Wedding Shoot: Reshma and Shishir

Reshma and Shishir met each other and their hearts remained intertwined.They both knew their love was destined from the start.

It was an honor to document their wedding day.

The evening was all set for Sangeeth and Mehandi,  The best combination for all the brides and her friends, family to set the stage on fire and adorn themselves with the deep color of mehandi. Reshma and Shishir 1Checkout the details of the Mehandi.

Reshma and Shisir 2This is what i call sisterly luveeee.

Reshma and Shishir 3After all the dancing and coloring, The day arrived where Reshma and Shishir were going to be hitched.

Here are some of amazing getting ready shots

Reshma and Shishir 5Reshma and Shishir 4AAH ! Just love the light 🙂

Reshma and Shishir 6Introducing you Groom’s Peta :-p

Reshma and Shishir 6ANow Introducing you charming groom, Shishir 😀

Reshma and Shishir 6BPratima looked all set to witness her sister’s wedding.

Reshma and Shishir 7The wedding day started with Gowri Pooja and we witnessed an Innovation . Generally a kalsa(a tumbler used to store holy water) is used for Gowri Pooja and Reshma had a mineral water bottle to substitute the kalsa. Now i know why she works for Microsoft ! “Be what’s Next” :-p .

Reshma and Shishir 8Shsisr and Reshma were welcomed to the wedding stage and was showered with flowers and rice in the form of blessings.

Reshma and Shishir 9The Bunt way of gifting a saree to the bride, looks like an All Hands Meet :-p

Reshma and Shishir 10Reshma and Shishir 11

Varmala, a beautiful experience where the bride and the groom meet eyes for the first time and these day we can ignore the first time ;) Reshma and Shisir 12 Reshma and Shisir 13Reshma and Shishir 14

The time arrives where the Parents bid adieu and give their daughter in the form of daana “Kanyadaanam”.  Now they are legally united according to Act no. 25 of 1955Reshma and Shishir 15Ending this post with our favorite picture

Reshma and Shishir 16We had a whale of time shooting you guys. Wishing you happy and prosperous married life ahead.


Team Melanged

Wedding Shoot: Rajiv and Shreela


When you’re in training phase of your first job, you never imagine your future husband is sitting a few rows behind you. When Rajiv and Shreela first met, they attended training together, but remained friends of friends. Shreela was shy, Rajiv was her outgoing counterpart, but they each enjoyed their opposite ends of the social spectrum.

They’re simply fabulous and it was an honor documenting their love…

Vaitheeswaran Koil-looked sinfully indulgent for photography and the designs , pattrens, architecture of the temple looks like perfectly crafted for photographers. Here are couple of pictures of the temple.

We had Srinidhi as our second shooter for this assignment. He is super fun to work with 🙂

Rajiv and Sreela-1

Introducing you guys to the outgoing groom, Rajiv.
Rajiv and Sreela-2

Introducing you guys shy Shreela 🙂


Now i am dedicating this picture to Rajiv’s sister Aparna 😉Rajiv and Sreela-3A

The evening was set for a small engagement ritual and here is the picture of lagna patrikeRajiv and Sreela-4

The engagement happened in a swift mode.

Rajiv and Sreela-5

Introducing you guys to sweetest Paati i have ever met and that’s Rajiv’s Paati. Rajiv and Sreela-6

The wedding day started with Rajiv and Shreela taking blessings from their relatives and loved ones. The wedding settings looked absolutely divine.
Rajiv and Sreela-7

Rajiv and Sreela-8

And then Rajiv’s aunt came over to keep a “Nazar ka teeka”. Nazar ka teeka is a sign that its all set to begin the wedding with Kasi Yatra. Kasi Yatra is a very important ritual where the Groom is heading in seek of knowledge . I will be Cutting down on few rituals in order to make the post shorter.
Rajiv and Sreela-10

And Aparna here is the second dedication 🙂  Rajiv and Sreela-11Here is my favorite picture from Malai mattal 🙂

Rajiv and Sreela-13

Its always fascinating and super melodious to hear the Oonchal concert .Oonchal, a very interesting ritual which is entirely managed by woman relatives. Waving of the colored rice balls starts.Rajiv and Sreela-14

The best Oonchal singer award goes to Aparna, Applause ……… 🙂Rajiv and Sreela-15

Now that i have embarrassed Rajiv with couple of photos, its Aparna’s time :-p. After looking at this picture, I am sure Rajiv will be saying Dei Raghu, Nanbenda :-). Rajiv and Sreela-16 It was all set for Mangalya Dharanam.
Rajiv and Sreela-17 Picture always speaks a thousand words. Great clicks by Srinidhi.
Rajiv and Sreela-19

They are legally united now 🙂Rajiv and Sreela-19A Ending this post from with favorite picture. Rajiv and Sreela-22AAh ! Now my favorite line. We had a whale of time capturing you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures . Wishing you both a Happy married life


Team Melanged.

Outdoor Shoot: Vardha and Anisha

Vardha and Anisha are such a fun couple to shoot. We enjoyed every bit of the shoot. Enjoyed it more because vardha and Anisha happen to be Bench-mate and  Batch-mate during my college days.

I couldn’t have been happier working with such an amazing couple and Good friends

Vardha and Anisha are so closely knit, and they seem to know exactly what each other is thinking. They are  meant to be so.

They really made this concrete on the wedding day(about two months ago), and having their name embroidered directly onto their rings.

Vardha and Anisha- 1

On a perfect Bangalore day, They walked hand-in-hand at Bhoga Nandishwara Temple. Bhoga Nandishwara Temple, Nandi Hills has proven to be one of Photographers favorite places in the surroundings of Bangalore City . It’s a Brilliant temple that represents peace, joy, architecture, history and the promise of beautiful things to come.
Vardha and Anisha-3

So here’s where things get overwhelmingly awesome.

Vardha and Anisha-4

The shy is coming !


One of my favorite thing about vardha and Anisha is their ability to laugh and have fun.

Vardha and Anisha-7They love each other. like, a lot 😉

Vardha and Anisha-6Just love this picture of you two.

Vardha and Anisha-5Did you guys know, Anisha is a brilliant kathak dancer !

IMG_2226Ha, Ha ! Eve Teasing :-p

Vardha and Anisha-9Effects of eve teasing 😀

Vardha and Anisha-9.1

Vardha and Anisha-10

All of sudden it started raining. Here is the picture of our creative Head in a creative gonicheela umbrella 😀

Vardha and Anisha-11

The drizzle had set a perfect romantic weather for the perfect romantic couple.
Vardha and Anisha-12

The perfect end to a perfect day: kissing your  better half………..
Vardha and Anisha-13
We had a whale of a time shooting you both. Wishing you both a happy and prosperous life ahead.


Team Melanged 

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