Wedding Shoot :Ashish and Sanjana

We make no secret of the fact that we love to shoot people in love . And also love cultures and documenting different marriage cultures, so this post is a perfect combination of a college love story and a gorgeous Oriya Wedding.

It was love story  between roll no 413 and roll 438 of an engineering college at jamshedpur. And after waiting for long years nothing could make them happier then to share their love as with friends and family and finally take the next step as a married couple.

The wedding took place at the Temple city of India Bhubaneshwar 🙂 . The most amazing part of this wedding was blowing of conch shells and ululation(wish i had recorded the sound)

Just loved the detailing – Soft fabric print, vintage style welcome design and the lights all around the house. The moment I enter Sanjana’s  house I could hear the hustle, bustle of happy people around.

The stage was all set for a mind blowing Sangeeth and Look at the energy of the lovely ladies 🙂

 But surprise! here we had a star performer  Sanjana’s Uncle, who just stole the show amidst all the lovely ladies. It didn’t take too long for him to influence the bride to take the stage.

Checkout the Energy 🙂

The wedding day started with Diya Mangala Puja . Diya Mangula puja was conducted at a Devi`s temple. Bride`s bangles, toe ring, sindoor and sari is offered to the Goddess.

Ashish and his family had arrived from their home town. There was a grand welcome to his family with some foot tapping Dhol music.

That’s Sanjana’s cousin awaiting Ashish entry 🙂

Small welcome ritual was performed.

After all the Music, Dance, Dhol the time had arrived where Ashish and Sanjana were going to be hitched.

Brilliant arrangements were made. . I could just go capturing the arrangements for hours 🙂

The stars drew light across the night sky in the city of Bhubaneshwar, and suddenly there was silence, admiration’s and wooing 🙂 .

Now you must be knowing what caused the admiration’s and the wooing 🙂 . Sanjana looked beautiful .

Less than a few meters away from the silence there was clamor. It was the Barati or popularly known as Barajatri  in Oriya.

Upon arrival of the baraat Ashish was greeted with aarti  followed by a Tilak.

Just loved the way Sanjana checked out Ashish as he approached the Mandap .

After reception they were presented with topor and they were all set to get united.

Ashish and Sanjana were seated in front of  Agni(sacred fire) in the Yajna ceremony.

Rituals continued…

Most important part of the wedding “Haata Ganthi”. We all know it as “Saath Phere”.

As Ashish dipped a ring into the sindoor, ululation and sound of conch shells echoed in the mandap. Now they are legally united 🙂

just clicked this picture post sindoordhan.

Ending this post with another interesting and my favorite ritual “Karudi Khela”

I had a whale of a time being there and capturing your wedding. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Wishing you both a Happy Married life.


Team Melanged.

Wedding Shoot: Aparna and Adithya

Have you ever met a power house bride ?

Here I introduce you to the power house of energy and full of life Aparna and her Mr. Perfect Adithya, one who handles this power house .

The evening was all set for Sangeeth and Mehandi,  The best combination for all the brides and her maids to set the stage on fire and adorn themselves with the deep color of mehandi. There were  moves of Rajinikanth, Sheila and even Ambreesh 😀 displayed by the lovely ladies .But surprise! here we have a star performer  Aparna’s Grand mother who just stole the show amidst all the lovely young ladies… Energy is also hereditary what say!!

Here’s a grand entry of  Aparna’s .appa Mr. Chellappan ..yo!! I cant stop humming the song Daddy Daddy Cool! Fun, Love, Excitement and loads of energy were key recepie for this happy event.

Now its the time for the bride to steal her attention back. Here are few clicks of Aparna and her poses during the mehandi. Mind you that she hates the smell of mehandi but she is also a clasical dancer  🙂

After all the dancing and coloring the day arrived where Aparna and Adithya were going to be hitched. The pics below take u through all the arrangements made specially for the bride and the groom .

The coconut carvings with the names of the couple and the little dolls narrating the wedding story 🙂


Happiness !

Meet MRS chipper 🙂

Meet Mr Chipper 🙂

Adithya was welcomed by Aparna’s parents by  performing pada pooja (washing his foot) and was showered with flowers and rice in the form of blessings.

Malai Mattal it is!! And guess who wins?? Ofcourse Appu kuttan 🙂 sorry Adithya .. we know that you were caught in the gleaming eyes of aparna

Ha ha ha !

The wedding was arranged at Iskon with blessings of lord Radha and krishna, here is a picture of the gopura.

Antarpata, a beautiful experience where the bride and the groom meet eyes for the first time and these day we can ignore the first time 😉


Followed by Jeerige bella another time where Aparna and Adithya are given an opportunity to prove who is stronger and faster 🙂

This time it was Adithya .

Checkout Aparna congratulating Adithya !

A very warm welcome to the family.

The time arrives where the Father bids adieu and gives his daughter in the form of daana “Kanyadaanam”.  Now they are legally united according to Act no. 25 of 1955 😀 😀 .

Eyes filled with tears and heart filled with happiness. It is definitely a mesmerizing moment post “mangalya dharane”.

After effects of Mangalya dharane 🙂  weee goes aparna with her widening smiles .

Aaah ! the fun part of rituals. The Akki Dhare ceremony.

It was double Dhamaka, double delight for we photographers. Another session of Mangalya Dharane in Smartha style. Check out Aparna’s expression 🙂

Amidst the high low of feelings and auspisious rituals here goes the awesome cool couple with the yo!

Adithya reminscising  the krishna.. with his love radha and gopika sthree 😀 wat say gurls !

Love this picture of you two.

Dikki !

And now we are happily married says Adithya showing him arundati nakshatra 🙂 But i feel they are seeing their flight for their next journey  to Srilanka :-p .

It was great to be a part of your wonderful day. We had a whale of a time capturing you guys

Loads of Love

Team Melanged

Ravi and Padma

Its a small world. Ravi first contacted me with a friends reference. In our second call we learnt that me and his brother Shasi were classmates. In our Third call we learnt that we are put up just a road away. Indeed Its a small world !!

Ravi and Padma are definitely what an ideal couple look like . Ravi is more of silent killer types, right dialog delivery at right timing.Padma is the most bright and chipper  bride i have ever met.

There was a formal engagement ceremony on the previous day of the wedding. They exchanged rings.

Checkout the rings. Padma has an “R” embossed on her ring.

Three most busiest people of the wedding.

Have you seen Don Ravi :-p ?

Wedding day had arrived . Here is a glimpse of wedding settings.

loved the carving !

Rituals began .

Here is the picture of the Kasi Yatra ritual.

Straight from Kasi Yatra Ravi was taken to the Madap and curatains rise.

Checkout Padma trying to get a sneak a peak of Ravi from her hand fan 😉 .

Curtain goes down and i very am sure Ravi had a strategy . He moved back as soon as the curtain went down.

and clearly Ravi was the winner of Jeerige Bella ritual.

The time had arrived for them to get united.

Checkout our chipper Padma’s expression 🙂 .

Rituals continued.

Post wedding. There was a grand reception in Bangalore. Here is a picture of reception settings.

Here are some getting ready shots of both Ravi and Padma .

How could i miss the brothers.

Doesnt Shashi look smart ?

Ending this post with my favorite two clicks.

Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures .We had a whale of time capturing you guys. Wishing you both a happy and prosperous life ahead.


Team Melanged.

Wedding Shoot: Varun and Nischita

It was just a perfect day. It was a day which is evolved into occasion in which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers offering and sending greeting cards.

Yes i am talking about Valentines day. It just couldn’t get better than this day to get hitched.

Varun and Nischita were introduced to each other by their parents .

Varun is entrepreneur  and very simple and nice gentlemen. Perfect match for loving Nischita.

This time around we had Megana as our second shooter, She is super fun and i kept pulling her leg throught the day 🙂 .

Here is a glimpse of the wedding settings.

Sneaked into Varun’s room and got some getting ready shots .

Meghana sneaked in to Nischita’s room and she got some getting ready shots as well.


Varun was straight away taken to kasi yatra and I wonder what question did he post to Smitha 🙂

Kasi yatra continued

After Kasi yatra, Nischta’s parents officially invited Varun for the wedding and everyone bursted out in laughter 🙂

Curtains rise and Varun Dude ! Bulls eye i say .

It was time for them to get legally untied .

I always say “A picture speaks a thousand words”. This picture was clicked moments before the Mangalya Dharane.

Tada!! The Torrentz of rice come in their direction in the form of blessings.

Halu Dhare ceremony .

Meghana got a wonderful family portrait . Checkout Shriya 🙂

Famous art of disguising, Arundati Nakshatra.

And here is a candid photograph of Shriya.

There was a small reception arranged and they both looked stunning.

Ending this post with my favorite picture.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. We had a whale of time capturing you guys. Wishing you both Happy married life and wishing you both all the success.


Team Melanged.

Shweta And Dushyant

This is very special story of an incredible couple, or merely the narrative of a cynic. It is a glimpse of two lives that is running parallel, with similar hopes and convergent  dreams.

If you have ever asked Shweta, How does it feel falling in love ?. This would be her answer

“Falling in love is a wonderful and carzy feeling that’s worth experiencing in anyone’s lives”

Woahaaa !! What an explanation Shweta. I am sure many would agree for your statement.

Shweta and Dushyanth share an incredible chemistry and Dushyanth is an amazing and his expressions are even more amazing.  I am not revealing their story here. But trust me this is one of the most amazing love stories i have heard in a long time.

Have you ever noticed Shweta calling out Dushyanth :-p . Yes,  I have and She goes like

Ayeeee(In a long raga and pakka aamchi mumbai sytle  :D) Dushyanth .

Introducing you guys Shweta and Dushyanth in their typical marathi attire on the engagement day.


Rings were exchanged formally and here is a sneak peak of the rings !

And just a day left to unite with each other.

Shweta and Dushyanth’s families are very adorable and fun loving. There were a lot of cameras pointed at them and our competitors too :-p.

Its  always amazing to see people getting clicked and they circle up see how the photo has turned up. In turn all the ladies would be making sure that their make is intact :-p. Checkout the next couple of pictures !

Post Engagement there was a dance party ! Trust me this is one of the best dance parties i have attended in a wedding.

Music, Lights, Camera and action. And there goes Dushyanth and Shweta

There were so many killer moves . Here is a snapshot for the song “Gangam style”

Now let me introduce you to the  dancer in the family, that’s Dushyanth’s sister. She went ballistic. Later i learnt that she is a dancer 🙂

Checkout Rajath’s expression 😀 .

Just love this picture of you two!

Wedding day had arrived and Deepika took some lovely getting ready shots of Shweta.

Dushyanth was all set and he looked amazing. Loved the light and reflection in this picture.

Dushyanth, You might want to frame the next couple of pictures !


Cutting down couple of rituals in order to keep the post short. Here is a picture of Kanyadhanam ritual.

And that’s Shweta’s Jigiri ! Neha and by the way she is a lawyer. Dont angry her :-p

It was time Mangalya was all set and get them legally united.

Tada! Now they are legally different body, same soul 😉 .

Okie ! We know its legal now, but still 😀 . Its an interesting ritual where they had to say each others names into their ears.

Rituals continued.

Here is a picture both of them performing Lajja home.

Here is a picture of the fun bunch. Checkout Dushyanth’s expression, Hilarious 🙂

Post marriage there was varmala and reception. Loved Shweta’s attire. Specially the huge nose ring 🙂

Curtains rise !

Tada ! Varmala 🙂 . We almost missed this but the ritual was performed again for us . Thank you guys for being so sweet 🙂 .

Picture always speaks a thousand words. That’s Neha’s mother .

We sneaked them for some fun shots .

Woman, shweta power and ironically i am posting these pictures on Woman’s day.

This is one of the picture which is really closest to my heart. Trust me we have TB’s of Wedding photos and nothing can beat this picture, good job Deepika.

This picture was clicked during Bidai at the Railway station.

Hope you enjoyed post. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts, friends, clients and we had lots of fun. Wishing you both happy married life and we will be visiting your place very soon for Maharashtrain  food :-p.


Team Melanged.