Arthi and Ashwin

I’ts always fascinating to hear love stories. Being a photographer its even more fascinating to capture couples who are in Love.

They went to same college and they had yet not seen each other during the college days. Is that possible!! Yes it is .

Ashwin, popularly known as Captain/Mams from college days. His hilarious Batting, Bowling and Fielding skills would earn him a name captain 😀 . Ashwin’s expression and his sense of humor is stupendous.

Arthi is a personification of BOLD and BEAUTIFUL . She also happens to be a very good classical dancer .

Before continuing, let me introduce you to the cupids for this love story. Amit alias Hitler would give an intro of Arthi to Ashwin. Chandru alias Chaddi :-p would break the silence between them.

Ashwin and Arthi a total Yin and Yang couple.

Couples always like to debate who noticed who first, who felt something special earliest and who hinted for date first. Ashwin clearly a man who works on instincts, and his instincts were loud and clear that Arthi was the girl with whom, he would want to spend rest of  his life with. So sitting in a train and against the ultra DTS sound of Indian railways, Ashwin unfolded his love to Arthi. How romantic is that !

I would arrive really on their wedding day and i would notice Ashwin already being up and doing some stretches for the D day 😀 .

I would sit sipping a cup of coffee and i was immediately showered in love as Arthi’s mom exclaimed, “you are the photographer ! Ohh ! Raghu ! good to meet you, Arthi is getting ready. Its pretty much best way to start a wedding day.

I am always fascinated with mirror pictures . You will notice mirror reflection images in almost all of our posts :-).

Arthi had the perfect groomed eyebrows and which is a treat for photographers frame.

First Glimpse of the day. Checkout Ashwin’s expression :D.

Now this why i introduced you Ashwin, saying he has a stupendous sense of humor. I call this Captain’s Avatara 😀

Kasi Yatra would  begin with Ashwin carrying all the kasi Yatra gear .

Dei Ashwin !

Here is Ashwin informing the bride’s father that he is heading towards kasi in seek of knowledge 😀 :D. Ashwin would be requested to stop his travel and offered a coconut and bride for marriage. Ashwin would accept the request.

Here comes the bride.

Arthi looked stunning.

Malai mattal competition begins.

When Ashwin tried to garland Aarti, She was literally sprinted back. Generally the groom would chase the bride and Garland her. It was so much fun that Ashwin wouldn’t chase and he would stand right there and say tata 😀 Arthi .

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting you the winner of Malai Maatal competition.

and he wouldn’t take his eyes off Arthi.

They both looked stunning.

Oonchal, a very interesting ritual which is entirely managed by woman relatives. Waving of the colored rice balls starts.

Oonchal is always the riskiest event for a photographer. Just for the fact that These colored canon balls of rice comes swinging in all directions and i am scared where the rice balls would fall on the camera. Now you would know why is Ashwin pointing towards me and aunty being totally clueless 🙂 .

Another interesting ritual known as Pani Grihanam which means holding of hand.

Wonder what was little girl whispering to Arthi.

That’s Arthi’s mom . She is so much fun and way too friendly.

Now i would ask Arthi to give this expression .

They were all set to tie the knot and looked tremendously happy .

Arthi was all set for Mangalya Dharanam.

So was Ashwin. Loved the way Ashwin’s mom would hold Ashwin’s hand.

Pictures always speak a thousand words .

The rituals continued .Ashwin would acknowledge the Mangalya .

Love to capture expressions during the “Thali” ceremony.

And they are united now.

Emotions are always high post the Thali ritual.

Here are few pictures from Toe ring ritual.

Checkout Ashwin’s expression. This was captured during Agni Muhoortham .

Ashwin let me remind you again. You are married to a Bold and Beautiful Girl 🙂

Here is picture where they both of them typically go “Dei”.

Arthi, Ashwin cannot bare any pain caused to you in any form 😉 .

The Famous act of showing Arundhati  Nakshatra. Arthi would tell “Dei Aachu Enna black color syntax tank katitu, Arundhati Nakshatra enu Nakkal panriya”. Spare me for my Tamil 🙂

And again i have no clue what was Ashwin hinting.

Post Lunch Nalangu was held. Nalangu is so much fun. Nalangu is a ritual where the Husband and Wife are teased .  Here are some of the fun pictures from Nalangu .


Checkout Arthi’s expression 🙂

Ending this post with one of my favorite click.

Ashwin and Arthi , hope you enjoyed the pictures .I had a whale of a time capturing your story. Wishing you both a very happy and prosperous life ahead.


Team Melanged

Chaitanya and Charan : Wedding Shoot

Chaitanya was so very excited when we met her for the first time,that she would sit,scan through our previous assignments and sigh,amazing! Charan on the other hand,was extremely composed and it looked like he was about tell the hyper-excited Chaitanya, relax,its allright! 😀 😀

Charan is a sound man by profession(read: audio engineer).

Inside information: He has worked for Universal studios! on several assignments .

The moment i heard that he is an audio enginee . I turned towards Chaitanya and said,Hmmmm!U have a romantic guy for a husband eh?!:D . (audio=music…music=love…love=romance ; This is the Melanged equation for audio engineer grooms :P)

She went all shy and said, Yeah! But my romantic husband is currently very busy romancing his work :-p

The wedding was held at Coorg, the Scotland of Karnataka.

The moment I entered the wedding hall, the first thing that pulled us in was the heavenly aroma of food.

This time around Nitin was our Second shooter. He also happens to be Chaitanya’s cousin.

After enjoying the aroma of food . My eyes turned towards the Mantap . Neatly knitt Mysore mallige flower. The shades of white and amazing aroma of Mallige flowers provided the setting for the Wedding.

Here is a picture of few more details of Mantap.

There I spotted the happy bride !

Wedding starts with welcoming the groom and his family.

Post the welcome ceremony . Wedding continues with next ritual called as “Dibbana” ritual. A very interesting ritual, The ritual begins  with mock assumption of girl being the coconut(Placed on priest shoulder) and priest walks as if its very heavy and then passes the coconut(Bride) to the groom side.

Now this was something new and amazing. Take a look at the photo and guess what this could be!

If  you were wondering whats there underneath the bed-sheet. Take a look at the next photo 🙂

The Bride, bridesmaids and family members are hidden underneath the bed-sheet. Chaitanya is supposed to be identified without spread opening the bed-sheet.

and Tada !!! There is aunty identifying Chaitnya . The whole ritual was super fun.

And Boy the Coorgie attire looked stunning on them. These two photographs were clicked by Nitin, Good shot Nitin.

Charan was welcomed on to the Mantap.

It was time, the curtain rises. Boy they looked really Happy.

Curtain Downs and Charan, Dude spot on :-). Check out Chaitanya’s expression .

Just love this picture. Again checkout Chaitanya’s expressions .

She would look, smile and Shy away :-).

Chaitanya, Moments before Mangalya Dharane !

It was time for Mangalya Dharane. Mangalya Pooje was done.

Its official now .

Just after the Knotting.

The famous act of Arundhati Nakshatra . Chaitanya would know that Charan is faking and she didn’t even look up 😀 .

All of sudden Chaitanya and Charan had become celebrities. Notice the number of camera’s pointing at them add my camera too 😀

They would come back and stand for blessings. Just love this picture !

There was a Small reception post wedding. Here are some getting ready shots for the reception 🙂 .

and she would admire herself 🙂 .

Post reception we did some fun shots and look what comes out ! .Charan, Dude you are awesome man.

Chaitanya would acknowledge Charan’s effort .

Wonder what was Charan telling !

Ending the post with our Favorite picture.

We had a whale of a time shooting you both. Wishing you both all the very best for coming years.

Team Melanged.

Navya and Yashwanth

Introducing, Navya and Yashwanth.

Yashwanth is a huge bundle of energy. Someone like a Red Bull mascot.Always relaxed, calm and super fun to shoot with.

Navya is very silent and very adorable. She is a perfect match for our Red Bull Man.

When we asked Navya,as to what she thought about spending the rest of her life with Yashwanth, here’s what we got to hear.

Navya: Navya= Nav + ya(Yashwanth). Navya means New. Yashwanth means a successful person . Being Navya, I am going to bring in everything new for Yashwanth.

Such simple yet strong lines!

The wedding was shot at  the renowned hill station of Sakleshpur. Being at Sakleshpur in winter was an entirely different experience. It all started with a rainy and misty morning.

We spotted the dude enjoying the amazing weather.

We asked him to pose for few pictures and,surprise!Here’s what we got!

Yashwanth was completely in a relaxed state of mind. He walked in and sat near the Mantap and started welcoming the arriving guests .

Looking at the Mantap I somehow had a feeling that I was at Mathura!(You know what,dont mind the Shiva-Parvathi on top)

It was grooming time already . Here are few getting-ready shots of Navya.

And, there were bridesmaids.Oh,but what would a bride-to-be do without them?

While Navya was still getting ready, our Red Bull Man was done and dusted.That was really quick. Couldn’t get Yashwanth’s getting ready shots  🙁

Have look at this . Uncle giving a Zamindar pose 😀

While the father and son were adoring each other on one side , we had the ladies, mother and daughter adoring each other,as well. Cute na !!

Now we know where Yashwanth gets all his energy from. His father super expressive and a great big bundle of energy himself.

It was that moment when Yashwanth’s mother went all shy,when her husband looked at her and said,here is my lady love.

Love. It will never really matter how old you get, as long as it is still there.

We sneaked Yashwanth away for few shots and boy, did he looked dashing!

And there was the bride. I just love the right mix of yellow coming from her sari and her jewellery. And not to mention her dazzling smile which lights up the entire picture!

 While we trying to click Navya , Yashwanth was dying to be included in the picture.

Alright mate,you made your point!No need to yank at the lady’s sari! 😛

It was time to step into the mantap for the rituals to start.

Those anxious moments behind the screen..

The Jeerige Bella ritual.Look at how carefully Yashwanth places his hands over her head. Jeerige Bella is usually a competition. This was an entirely new scenario for us. They ha it all cool and easy. A sign that Yashwanth is going to take of Navya just like a baby.

And, the rituals continued .That’s Navya’s parents right in the middle.

Wonder what Tripthi was telling !!

That’s them doing a puja to the Maangalya just before tying the knot.

And…they became one! 🙂

Thats them right after the wedding! 🙂

There was a small reception post wedding, and we started scouting  for places to do concept shots. While we were doing so,Navya was asking for us,while Yashwanth spotted us pointed outward…and we managed to click their first look in the reception attire! 😀 😀 😀Perhaps this would highlight as to why Yashwanth was called as Red Bull by us,earlier.

“You are my moon upon this earth,

My dawn that breaks by night,

My shield in dangerous times,

My cloud of honeyed rain.”

“You are the brightness of the day,
The joy that burns away sadness,
The moon that shines upon the night,
The cloud that bears such sweetness. Come!”

Great man. Rumi.

Always wanted to click a picture with reflection at the window .

Post wedding, there was a grand reception at Bangalore . The arrangements were Bokehlicious . As we entered first thing we spotted  was Yashwanth’s majestic Mercedes drive. Check it out !!

As we entered,we were greeted by some tremendously briliant settings.

First look of Yashwanth and Navya ! :D.

And you know what? We plan to release a movie starring Hema as the lead and name it, “Rowdy Hema” 😀 (We might get killed for this :-p)

Dev !! Our darling Dev.

And Uncle; one of most expressive persons i have ever met.

A little more of Red Bull..

And the attire. We personally feel he looks very charming in grey. What do  you guys think?

We asked Navya, what is the best thing about Yashwanth.

And,he shut his ears.(Wonder if it was because he didn’t want to hear all the good things being said about him! Pun fully intended 😉 )

That feeling of relief and joy after bringing the bride home…

Ending this post with our Favorite picture!

You guys were great! And so was your wedding! . We had a whale of time capturing your wedding.

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous wedded life.

–Team Melanged