Wedding Shoot: Vishrutha and Naren

There is something amazing about dropping a pebble into a water body. It causes soothing sound of the pebble breaking the barrier between air and water. Its also followed by seismic waves 1,2,3,….. infinity . And people that’s how Naren would describe Vishrutha 🙂 .

Vishrutha was introduced to Naren by his family. She would soon cause soothing sound of love, breaking a barrier and resonate Naren’s heart with 1,2,3… Infinite romantic seismic waves 😀 .

Introducing Vishrutha, She looked beautiful like a doll .

Introducing you Naren.

Now that’s what i call excitement.

A grand reception was arranged in the evening. Naren gave finishing touches to his red tie apparel .

Vishrutha, you might want these pictures to be as your Facebook DP.

Here is a small collage of the Barat. Brides maids went ballistic and danced to glory.

Happy Couple 🙂

The wedding day started in a perfect way: amazing settings, gorgeous mandap and great couple .

Vishrutha made a stunning bride and meghana is great at clicking perfect getting ready shots

Good people hang out with good people. Vishrutha is a perfect example of this notion. This group of ladies were top notch. Funny, kind and super fun people to be around

Naren reminscising  the krishna.. without his love radha and with gopika sthree :D wat say gurls !

Kasiyatra: Naren was welcomed by Vishrutha’s parents by  performing pada pooja (washing his foot) .

I always love the moment when bride ascend’s to the Mandap.

Curtains rise.

Most auspicious time had arrived. While Naren Laced Mangalya, they were blessed with torrentz of rice from all directions.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is the fun part of the rituals.

The Ring Challenge: The challenge was to find a ring in a pot filled with colored water. Naren hardly had a chance to win, bridesmaids  would pull Naren away from the pot and Naren goes like “That’s 10 people vs one person” 😀 .

Naren is one of the nicest gentlemen anyone could meet and the way he looks Vishrutha can melt your heart.

I know I say this often, but honestly I’m lucky to work with gorgeous couples. Naren and Vishrutha, we had a whale of a time  documenting your wedding. Thanks for choosing Melanged. Wishing you both all the happiness ahead.


Team Melanged

Engagement Shoot: Meera and Vallabh

Meera and Vallabh met at college. After hanging out with similar group of friends, they realized that they had much in common and their friendship flourished. I am not going to reveal their complete story, as i am going to save some for the wedding shoot 😉 .

We had Fareed as our second shooter. He also happens to be Vallabh’s classmate.

I don’t think it needs to be said, but i will go ahead and admit how beautiful Meera is.

Introducing Vallabh.  He is super fun to hang out with 🙂

I was super excited to meet Vallabh’s parents. Specially his dad, he is so much of energy.

and thats Meera’s Parents.

Meera’s mom and Vallabh’s mom lit the lamp to start the ceremony 🙂

Lagna Patrike was signed, Blessed and offered flowers.

And finally couple were called on to the stage. They  were blessed  and gifted with new clothes.

Vallabh would quickly change and arrive on the stage .

Like the way Vallabh trying to get a peek of Meera as she was welcomed to the stage.

Meera getting Mala-ed 😀

As they stood up to exchange the rings there were Whistles, Claps and Whoooooo’s….

And now they are formally Engaged .

Ending this post with my Favorite picture.

Meera and Vallabh are getting hitched next month and I cant wait to shoot their wedding.

Meera and Vallabh Thank you for choosing Melanged. We had a whale of time capturing you guys. Hope you liked the pictures 🙂


Team Melanged.