Wedding Shoot: Arun and Pallavi

Life sometimes hands you something truly special, and it usually happens when you weren’t looking. Arun and Pallavi found each other in the most unexpected way, but at the perfect moment for both of them.

No, No its not what you think, its not a TAB, its a mirror :-pIMG_3315IMG_3314 Presenting you guys the awesome couple Arun and Pallavi . Arun and Pallavi Wedding started with Arun getiing a “Govinda, Govinda” tattoo on his forehead :-p IMG_3447Used the light source from the window  and clicked this picture . It almost looked like Arun was in the spot light 🙂IMG_1840 Kasiyatra is always a fun ritual, invites everybody to laugh their heart out. IMG_3503 Arun was welcomed to the wedding stage and Pallavi walked gracefully onto the mandap.IMG_3600 Curtain raises . Antarpata, a beautiful experience where the bride and the groom meet eyes for the first time and these day we can ignore the first time ;) . It looked like aunty behind Pallavi was more excited to see Arun :-p IMG_3750 Before the curtain went down, They were made to touch their thumb finger 🙂 IMG_3742 Checkout Pallavi:-p IMG_3779 Curtains was down and they exchanged the garlands. I will be skipping couple of rituals to make post shorter.IMG_3791 Eyes filled with tears and heart filled with happiness. It is definitely a mesmerizing  and most awaited moment “mangalya dharane”. Arun and Pallavi2 Akki Dhare ! They enjoyed every bit of pouring colored rice on each other 🙂 IMG_3936IMG_3892 Just love this picture IMG_3970 Ring finding challenge ended up in a draw. Both of them won one round each and at the last round both of them found the ring simultaneously. The priest was amazed with the results and he was like in my 300 plus marriage i have never seen a draw :-). IMG_4134 Ending this post with my favorite  pictureIMG_4216 I hope you guys enjoyed the post. AAh ! my favorite line now, We had a whale of time capturing you guys. Wishing you both a happy and prosperous life ahead.


Team Melanged

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Wedding Shoot: Jyothi and Chandru

I had signed up for this wedding almost a year back. We had captured Ashwin and Arthi wedding at the same place and almost the same date in 2012 and we were shooting again at the same place and almost the same dates on 2013.

Chandru and Jyothi met through a common friend in a wedding. Wedding, was all it took for Chandru’s heart to jump out of his chest and land into the hands of Jyothi 🙂 .

I knew Jyothi for long time and she was my batch-mate during my engineering days.  Me, Jyothi along with couple others had “tried” to perform a song in our college annual day function . Apparently it was such a hit, that people at hostel would play the video and laugh their heart out 😀 :D.

Alright! introducing you guys Jyothi and Chandru.

Jyothi and Chandru 1

Hero was all set to walk on to the stage .


Dont you guys think Jyothi is nothing short of stunning……Honestly.


Ok here is someone special. A very important member of Chandru’s family, Anagha. I call her Gombe(Magical-Doll). Every time i call Gombe, she would look at the camera and smile 🙂


Jyothi and Chandru’s peta looked fabulous on the wedding day :-p Jyothi and Chandru

Peta was gifted to Chandru by Jyothi’s parents. Since he was looking fabulous too, he was rewarded with “Nazar ka Teekha”. This also means that the groom is ready for Kasiyatra.


Checkout the torrents of rice coming in the form of blessings to Chandru from all directions .


After Kasiyatra, Jyothi was welcomed to the stage by her uncle.IMG_2943

Captured this picture when Jyothi walked on to the stage. By the way, this is Chandru’s super creative, artistic sister Akhila.

Curtains were raised  and it was all set for Jeerige-Bella Challenge. Any guesses who won ? IMG_2946

Chandru’s mom congratulating Jyothi on her victory :-). I just loved Chandru’s mom’s energy right through the wedding. Aunty, honestly it was so much fun talking to you. IMG_2973

Akki Dhare 🙂 IMG_3024

Aah! just loved the way  she looked into Chandru’s eyes.

Jyothi was brought to sit alongside Chandru. Both of them performed Mangalya pooja.It was time for Chandru and Jyothi change their status on Facebook to “Married”.

I thank Anoop for this brilliant click. Loved the way Jyothi embraced Mangalasutra.

One of my favorite things about Chandru and Jyothi is their readiness for a good time. They love big, laugh loud, and invite others around them to share in their joy.


Chandru and Jyothi thanks for choosing Melanged. We had a whale of time capturing you guys . Hope you all liked the pictures 🙂


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Vijay and Smitha

I happen to know Vijay for almost the length and breadth of his life ;-). Yes, he is my Bestie.

I was almost in good stress when he said cover my wedding. I think every wedding photographer goes through this. The photographer will be in a dilemma that, if i shoot how will i enjoy the wedding :-). Deepika pitched in and said you relax and leave it to me. All thanks to Deepika for letting me sit back and enjoy the wedding.

Vijay and Smitha were introduced to each each other by their parents. They were introduced to each other on a special day, it was Smitha’s birthday. Her Facebook status read that “Most special gift any one could get on their birthday.”

Introducing you all to Smitha and Vijay on their reception day.

Let me take through behind the scenes before they got ready for the reception.



Wedding day had arrived and Smitha looked stunning.


Lights camera and action .No that’s not Sharukh Khan, its BEW Khan :-p . By the way BEW is Vijay’s nick name.


Don’t they all look excited ?

Moments later Smitha started with Gowri Pooja. Checkout the way she is looking at the incesnce  stick !


Kasiyatra is always a fun ritual, invites everybody to laugh their heart out.


Smitha was welcomed to the stage.


Curtain raises, look at Smitha all set to launch the Jeerige Bella assault :-p. Poor Vijay had no clue.


Now that’s why i called it “Jeerige Bella” assault by Smitha 🙂 IMG_1940

If Smitha had to describe this photo she would say “Shy is Comingoooo Comingoooo” :-pIMG_2041

Mangalya was handed over to Vijay and we heard yaaay’s, hoots and whistles

Picture speaks a thousand words. It was official now it MR and MRS Vijay Sundeep 🙂

marriage collage

I had no clue what was happening but loved the energy everybody had.IMG_2091

Here is glimpse of the fun part of the rituals. Akki Dhare, after clicking this picture, I almost felt that there was a heavy downpour of colored rice 🙂


Here is a picture from the ring finding challenge. Smitha won the series by 2-1. Checkout the disappointment among the boys 😀

more than the couple, friends were excited to enact the Arundhati star ritual. Yes, those indecent fellows standing at the back are my bestie’s too :-p.


Now i don’t have to say anything.

I always wanted to click and be in one such picture.

Smitha and Vijay thankyou for choosing Melanged. We had whale of a time capturing your story. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.


Team Melanged

Nandana and Tejas

Jimmy Choo & Manolo, Prada, Galliano,
Cant get nuff, I want more and more…
Louis Vuitton & the Stella Mccartney, Donatella Versace,
The girl’s got everything !

You guys must be wondering why I am opening this post with these lines from the famous “Student of the Year” ..The next few images will speak it out, Scroll down to know whats in store!! 🙂 🙂

11aGulabi ankhein jo meri dekhi,
Diwana har dil hogya,
2 Indeed, Introducing you all to our winter bride, “Nandana”. Sweet, pretty, bubbly, funny.. add your adjectives and the list will go on 🙂2aDaughters are always special!! and so is our Nandana alias Nandu not just her daddy’s girl but also momma dears darling, Loved the way her mom ensure that Nandana’s lipstick didn’t smudge and also Nandu ensuring her mom also gets the best on her special day.2b After a brief description of our gorgeous bride and her beautiful eyes, I would now introduce you to our charming love of our bride “Tejas” whose heart melts when he looks at her, Sorry correction not just heart.. Even his eyes melt when he smiles wide 🙂3 Here’s a picture of both the bride and the groom expressing and speaking just a lot more with their eyes, simple subtle and beautiful.3a It was around 6:30 am in the morning and as I mentioned this winter bride was all set for her big day, But the better part comes here, I havent witnessed anyone better than Nandana’s friends who were her brides maids.. THE BEST EVER!! You girls rock 🙂 4After so much pamering and dressing from her brides maids it was time that Tejas got his share of attention, He stepped out saying you guys have your girl time I am off to Kasi, Nandana just knew the right thing to do at the time!! Witness it with the picture 😉5 With his melting heart and eyes Tejas knew that he was swept off, Nandanas parents didnt have to do too much of negotiation to bring Tejas back. 🙂5aHearts met and so did eyes 6But this is just the beginning, Curtain raised and also the energy!! the next few images play the balance, if once they are in mood for competition in the other they are thinking about each other in deep contemplation 🙂77aAmidst all the mixed feeling of love and energy in the air, the time had stuck right ringing wedding bells(Mangalya dharana). Just one picture would not suffice for Nandanas happiness, Thanks to Charan our second shooter with his beautiful captures.8 Tejas wasnt the boxed one either, His eagerness to tie the mangalya and the priest asking him to take permission from the family, elders and friends made him exclaim OK!! can I tie now 😉 and Nandana quietly asked him, Tejas will you not take my permission !! LOL9Yet another Beautiful Capture of the saptapadi  courtesy Charan10 In sync with smiles, Tejas promised Nandana that he will fulfill all her wishes (If not switzerland manage it with coorg) I will stand by you “Be it High or Low”11

Teju got Nandu engrossed spotting the arundati nakshatra in the day light and slipped in a sweet peck 🙂12 Ending the post with two of my most favorite pictures!!13 14Thank you for choosing Melanged Tejas and Nandana, We wish you a very very happy and beautiful married life, And yes We had a whale of time working with you guys .


Team Melanged