Asha – Kiran : Wedding shoot

Kiran and Asha were sitting on the couch at Asha’s place.We had popped just one question.How long have you guys known each other.  18 months,they said in unison and looked at each other . That was sufficient.

Asha is an MBA grad and Kiran resides and works in the US. They were introduced to each other by their parents .

The shoot was more like a gift to the couple from Naveen and Sharmila(Kiran’s Brother and sister- in- law). Sharmila had contacted us regarding the shoot and this is what she told us.We are gifting Kiran the most valuable moments of his life as gift. Need we say more?

We went to Asha’s place,all excited, for a quick photo session of the mehendi. The mehendi artists were completely pro’s. They laid the outline first.And then proceeded with filling it.

This is when the mehendi started getting all the more interesting. Kiran sat along side Asha and suggested designs.Here’s a picture of the doting Kiran, tending to his fiance

Indeed,love is in the ‘hair’.

This happens to be our Favorite image. We feel it conveys something casual,yet something strong.

We feel like it is locking hands and telling each other, I am going to stand by you no matter what.

What do you think?

The next couple of pictures are going to be ones with Asha’s mehendi in them.

That is Asha’s kid sister, admiring her mehendi.

As the mehendi was nearing completion,Asha’s mother came over to do two things. Admire her daughter’s mehendi. And to supply piping hot Obbattu to our starved stomachs.Super yumm,we must say!

That was Asha, after a joke from her buddy Geetha.

This is how lovely the mehendi looked after completion 🙂

No matter how many mehendis we capture,there will always continue to be something very fascinating about it.

Asha wanted to see how her house looked like with all the decorations. Due to her Mehendi, she was unable to step outside.

We decided to save her the trouble and click a picture so she could see how it looked like.

There you go,Asha! 🙂

There was the Haldi function at Kiran’s place,the very next day.

Kiran took his parents’ blessings, just before the event began.

Now that is Kiran’s sister- in-law, Sharmila. Our super-fast shutter speed was no match for the speed with which she applied haldi. 😉

Kiran was blessed with colored rice,after the application of the haldi.

It was a lot of fun every time there was a new entry to apply haldi. Kiran had to put out his fingers and say, “Verry Little,okay?” 😀

This lady was the best amongst all Haldi entries. She insisted that she apply Haldi to Kiran only towards the end . When asked what the reason was, she told us that she wanted to pile on all the leftover haldi onto Kiran. Everyone was in splits. So were we 🙂

Now just to give you an idea as to how Kiran was before Haldi.Presenting Kiran after Haldi 😀 The following day was the Reception. Here is a glimpse of the arrangements. Kiran and his mother were all set. So, we dragged them together for a picture before they got busy.

Along came Asha. And boy,did she look like a sculpture from Belur! That is Kiran’s hero,his dear Daddy.

That is Asha’s mother. We used the bokeh to grab some amazing portraits.

They were all set for the reception,when Kiran held Asha’s hand and walked her over to the dias.

We totally love it!

The stage looked the picture of dreaminess..decked with flowers and a swan-seat right in the middle.

We pestered Sharmila until she finally relented to pose for a portrait. Naveen, you might want to frame this one.

That is Kiran’s cousin . Loved the astonished look 😀

Introducing you to the super- duper bindass couple Naveen and Sharmila. Naveen is damn cool . We didn’t have to put absolutely any effort in getting their picture clicked.All we said was ‘Pose’ and this one came out 😀

Weddings are incomplete without cousins.Here is a bunch.

The D day dawned.And with it,this lovely mandap.Completely divine loooking,this one.

A zoomed view into how the rest of the arrangements were made for the wedding. The main event began with the beats of the thavil and the tunes of the nadaswaram. Kiran’s parents started the event after offering prayers to their family deity. Kiran was all set for the Kashi yatra.

Love the natural Rembrandt lighting falling on Kiran. Back from the Kasi Yatra. The curtains are about rise . And that’s Kiran eagerly awaiting to take the first look at his bride.

Until the curtains parted,he had to make do with her shadow 🙂

Asha stood there,containing all her excitement,nervousness and emotions.Just like every other beautiful bride on her D-Day. Curtain falls.And so does the Jeerige bella 🙂

That moment had finally arrived when there was a signal for the gatti mela. Kiran took the Mangalasutra in his hands.

And finally,it adorns the bride’s neck 🙂


The next few images you see are the emotions right after the muhurtam. Thats Asha’s mother.

Tears with a huge smile,Now thats what we call perfecto!

That’s Kirans father wiping Asha’s tears.Just so beautiful!Left us overwhelmed as well.

Asha’s brother,overwhelmed yet happy at the same time.

That is Geetha, Asha’s classmate/ partner in crime starting 6th grade. Geetha might wanna kill us after seeing this picture.We caught her bang on,didnt we?

The arrangements for the Sapthapadi were made.Kiran and Asha were explained the importance and the meaning of the ritual.

The infamous showing of Arundathi nakshatra pose 😀

Co-incidentally, when Asha pointed her finger skyward, there was a bird flying . It looked as if Asha was pointing out to the bird instead of the star! he he he.. The wedding concluded with the welcoming of the bride into the new family. There were lot of Sugar figurines kept on display.

The couple changed into a new set of clothes and Kiran’s family welcomed Asha as per the tradition. It was a pleasure to capture such a colorful wedding. Wishing you both a very happy married life. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Team Melanged.

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Next up: Asha and Kiran

Love is in the Hair 😉

Watch out this space for the complete post 🙂

Engagement of Deepthi with Uma Shankar

Deepthi saw Uma’s profile and that’s from where their story takes off. Deepthi is a bubbly and chirpy soon-to-be bride.Here is what Deepthi told us when we met her to talk details regarding the engagement. “The engagement is going to be in MLR outdoor setting  Kanna”. The Kanna word is just so endearing!

Uma is a very dignified, charming and outspoken gentleman.

Woodrose Club, Brigade Millenium Campus, J PNagar was the venue . The moment we heard that, we were assured of two things.GREAT FOOD.And since it was an outdoor event,natural light and beautiful photos had to be a bonus.

And from this point onwards,we take you on a breezy ride through their engagement proceedings.

The entire arrangement looked like a rip-off from the sets of Mughal-E-Azam.(But we are pretty sure that back then,they didn’t have chairs look like they’ve been hospitalised,but decorated with a gold brocade,at the end of it!)

A glimpse of the eased-out environment.A perfect setting for a perfect engagement.

Or was that the setting for a royal durbar?The mattresses and the bolsters definitely gave us that idea!

I’m getting engaged!I’m getting engaged!Yayyyy!! 😀 Soakin’ up the sunshine,Babay!

Way to go,Kanna girl! :-)

We wouldnt blame it if Uma’s heart skipped a beat(or a couple more) looking at this picture!You would want to frame this one for sure,Uma!

And there emerged the groom,amidst a sea of humanity(or maybe a lake.Or a pond).Whatever!

Introducing,Uma Shankar. Doesn’t he look charming in green?

After both the families had arrived and the stage set, Deepthi’s mother entered the stage with the two angels, Aniketh and Aditya. As soon as the kids entered,the goodies caught their attention.

Ani: Adi…Adi!Look over there!Mysore Pak! 😀

Adi: Woaahh!You so said it bro!So?When do we begin Operation Stealth Mode for Mysore Pak Hijack In Front Of Everyone But Not In Front Of Everyone?

Kids!They can say absolutely anything and get away with it.Can you imagine one of us saying something like that and not getting smacked at the back of our heads?

Pity,being a grownup!

Aditya and Aniketh,settling down.For them,the fun had just begun.

Thats  them marking their territory.

Yes,Yes.We get it. You own the place.Case closed.

I’m on my way to getting engaged!Make way People!

The beginning of the rituals.

There you go dear!Your new set of clothes.

Uma was welcomed on to the stage by Deepthi’s father.

Uma,being gifted with his new set of clothes.

The rituals continued even as the two had left for their change.The ends of both the bride and the grooms fathers’ angavastras were tied,symbolising them being united into one family henceforth.

My hair.My sari.My engagement.How do I manage what first?

No worries Deepthi,.We are quite sure you can handle everything with complete ease.Not to mention the fact that you look very elegant!:)

She was gifted with goodies and bestowed the status of Goddess Gowri. The engagement ring was also presented to her.

Yo!Howzit going people?Yeah,I love you all!

Thats Uma making his grand entry.It was as if all of Deepthi’s energy got transferred to him.

Continuing with the rituals,he was gifted with goodies and his engagement ring as well .

And that’s Arvind,warmly welcoming Uma to be a part of the family.Arvind is Deepthi’s brother. by the way.

The formal exchange of rings.

And now,they stand engaged.

It was on the fifth of August that this event took place.Coinciding with the event was the International Friendship Day.How can the event be considered complete without some awesome friends for company?

We sneaked Uma and Deepthi, far from the madding crowd, for a couple of couple shots.

Uma: Hey,listen..

Deepthi: No,not now.We are getting clicked.Look ahead!

I have absolutely no idea as to how Im going to handle so much energy for the rest of my life!

You shall learn with time,mate.You shall learn.

As a final touch,we cracked a Pj and let the couple relax . Deepthi laughed as she rested on his shoulder,looking forward to that perfect life of love and happiness every girl dreams of,with her dream guy.

We had a whale of a time shooting the engagement.The two of you make an awesome couple and we are already looking forward to your wedding. Wishing you guys all the very best. :-)

–Team Melanged .








Deepthi and Uma Shankar

Just a trailer. Pictures Abhi Bakhi hai mere dost

We are curious to know how many of you all are waiting for the pictures.


Vivan’s introduction to the world

This happens to be our first post and we are extremely happy to launch ourselves with this particular shoot of a little bundle of Joy named “Vivan”,also known as Dimba 🙂 Now sit back and enjoy the lovely ride this bundle of joy gave everyone.

The stage was set and  as soon as the lights were switched on, the first word that came out of our mouth was,Wow!!! We are going to have so much fun.

Here’s a close-up view.Isn’t it stunning?



The function started post the lighting of the lamp. Checkout the wicks’ reflection at the center.

Uncle came up to the stage and, with a very clear voice said, “We are very happy to introduce the newest addition to our family : Vivan” following which Alok and Shree(the proud parents) made their way up to the dias with Vivan.

Following which, a beautiful cradle was placed wherein Vivan would be comfortably placed for the further rituals to take place. And it looked just so cosy.

And from here,starts the journey of little Vivan, as captured by the lens.

Who is it that you seek,O little one?Mamma’s right there,holding you!

Turn your watch over.I cant see as to what time it is!Grown-ups,I tell you!

Oh that?That’s my Pappa.Can’t you tell him from the way he is holding me? So carefully?

Chewing one of the very few things he is allowed to chew.(Awww, that’s okay!We understand!Very soon,you will chew on everything you’re not allowed to and not supposed to chew on and make everyone scream in terror! 🙂 Cheers to childhood!Babyhood,rather).

I dont need a bubble-blower to blow bubbles.My mouth does a pretty good job of producing amazing ones.Want to see a sample?Here you go.

Now that I don’t have my chew toy with me anymore,I will have to make do with my thumb.

Okay people,enough of the worldly noise.I now seek inner peace,if you don’t mind!

Gasp!Your finger is a lot bigger than mine! :O

You can show the world how I have my milk with a picture!Yes,I permit you!

Oh Mamma,stop it!I know I’m charming!You don’t have to keep saying it!:-)

Thats Dimba and Anarkali 😀 :D. Check out the last few photos of Nithya a.k.a Anarkali to figure out the reason behind her being called Anarkali .

People were literally queuing up to feel his full cheeks!Have a look at the next few images.

My buddy,Daddy and I!

My dear kid,you are going to make a lot of girls go weak at their knees for you!Here’s one for starters.

When we found this picture prior to the editing, we found ourselves singing “Anarkali Disco Chali” 😀 . You look very cute, Nithya.

After her Anarkali performance, she literally swept a few men off their feet 😀

Finishing this post with our favorite picture of the doting parents,with their Prince Charming. 

We had super fun capturing Vivan. Wishing him all the very best for his future.

— Team Melanged