few more makeup shots.

Ravi and Veda collage2While Veda was getting ready, Ravi was all set and waiting to see his bride. 
IMG_1958They both looked ravishing on the reception day.

Ravi and Veda Blog collage1The wedding hall looked ravishing too :-p

IMG_2059That’s Veda’s friend who had come down all the way from Germany just to attend and have a glimpse of Indian wedding 🙂 .
IMG_2065Brother’s in sister’s arm. I was so happy to meet Mamtha after a long time. Mamtha and Ravi has been a great support ever since we have started Melanged.
IMG_2111Dont get scared :-p. That’s Ravi getting a traditional facial done by his relatives famously known as the “Haldi” ritual.

IMG_2202Priest asked who is getting wed ? Ravi, without any hesitation lifted his hand and acknowledged the thread during the thread ceremony.
IMG_2284The hat(peta) was getting ready and Ravi couldn’t wait to embrace it.

He was gifted with Kasi yatra goodies and it was all set for the Kasi Yatra.IMG_2292

Ravi and Veda collage43Kasi Yatra is never complete without a picture like this 🙂
IMG_2320Loved the way the groom party marched into the wedding hall.
IMG_2336After the Completion of Kasiyatra, Ravi was welcomed to the stage and cloth(Antharpata) was set to block his view.
IMG_2385While Ravi’s view was blocked on the stage, Veda was escorted by her family on to the stage.
IMG_2391Skipping few rituals in order to keep the post short :-). Ravi was handed over the Mangalasutra.
IMG_2480It was official now that, Ravi is no more a bachelor . Just look at Ravi, the smile says it all.

IMG_2493 IMG_2497The sapthapadi.
IMG_2705Arundathi star ritual was super fun. While Veda pointed at the invisible star, Ravi was looking at the star of his life ;-), Friends and family had to educate him to look at the invisible Arundathi star 🙂

IMG_9527As usual ending the post with our favorite picture. 

AAAh ! now our favorite line 😀 . We had a whale of a time documenting your wedding . Wishing you guys a a Happy and prosperous married life ahead. Hope you guys loved the pictures.

Ending this post with a message to Ravi . Here is the message “Bond Ravi, Bond Ravi “.


Team Melanged.

Entry with Audio

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Birthday Shoot: Rysa – The little Princesses

Rysa ! A little bundle of Joy. I had the privilege to spend couple of hours with Rysa and she is a rock-star.  She is such a charming personality that everybody around her would be filled with energy and laughter.

I walked into Sam’s appartment and this is what i saw on their door. And folks the designs, arrangement had been hand crafted by her mother and she is super, duper creative.

IMG_2925Before the party started i documented Rysa attire and love every bit of her attire.

Ok! Time to introduce you guys to Rysa. I walked into her room and she looked at me and gave that lovely welcome smile. She showed me all her toys .

IMG_2830while i was editing this picture,  i realized Rysa would be saying you guys better take care of my dress :-p

She looked princess in her baby pink dress 🙂untitled (24 of 207)Look mommy i am ready for the birthday bash .
IMG_2842Once she was ready she walked out of the room holding hands of daddy and mommy. I just love this picture.
IMG_2913Isn’t it such a cool way of saying i am turning one 😀
IMG_2904She loves flowers.
IMG_2945untitled (68 of 207)Yes ! the whole design and theme was hand crafted by her mommy.

Ok now let me introduce you to Pranathi. Pranathi would walk-in and say huggie, huggie and give a hug to Rysa.  I just love the sequence of conversations happened between Rysa and Pranathi .

Collages7Before the event would begin. Family and friends gathered for a small prayer to Rysa.IMG_3057While the prayer was happening, Rysa happily walked all around the hall 🙂
IMG_3055Here is the picture of the cake :-).  

IMG_3071 IMG_3068That’s me and buddy 🙂 . She just loves meeting people 
IMG_3207She loves getting picture clicked too.

Ending this post with two lovely set of pictures.Collages2IMG_2992Thankyou Sam for choosing melanged. Hope you guys enjoyed looking at the pictures. We had a whale of a time capturing Rysa, Wishing Rysa all the happiness and health.


Team Melanged.