Shrutha and Vineeth Outdoor Shoot

Shrutha and Vineeth were introduced to each other by their parents and it is from there that their story takes off. An interesting fact to be noted is that when we asked Shrutha to tell us a little bit more about Vineeth, she says, There are so many things, not just one.And when we asked Vineeth the same question, he had the same reply as well . Wow !!! Is this what is called a match made in heaven?

Shooting location? Tamarind Tree. One of the most sought-after wedding locations in Bangalore, built with just the right blend of tradition and aesthetics.In short, locationo el perfecto.In fact,we have been dying to shoot here .

It was on a gloomy October morning that we decided to hold their shoot. And guess what?It turned out to be just perfect. In came the couple and we were actually quite surprised to see that they were wearing clothes in a similar colour combination. When asked,both of them admitted that it was completely unplanned and sheer coincidence that they ended up wearing similar colours. The best things in life just happen.

Gyaan 😀 Brought to you by Melanged.(We offer free gyaan about life and its mysteries,in addition to our photography services).

We were welcomed at Tamarind Tree with a hot cuppa Chai. Perfect drink for an incredibly cold morning 🙂 .

Captured this when we were all set and Vineeth casually turned to us. And from here begins our journey to capture their picture perfect moments.

This gentleman owns Tamarind tree. One Amazing guy. Now, just to flaunt the owner with his property..

You know what? These guys are absolutely not camera shy. And here is picture to prove just that.

There is Vineeth trying to telling Shrutha that his ring shines brighter than hers. Shrutha seems to agree 🙂

Before the shoot, we actually asked them to presume that photographers weren’t around them,capturing every single detail . They seem to have taken it very seriously 😉

They just couldn’t let go of each other. We vanished for a couple of minutes to check out the place and we happened to capture this shot through a window.

We just asked them to take a walk and they found an absolutely stuning place.So, we decided to try the silhouette technique, and here’s what came up as a result.

This happens to be our favorite shot . There was a lovely rose wood furniture with a bit of a mirror on it. When we turned around,to ask them to come over,we were quite surprised. Because they were already posing for us. 🙂

We found this pretty pot and decided to use it. Totally love the reflection of the couple in the water and the lovely moment. And no, they arent hunting for Frogs in it :-p

They were admiring their rings . Each of their rings has the other one’s name carved on the inside. How romantic!

At that moment there was a slight drizzle, disturbing the surface of the water, adding droplets on the leaf . Another of our favourite shots.

There was a tree laden with flowers,with a few of them strewn around it as well. Vineeth happened to pick one and give it to Shrutha. In fact, he carefully placed it behind her ear 😀 Talk about kiwi mele/hinde flower 😛 (no pun intended!)

Closer look of Kiwi mele/hinde Flower 😀 Just kidding . She looks so cute with it.

And,can someone please tell us the name of the goddamned flower? It is commonly found,yet most of us don’t seem to know what it is called.

We at Melanged, love fooling around with light. Here are couple of pictures, playing peek-a-boo with sun-shine.

Guess what Vineeth is doing. Eve teasing :-p (Or maybe,eve teasing doesn’t really count when you do it with your own fiance!)

He actually he wasn’t Eve teasing. He was just helping us for this concept.

And at the exact moment he let go of the dupatta, we managed to click this one!

We took a break for lunch and moved to our next location: a resort . They changed into another set of clothes and we used the swimming pool to capture that first picture after the change-over.

Just loved their reflection in the pool . Shrutha seemed much more casual with a cute yellow kurti and Vineeth looked dapper with a navy blue shirt.

Wah,indeed,what a change-over mama!

They also happened to be carrying a brilliantly multicoloured umbrella, which was incidentally used as as a prop in this picture(as you can all see! :P)

Now this is what happens when you eve tease(even your fiance) 😀 😀 Vineeth dude, be careful from now onward :-p.

We asked Shrutha to silently go behind and do the first thing that came to her head. And guess what came out!

After another change over, we took a few more pictures. Yet again,they couldn’t stay away from each other 🙂 Ah,young love!


We had a whale of a time shooting Shrutha and Vineeth. They got hitched on the 21st of October. Wishing the couple all success, health, wealth and happiness .

Team Melanged