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Wedding Shoot : Mamta and Shyam

I mentioned it my last post ! I mentioning it here again here . Off late i have started relating each couple with a song . This is the special song which i would relate it with these two good friends of mine who were united.

As I always say I am always fascinated about love stories. Here is  another cute college love story !   

Mamta and Shyam went to the same Engineering college and they were classmates. It all started when Shyam would never let Mamta sit of anyone else bike for a ride. Isn’t it so suweeet !!

It didn’t take them very long to realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their life together.

Mamta darling of the house and definitely a darling of her two lovely brother’s.

I have question to all the beautiful single ladies reading this post. The question is  this .

If a handsome guy asks you out, whom would you first share the news with ?

And guess whom would Mamta break the news to ?  She would first go and tell it to her brother 😮 . Let me tell you Shyam, your better half is super gutsy ! .

Mamta and Shyam were introduced to me as clients but now they are super good friends of mine. Every time i call up Mamta I throw a question

“En madta iddarre Nimm Ejamanru” and she would reply with so much Shy like “Avara ” :-p

Two days before the Marriage there was Mehendi party held at Ravi’s(Ravi is Mamta’s elder brother) Start up office. Checkout the settings.

The Moment i entered i saw Mamta and received a warm welcome. Loved the catch light in her eyes !

Beautiful bride and awesome mehendi art work.

Mamta here are some candid shots of your’s(Hope you remember the challenge!)

That’s Chikoo very curious and shy kid.

Here are few more pictures of the Mehendi designs !

There was a small Nischayathartham pooja before the reception. I will be skipping few rituals in this post to make the post smaller.

I got some getting ready shots of both of them .

That’s Manju and Shyam ! The posers :-p

Let me introduce you one of my first clients ! Praveen popularly known as PD and his sweet wife Shuba 🙂 

Ravi ! That’s Mamtha’s elder brother. Very difficult to capture him 🙂 .

Prashanth ! The don of the marriage arrangements :-p . I might get killed next time i meet him 🙂

The Wedding day had arrived and function started with Haldi ritual.


Got a shot of making of Iyengars tilaka known as the Srivaishnava Urdhva Pundra .

And my favorite shot till date. The perfect Rembrandt lighting click 🙂

Setting was divine !

take close look at the flower arrangement. It almost looked as a Iyengar tilaka which was crafted on Shyam’s forehead :-p

Kasi Yatra would  begin with Shyam carrying all his Kasiyatra Gear . Here is Shyam informing Mamta’s father that he is heading towards kasi in seek of knowledge :D :D . Shyam would be requested to stop his travel  and offer a bride for marriage. Once He agrees he will be welcomed by performing “pada pooja” (Wash Groom legs with holy water ).

and he is blessed with torrentz of rice.

The curtain rises and check out Shyam ! trying to peep and have a look at mamta. Mamta looked stunning in her attire . I am sure all of you would agree.

Checkout that gaze!  Lost in each others eyes as if they are seeing  each other for the first time.

AAh !! here comes the fun part of the wedding !

Jeerige Bella ritual !

Malai Mattal Competation begins .

Clearly Mamta was the wineer of Malai Mattal competition .

Akki Dhare ceremony !

I always keep my eyes open for such shots.

Mamta, Mamta Happy, Happy !

Thats Shyam’s mother in the center of the frame.

They both look really happy and all set to unite “Legally”

Mangalya pooje  and moments away from the beautiful feeling of being one.

Love this picture. Looks like its out from a movie called Shyam and Mamtha  🙂

Rituals continue

The next two pictures speaks a thosand words . You have a the groom one side, who is super happy and the Bride with  lot of anxiety and brides parents, specially mother  with high quotient of emotion. Emotions are really high during the Mangalya Dharnae .

Again i feel “A picture speaks a thosand words”

Moments before the Mangalya Dharane. Checkout the way Mamta is holding her father’s hand.

Shyam acknowledges the Manglya !

They are legally united now 🙂 .

famous act of showing Arundhati Nakshatra .

Love this picture of you two.

Ending this post with my favorite picture .

I had a whale of time shooting capturing you guys. I am so glad that i was there to capture you guys ! .  More than clients you guys have been awesome friends and supported us in all possible ways. Thanking you so much for that and wishing you both Happy married life .


Team Melanged. 

Yashwanth and Sindhu: outdoor Shoot

Off late i have been relating every couple with a  special song . Here is one such couple who would personify this romantic song . Plug in your earphones now and enjoy the Pictures.

Something familiar, but with a twist. That’s the basic recipe for creating something interesting. Not too weird, but not too normal either. I could never get tired of this industry, considering the one-of-a-kind, I get to meet Happy people in Love .

Yashwanth and Sindhu definitely have a twist! Theirs is a very unique relationship, extremely humorous and, even more so, extremely sweet. On the surface itself you can see so much romance… but of course it’s there, as is very deep emotion. The point is, they do blend into each others arms so well.

We had decided to do the shoot at Nrityagram. A place  which is so peaceful.

This is why i told they have so much romance on the surface 🙂 .


Sindhu is a dancer by passion  and she showed off some skills !

They Blend into each others arms so well.

Ha ha ! Here is a picture of Yashwanth being shy.

Love this picture of you two !

Checkout the next few pictures, I am sure you will be singing this song “Ankon hi Ankon mein Ishara hogaya”.

Just loved the light falling on each other.

I am sure you would agree that next few pictures can be qualified for a movie poster Starring Yashwanth and Sindhu :-p .

Sindhu is so much fun and she filled with so much energy !

Before i clicked this picture I asked Yashwanth and Sindhu a Question. The question was like “What do like the most about each other “.

Yashwanth told me that he is a fan of Sindhu’s smile.

Sindhu answered, I love Yashwanth’s silence !

Had to take a picture with Sindhu’s and her friends !

Ending this post with my favorite click.

Sindhu and Yashwanth, You both were awesome  and we had a whale of time capturing you guys. Hope you liked all the pictures. Wishing you both a very happy, Happy married life ahead.


Team Melanged.

Aisha, Little Bundle of JOY

I Have been editing this post for last two days and I have been continiously humming

“Tum Ho Kamaal

Tum Bemisaal

Tum Lajawab Ho Aisha”

My mom was super suspicious that i have found a girlfriend by name Aisha :-p . When i entered the venue i noticed Aisha was in catnap mode.

Checkout the Brilliant settings, Aisha’s super comfortable cradle.

Aisha’s Hero ! Very calm and composed. Real gentlemen 🙂

Here is Aisha’s Heroine. Very Sweet and Caring.

Happiness 🙂

And time to say hi Aisha. The moment she is awake she looks for Shveta’s mother. Just by the touch she recognizes whether its her granny or not.

That’s Aisha’s Great Grandmother. Checkout Aisha’s expression 🙂

The world is definitely sweeter when there is little bundle of joy around.

Ending this post with my favorite click.

Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. I had a whale of a time shooting Aisha, Wishing her all the happiness, Success and prosperity.


Team Melanged.